Just an Update About the Books: Price Change & Audible

Dear Reader,

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has stuck with me for the past few years. You’ve helped me a great deal by leaving reviews, telling others about the Bradford men, Pytes, and all the disturbing books that I manage to put out πŸ™‚ I honestly couldn’t ask for better readers. You guys are beyond awesome πŸ™‚Β 

Which brings me to why I am here tonight. As I’ve told you over the years, I have kept the prices of the books low so that they can stay affordable for everyone. As a mom of two special needs children, I know the importance of staying on a budget and needing an escape into a good book. So, I’ve done my best to keep the books priced between 99 cents and 2.99. I’ve been able to do this since 2012 and I would really like to continue doing that, but between taxes, royalty charges to publish, new taxes being imposed from other countries on each sale, I can’t keep the books priced like this any longer and be able to continue writing the disturbing stories that I like to put out.Β 

The suggested price to set the books is $4.99, but I can’t in good conscience do that right now. I still want to keep the books at a fair price for everyone and leave them affordable. So, I am going to slowly turn the prices of the books to 3.99 for regular books. The NFH honeymoons will stay where they are at 99 cents. The same for the Chronicle collection. The box sets will reflect the changed prices with a discount.

To make up for the change, I am going to set Tall, Dark & Lonely and Playing for Keeps back to free for a while.Β 

Within the next few weeks the NFH books will be changed from $2.99 to $3.99 and the Pyte books will move up to $2.99 and then eventually $3.99 as well. All new releases will be set at $3.99. I will do a pre-order of $2.99 as a thank you to the readers and then the price will switch to $3.99 once the pre-sale is over.

For those readers out there that cannot afford the price change, I will have a limited amount of coupons to reduce the price from Smashwords. Those readers will be given an opportunity to contact me for the coupon code without worry.

Other than that, the only other information I have is on the Audible books. They are doing their best to start the process. When I find out when the books are all set to go I will let everyone know. The Honeymoon from Hell series and all the books that haven’t been made into audible will be completed.Β 


Thank you very much for your time,



45 Responses to “Just an Update About the Books: Price Change & Audible”

  1. Avatar Clare says:

    I’d happily pay $5.99! Per book. Why? Because you’re good. Don’t downplay your worth. Your books are awesome and deserve that price. I’ve read books that suck for more money. Own it!

  2. Avatar Virginia says:

    You do what you have to do to has long as you’re books are worth it and I would purchase them has long as you keep them humorous and awesome!! Lots of ❀️

  3. Avatar Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Sweetie, you do whatever you need to…I enjoy your books so much, I have no problems paying a higher price….you deserve to get paid a fair price for your work!

  4. Avatar Khrista says:

    I would still buy your books at $4.99!! Although I commend you for keeping your prices very reasonable you still have to make a living!! I’m hoping your fans will understand. Thank you for making us laugh and forget all of the drama in the world!!

  5. Avatar Sandy says:

    To be honest I didn’t even know what your books cost. You are a one click for me and always a pre-order as soon as I can on any of your books. ( although I am partial to Pytes😜)

  6. Avatar Dayana says:

    I love your books! Keep them coming. I will get my self on budget to continue to support your writing. Times change and we must continue to change with it.

  7. Avatar Mara says:

    Trust, we get it! Kids are expensive, I have two myself and having two that are special needs, doing it on your own, my hats off to you. You have to make a living and we love your books so I really don’t think you will have any issue with the slight price change. Especially when you have some authors price theirs at $5.99-7.99 or higher. Plus we don’t get the RL touch in those. Don’t stress or feel guilty for asking for what you feel your worth. You rock and we love you. Ps your like one of 2 authors I will read books in 3rd person. I normally hate it but yours, don’t care do it anyway….you had me at bastards!

  8. Avatar Kelly says:

    You are quite an amazing storyteller of many genres….. Most importantly there is humor, sexy characters and morality to your stories. Of course…as I have said before….I am totally addicted to the NFH series. I certainly can understand having to raise book prices to cover all costs …..I would easily pay the price hike ( Ummmmm πŸ€”….perhaps I should not so readily have said that lol) Anyways…..I almost always pre-order your books so it is nice to see a discount for that. Kudos for offering coupons to those would need some assist though. You keeping writing…..I ‘ll keep reading. πŸ˜€

  9. Avatar Jackie says:

    You are the one author I would not question the price of the books. You do what you need for you and your family. As a social worker I know how expensive life can get especially when you need extra support and programs for your kids.

    The price change will not impact my buying the books. I am even more impressed by you and your willingness to have this discussion with your readers.

    I hope you do not get any negative feedback from this. I also hope that you write lots of books for us. I struggle to wait in between each one πŸ˜‰


  10. Avatar Colleen says:

    I appreciate the fact that you care so much about us fans. I want you to know that I would gladly pay the new price, because I know you will give a good story. Recently another author raised her book prices, but instead of giving her readers a reason to say ” that was so worth it” she only gave us 150 pages and half a story, so that you would need to buy the next book at another $6.49. I have to tell you, I have stopped reading the series, not because I cannot afford it, but because she went on Facebook complaining that the readers were upset and that if they did not like it, to bad. I have never finished one of your books and said where’s the rest of it. I have the utmost respect for someone who can write stories like you do, do I wish you wrote faster, yes! But I do appreciate every book you send my way. So thank you, for doing your best to think of us first

  11. Avatar Penny Davey says:

    Love your books. Happy to pay more for them.
    I still think the NFH series should be a movie.
    Handsome Bradfords on the big screen.
    A girl can dream.

  12. Avatar Christina says:

    I love your books!!!! Even if I have to pay more I will continue reading your books. You make me laugh and cry and I am always looking for your new books. Don’t worry about having to charge more…..we love what u r writing!!!!

  13. Avatar Kathy says:

    That is still incredibly cheap for your awesome books! I know we all would gladly pay much more. I like to listen to your books with audible and I hope they have Fran Jules narrating. She’s amazing.

  14. Avatar Misty Kader says:

    Your books are worth much more than you charge. No matter the price you set I’ll always be first in line to buy. You do what you need to do, I’m with you all the way!

  15. Avatar Kelly says:

    I would pay 10.99$, 11.99$, 12.99$ for your books! They are the best! Funny, entertaining, sweet, romantic, touching, and gripping. I just wish you would write faster! Haha. Keep writing you have fans regardless of the price!

  16. Avatar Vanessa says:

    I appreciate you trying to keep the cost down. All books are generally more expensive here from the Australian Amazon store average $3.90 audible.com.au $14.95

    Can’t wait for more of the NFH audible books. I buy the kindle book and audio so I can always have the Bradfords with me. It makes power walking more enjoyable πŸ˜ƒ

  17. Avatar Ruth says:

    Personally I would buy your books even if they were $ 7.99. When I read my first book by you I was so surprised that it wasn’t 7.99 because the blurb was just so good. Any time that I see you have a book out or on preorder, I don’t even bother to read the blurb just hit that instant purchase button. Your stories have helped me through some very hard times so I thank you ve much.

  18. Avatar Teddy says:

    That’s not a problem at all for me. I understand completely. Your work is worth more than that and I’m sure many of your readers agree with me.

  19. Avatar Angie fernandez says:

    It is understandable we all have to make a living. To be honest I would pay more than the 4.99. Your books are basically my crack. 😊

  20. Avatar Bridget says:

    I would gladly pay 4.99 for your books (speaking for myself only). I love NFH and can always count on a good laugh or two. I only have a few certain authors that I would gladly pay full price for and you are one of them.

  21. Avatar Yesaira Garcia says:

    Thank you so much for being so honest all the time. I understand the reason and it’s a good one, I don’t know the feeling of having to provide for others but I know by seeing what my parents have done for me for the past 24 years having to help me with my anxiety, agoraphobia disorder, and I know they would do anything for me , as you would for yours. Which is why no one can say anything about the changes or complain because your doing it for your family’s well being. Keep writing awesome books and I will be looking forward to those discounts. Thank you for showing us much love R.L Mathewson ❀️. We love you too. 😊

  22. Avatar Karina says:

    R.L of corse we understand the price change and your true fans (one being me) will still purchase your book’s because they are just that good. They let’s me escape to world of laughter and love for a while. It’s a hard living these days so we understand it’s not easy what you do. Your an amazing mum with 2 beautiful children going through their own tribulations in life and your supporting them to the best of your abilities. Most would have given up, but not you. So keep doing what you must, your books deserve a price change you work so hard; and I fully respect and appreciate you letting us know about the price change, because you didn’t have to do so. So Thank you! from my whole heart for being the respectful, appreciative, Kind, amazing mum and author you are. Xoxo #Can’tWaitForTheNextBook! #WithTheNewPriceTag! 😊

  23. Avatar Joyce Brucker says:

    I would definitely pay $4.99 or even $5.99 for your NFH or Pyte books. They are so worth it. While I use and love KU and free books/cheap books if it is an author I love I will spend more money as I want them to be able to continue to write without concern for if they can afford to do so. There are three authors (you, C.M. Owens and Lexi Blake) that I also save up money so that I can slowly buy the paperback versions as well. Don’t undervalue your worth when pricing your book. I know it is a fine line between wanting people to be able to afford the book and you being able to afford to write. The price of your books at $3.99 is still less than the price of most fast food meals and the value is so much higher.

  24. Avatar Joyce Wharton says:

    I’d just like to say I love all your books and can’t wait for a new 1 to be released and no matter what the price I’ll be buying them

  25. Avatar Angie Wade says:

    Your books bring so much joy to my life that I will budget for new pricing. As a grandmother of 9 grandchildren, 3 of whom are special needs, I understand the dilemma you have. Take care of your babies and let your readers take care of you. Your talent is worth the increase.((HUGS))

  26. Avatar Cristina says:

    Your books are awesome (I can NOT wait to read Aiden’s story!)

    Your books are entertaining, well written, full length novels. Other authors have started charging $2.99 for 80 page “novellas”!

    I will happily do my part to support what I consider your “great work” (keeping me entertained) Thanks for the update, I will budget accordingly. Keep the books coming. They are a still bargain at $4.99.

  27. Avatar Pennyr says:

    I buy your ebooks from Amazon and find them a great read something can I get lost in,also I re-read them all the time.My point is you give great value and quality reading material very ones fantasy.€4.99 – €3.99 I will still buy them at least I know I’ve got value.

  28. Avatar Jessica says:

    That is fine, no one expects you to go broke for this. I am more than willing to pay for it. Thanks for letting everyone know rather than just springing it on people, as writers have done in the past. Have a good day, and I look forward to your next release.

  29. Avatar Anjonette Zable says:

    As much i appreciate you thinking of us and want you to take care of your family too. I would pay 4.99 but I am sure my husband thanks you for 3.99 price. You keep writing and I will keep buying!

  30. Avatar Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for thinking about your readers but I think the others will agree with me in saying; it does us no good to have the books super low if you can’t afford to write them. We want you to be well paid for the fantastic work you do!! I can’t imagine life without your books. ALL of them!!πŸ’œπŸ’‹

  31. Avatar Colleen Joseph says:

    R.L. even $4.99 is TOO CHEAP!! Your books and talents are worth so much more! As an avid reader of your awesome books, I would gladly pay 2-3x that much! I’m sure all your readers feel the same. Now if they’d only make a TV show on the Bradfords that would be stupendous!!

  32. Avatar Perry says:

    Your books are well worth $3.99. As an avid reader on a budget I’m always limited on how many books and which books I read. I always get a free sample and have that moment of “is this book worth the price?” Your books are ALWAYS worth it. I don’t even sample them. I preorder and wait on pins and needles! I stalk your chronicles for juicy tidbits and beg and plead for more!

  33. Avatar Vania says:

    RL your writing is moving. In every direction. You make me laugh and you make me cry and you make me love your beautiful characters. I don’t mind the price. It’s worth it anyway. I love reading your books, and when I can’t read, while commuting, I listen to them. Make the time worthwhile. Thanks for giving me Zoe and Trevor, the Bradfords, … all of them.

  34. Avatar Andie says:

    I will happily pay whatever you need to charge. Your books are awesome and deserve to be fairly priced. I reread your books all the time so they bring countless hours of pleasure. I think it is great you have the coupon option for those that need it. Those of us who can afford are quite willing to pay the higher price. It is common for books to be $10 or more (and not as good as yours). We understand and thank you for your books

  35. Avatar Sanya says:

    You are an one-click, pre-order when possible all the time every time….your books are the PERFECT escape….keep your genius coming.😁

  36. Avatar NaTisha Wilson says:

    I love your work and will happily pay the higher prices if needed. Thank you for the dedication and craft that you put in. Please know your fans are here to help you make a fair living wage and don’t expect your services for free. I can’t wait for which ever book is next since I finished Delectable the day it came out!

  37. Avatar Leslie says:

    I would happily pay $4.99! The books you write are awesome and totally worth it! Everyone else charges a minimum of $7.99. Open and love all your books! Hoping to collect them all in paperback too!
    The hard work you invest in your series is worth the price!

  38. Avatar Renee says:

    Thank you for being so respectful by letting us know about the price change. Girl go do what you have to do! I’m a mom too and I know how expensive it is to raise children who do not have special needs, so you doing all of this alone? .Pu-leese! You and the bradfords are more than worth a price change. – you’re family😍

  39. Avatar Sally says:

    Whatever you need to charge is absolutely fine with me, R.L.! I remember finding the first NFH Playing for Keeps. That was it for me. I have every single one of your books. I re-read them often and still howl with laughter, cry my eyes out, miss sleep, etc. I wait for every new book, snippet, chronicle update…it’s all good. Just keep those creative literary gems coming! My motto for you is: β€œIf R.L. Mathewson writes it, I will buy it.” It’s just that simple!

  40. Avatar Anastasia says:

    Honestly you are one of my all time favorite authors and I really think you should get what you need financially and emotionally; as a dedicated fan I can definitely state with no hesitation that as long as you continue writing I will be there purchasing πŸ˜‰ I love re-read your books in my library and of course the chronicles! Just make sure you are taking care of you and your family

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