What Really Happened: Part IV

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What Really Happened…

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Do not push back. Do not push back. Do not push back. Do not push back,” Marybeth told herself as her fingers dug into the couch cushion beneath her while she struggled to ignore the incredibly large, hard erection that brushed against her bottom anytime Darrin shifted.

            Which was a lot.

            God, he felt so good, too damn good.

            No, this was wrong. It could never happen, because he was her best friend and deserved better than to be stuck with a woman that couldn’t give him…give him….umm…oh, God, that felt good, she thought, biting back a moan of pleasure as that freakishly large erection pushing against Darrin’s zipper brushed up against her bottom again.

            She should get up and return to her own apartment, she told herself, but for some reason she didn’t move. Maybe she was a masochist? she wondered as Darrin shifted in his sleep again, making her gasp as she reminded herself how wrong this was.

            He was her best friend.

            He wanted a family.

            He deserved to be a father.

            He deserved-

            To cup her boob and pull her flush against him. He groaned in his sleep softly as he shifted, rubbing that erection that she was desperately trying to pretend was a flashlight against her bottom caressed her, making her nipples harden and making it even more difficult for her to do the right thing. She needed to get up and get out of here before they did something that they were going to regret.

            Okay, so she might not regret it immediately, especially since she’d fantasized about him making love to her for as long as she could remember. He’d been her first crush, the first man that she’d ever fallen in love with and most likely would be the only man that she ever loved.

            She just couldn’t do this to him, to make him think that they had a future when she knew that she couldn’t give him the kind of future that he deserved. She had to do the right thing. She was going to get up, walk back to her apartment and take a very long and very cold shower and if that didn’t work, she was going to head into work early and lose herself in her work.

            That was the best plan.

            Or at least it would have been if Darrin hadn’t pulled her even closer and palmed her breast in a way that made it difficult to take her next breath, never mind get up.

            “Marybeth,” he groaned in his sleep as kneaded her breast and ground his erection, that she could swear had actually gotten bigger in the last few seconds, against her bottom.

            Okay, that was it.

            It was definitely time to put an end to this before-

            He kissed the back of her neck, making her shiver with desire as his hand abandoned her breast and slid down her stomach and-

            “Oh, God,” she gasped, unable to take it any longer.

            Telling herself that this was for the best, she went to sit up, but somehow found herself turning around and facing Darrin, who used her new position to place her on her back and settle between her legs as he continued his sensual assault.

            She wrapped her arms around him, closed her eyes and tilted her head back, took a deep breath and decided to end this here and now before things got out of hand.

            “Darrin, stop.”


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