The Vacation from Hell: Part I

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The Vacation from Hell

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“There’s nowhere to sit!”

“I want to sit in the front!”

“No, I’m sitting there!”

As the kids continued to fight over who was sitting where, Trevor rubbed the back of his neck, wondering why he’d agreed to do this. He must have been out of his fucking mind to agree to take his kids, Jason’s kids, and of course, Mikey on this trip. While he watched Cole take Jonathan down with an impressive headlock he decided that he’d definitely been out of his fucking mind to agree to this.

Just when he was about to tell the boys to cut the shit, Sebastian was there, pulling his cousin off his twin brother and nudging the boys towards the van that Trevor rented for this trip with a pointed look. “Go,” Sebastian said, turning his attention on the girls while Mikey, who Trevor fucking adored, turned her baseball cap around, tossed the baseball that she’d been rolling in her hands to him and rounded up the younger boys with a smile.

In minutes, they had the rest of the kids in the van, buckled up, and plucked the baseball back of his hands before jumping in the van and settling in as Zoe finally made her way to the van, looking exhausted and adorably cranky as she climbed into the passenger seat, buckled up, reclined it as far as it would go and closed her eyes, reminding him of the real reason that he’d agreed to this trip.

His wife was running herself ragged between taking care of the kids, running her own business, taking care of their rental properties, homeschooling the twins, and a hundred other things that she refused to allow him to help with. She needed a break and he was damn well going to make sure that she got it.

He’d suggested asking Uncle Jared to watch the kids, but she wouldn’t have it. She wanted to take the kids on one last vacation before the snow hit and since Haley was starting to have a hell of a time with morning sickness and the kids were stuck spending their weekends at home, Zoe had suggested getting them out of the house and giving Jason and Haley a break by taking them along for the trip.

And Mikey…

Well, they took Mikey everywhere with them. When she wasn’t with them, Sebastian was with her at his cousin Reese’s house driving them crazy. Once upon a time he’d been concerned about his son, but that all changed when Mikey came into their lives and made his son relax. Sebastian was too damn serious for a kid and he had absolutely no idea why.

Out of all of his children, Sebastian had always been the one to smile the easiest, had been laid back, and always ready to cause some mischief, but shortly after they’d pulled the boys out of school that had all changed and he had no idea why. At first, he’d been relieved that his son seemed to be calming down, but then he’d started to realize that his son didn’t smile as much and was spending most of his time sitting on roof, reading, and spending less time with his brothers and sister and that’s when he became worried.

“There’s not enough room back here, Uncle Trevor,” Cole said, doing his best to get comfortable in the first row with Mathew, Mikey and Sebastian, but since he’d shot up five inches over the summer, he was having a hell of a time trying to figure it out. Before Trevor could figure out a way to make it work, Sebastian was putting his book down and pulling Mikey onto his lap. As soon as he had her settled on his lap, he picked his book up and picked up where he’d left off while Mikey sat there, staring at the window and rolling her baseball between her hands.

“Thanks,” Cole said, sighing with relief as he stretched his legs out and got comfortable.

Jonathan immediately followed suit to make more room in the second row by pulling his little sister on his lap and buckling back in. Impressed that the boys had taken care of that problem before it became an issue, he turned the van on, checked on his wife to find her sleeping, and pulled out of the driveway, hoping that the rest of the trip went just as smoothly.


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25 Responses to “The Vacation from Hell: Part I”

  1. Avatar Ginger Roe says:

    Love these little rid bits. Keep them coming! If course now I have to re-read Reese’s book. Took me too long to remember who Mikey was!

    • Avatar Melissa says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The more I read all their interactions, the more I hope they eventually end up together and with their own book, but that’s waay down the line if it ever happens lol.

  2. Avatar Dani says:

    This is the second time it’s been mentioned about Sebastion’s demeanor changing. It was brought up in Delectable and I thought it was going to be told why. I know he said something was his fault but he never said what. Are we going to find out or was it already mentioned in another story and I missed it?

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