Vacation from Hell: Part VI

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Vacation from Hell

Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“If it’s all the same to you, Uncle Trevor,” Mikey said quietly as she continued to sit there, hugging the pharmacy bags against her chest as she avoided looking at him, “I’d really like to sleep in the van tonight.”

“It’s forty degrees out,” he pointed out, biting back a sigh as he gestured for the boys to go inside, but of course they ignored him and continued to stand next to him, because apparently they had a death wish, something that should concern him, but at the moment he was just too fucking exhausted to care.

Sighing heavily, Jonathan said, “We should have grabbed some Pamprin to help with the mood sw-” and before his son could say something to get his throat torn out, Trevor slapped his hand across his son’s mouth and pushed him out of the path of Mikey’s homicidal glare.

“I’ll risk it,” Mikey bit out evenly as she absently reached into her bag, pulled out a Reese’s peanut butter cup, tore the wrapper off and took a bite as she continued to glare in Jonathan’s direction.

There was another heavy sigh, and before he could stop him, Sebastian climbed back in the van, plucked the half-eaten peanut butter cup out of Mikey’s hand and popped it in his mouth before he grabbed the bags out of her hand, ignored her sputtering outrage, grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the van, leaving them to follow after them. Shaking his head in disgust, Jonathan moved to catch up with his twin, but since he seemed to have a habit of saying things that were going to get him killed, Trevor felt that it was for the best if he kept Jonathan by his side.

With that in mind, he threw Jonathan over his shoulder and headed for the hotel. By the time they joined Sebastian and Mikey in the elevator, Sebastian had managed to tease a smile out of his best friend, which promptly turned into a scowl when she spotted Jonathan.

“Maybe we should-” Jonathan began only to mumble the rest when his twin reached up and shoved a peanut butter cup in his mouth to shut him up before he could say something to get them all killed.

Sighing, Jonathan held out his hand for another peanut butter cup. “I’m just trying to help.”

“Don’t,” Trevor said with a resigned sigh when the elevator doors opened and headed towards their rooms, hoping that the rest of the night went smooth-

“I didn’t mean it! Oh, my god, I didn’t mean it!” came the welcoming scream for mercy as he pulled out his keycard with a sigh and opened the door, not really all that surprised to find Joshua and Mathew tied up the middle of the room, but he could honestly say that he hadn’t expected to find his sweet little baby girl beating the shit out of her twin with a pillow.

“Take it back!” Jessica demanded with a bloodthirsty growl as she raised the pillow and-

“Time,” Cole said around a yawn from the bed where he was reading something on an iPad with his sister and just like that, Jessica dropped the pillow mid-swing, shot her brother one last glare and stormed off as fast as her little legs would take her so that she could crawl on the bed and join her cousins.

“Guess it’s my turn again,” Elizabeth said with a shrug as she grabbed a fresh pillow and walked over to the boys struggling to break free.

“Sixty seconds,” Cole said, sounding bored as Elizabeth raised the pillow and-

“Time to go,” Trevor said, reaching over and pushing Sebastian and Mikey back out of the room before he carefully closed the door, shifted Jonathan over his shoulder and headed back towards the elevator, resigning himself to-

“We should go pick up some Pamprin,” Jonathan said before adding in a thoughtful tone, “It should help with all that bloating.”

“Shit,” Trevor managed to get out before things went to hell.

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6 Responses to “Vacation from Hell: Part VI”

  1. Avatar Carla Ruiz says:

    Love it!!! I can’t wait for Sebastian & Micky’s book. They’ve becoming one of my favorites of the kids. And Cole is just like his father. Please Please release a new book on 2018. Have a wonderful Weekend!!!!

  2. Avatar Myla Fujimoto says:

    I’m just a new member and was surprised to find the vacation from Hell series. Now I’m so excited to read Mikey and Sebastian ‘s love story…

  3. Avatar Vicky Whyte-Johnston says:

    OMG. I need more. I can’t stop laughing. Oh I can’t wait for their grown up books. Please tell me they will be coming.

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