Two things…….

First thing:

We are trying to find a place that will either match our donation of teddy bears, give us a discount, free shipping, etc. I am trying to get to help us out, because they do a lot of great work to help out kids and I think their established characters like Pooh, Eeyore, Mickey, etc. have an established history and trust with children that will help the surviving children of Newtown, CT feel comforted and let them know that they are not alone. If anyone could help us out by contacting Disney either by email, phone, whatever you think you can do, that would be really great.

Second thing:

My children go to a wonderful, small school. They don’t have a lot of money and whatever they do have, they stretch so that every student there receives a great eduation. The best part, this school is teaching its students about love and compassion. I have never met a more compassionate, polite group of kids in my life. They take these events very seriously and work very hard to help the less fortunate. Every month they raise money and run food drives to help the less fortunate even though to be honest, the school could really use the money.

I am asking for help, because this school works so hard to teach the children the importance of compassion and hard work that I would like to help them out. Anyone here familiar with Box Tops for Education? A lot of products have them. You just cut them off, place them in an envelope and hand them off to a school so that the school can use the money for books, supplies, etc.

This is the favor that I am asking, if you’re not already using Box Tops to support a school in a child’s life, would you please consider sendng them to me? I will pass them off to this school that could really use the help. I am going to run this like a contest. The state that sends the most Box Tops my way by January 31, 2013 will get to decide the first short story that I will release during my medical leave.

My address is P.O. Box 1033, Lakeville, MA 02347

Thank you in advance for any help that you’re able to give.

-R.L. Mathewson

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  1. Avatar Becky Norman says:

    one way we got our kids to bring more box tops is on there website they have print out we would put it in there homework folder and they would return them with at least 1 on it if not tottally full.

  2. Avatar Erika V says:

    I want to thank you for your support and effort to help out the servivers of Sandy Hook. Im not related to any victim, but I am from Connecticut and my heart is very heavy with sadness. Its nice to see that not only the state of Connecticut but the world has come together to morn with the victims. Im going to check with build a bear to see if they are willing to donate, not sure how to go about it,, but I’ll walk into one of there branches and ask and take it from there.

  3. Avatar Sara says:

    I just wanted to say get well soon! I love your books and they have gotten me through a surgery myself. I was laid up for 2 weeks and I read your neighbor from hell series! It really made a difference in my mood! (The laughing was alittle painful, but worth it!) I kept calling people greedy bastards and laughed at my inside joke. (but also then explained and told everyone to read the series.) SOOoooOO to make a long story short your in my prayers and good luck with everything. We will all be waiting (patiently) for your return! : ) Also, my pick for short stories are any of the nieghbors from hell!! I love them all!!

  4. Avatar kahl says:

    I first found one of your books around 2 months ago. But did not get around to reading it at the time. I started reading it three days before Christmas, it is now 3 days after Christmas, and I have read all of your books. Now yes I am an avid reader but I don’t normally read to the exclusion of all else. I have so enjoyed your books that I am patiently awaiting your next books. I was sorry to hear about your health, I hope that all of the surgeries go well.

  5. Avatar Box Tops & Your Books are Awesome! says:

    I agree with you regarding Box Tops! I collect for my 5 & 8 year old girls’ school. If not, I would be sending them your way! It’s amazing that each one is worth ten cents, too! BTW… Just finished the latest Pyte novel #3 and I LOVED it!!! Clearly my favorite so far…. as I’ve read all of your books except Checkmate. And I have to say that your books are a great escape for me (not to mention they’ve helped me spice things up in the bedroom with my hubby thanks to the HOT and steamy love scenes in your books—- something I didn’t think possible after 13 years of marriage and 2 kids). In light of your many jobs/ careers maybe you should try your hand as a sex therapist! :). In light of all that and so much more…. Thank you for your writing. You are one of my favorite authors. Regardless of all that… I sincerely hope you are on your way to recovery and better health. Take all the time you need to get better!! No need to worry about us (your readers). We want what’s best for you! As the saying goes…. when we die no one is going to say that they wish they would have spent more time at the office (or writing books!!). Nothing is more important than taking proper care of one’s self so that you can be the best mom, partner, friend, etc. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!

  6. Avatar Tiffany says:

    I know you will be on medical leave but I was wondering if the excerpt from the end of “Without Regret” was a book you were going to continue in the future? One of the full-length novels you were planning on writing? I was looking at your ‘coming soon’ section and I wasn’t sure. Thanks for writing such great books by the way.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Hello 🙂 Yes, I will be finishing that novel and publishing it when I am back full time. It was supposed to be after Without Regret, but TDH worked better to set up the storyline for the series so I had to change it up. Sorry for any confussion.


  7. Avatar Kristi says:

    I would just like to say thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. I came across Humble Heart and enjoyed so much i ended up reading every book in all of your series in 5 days:)They were great and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. Prayers your surgery goes well. Also we love the boxtops program you can raise so much by just getting everyone to participate. If we didnt already collect for my boys i would be happy to send your way. Good luck.

  8. Avatar Sienna says:

    Hey, I hope your feeling ok and everything has gone well and all, just wishing you luck and checking in I bet you’ve been pretty fed up not writing as much as you like, I always hated being restricted and bedridden. Any way cant wait for the next pyte sentinel books do you enjoy writing? Ive tried but cant seem to get anything done, ive just got too many ideas to put on paper I guess, I really admire your writing ability and hope you pick it up again without fault. Look foreward to hearing upcoming news on the books xx

  9. Avatar Diana says:

    Like everyone else above, I hope you’re doing well and wish you all the best with your health. Also, like everyone else it seems that has picked up on of your books I’ve been hooked. After I started with the first one, Playing for Keeps, I haven’t been able to stop reading and have pretty much ready them all in a matter of weeks. My favorit so far has been Perfection and the Pyte/Sentinal series and I was just wondering if you have any plans for the next book in that series….I just can’t wait to see what happens next!!!! Love, love, love your books. I hope this doesn’t sound to selfish but I sure hope you are taking good care of yourself so you can continue writing your wonderful books.

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