Truce: A Neighbor From Hell………… The Original Neighbor from Hell

Just an update 🙂

Working full time on the next Pyte/Sentinel book, but in my spare time I am finishing up a book that is nearly finished, the Historic Neighbor from Hell. This book a light historic novel written in my usual style.

This is how it all began, the Bradford appetite, the quirks, arrogance and tendency to drive women insane.

Here’s an excerpt from Truce: A Neighbor From Hell


           When he didn’t respond she got nervous. She looked up slowly to see him practically shaking with rage. She gulped. Giving him a tentative smile she asked, “Too far?”

            Slowly he nodded. His fists clenched tightly. 

            “Oh dear.” She jumped to her feet and ducked just as he reached for her. For some reason she always went too far where he was concerned. It really couldn’t be helped though, it was too much fun to pass up.

            She hiked up her skirts and ran as if her life depended upon it. With one look behind her she realized that it just might. He was chasing after her. She shrieked, but didn’t stop. Her father stepped out into the hall in front of her, flanked by James and Lord Bradford.

            “Elizabeth?” he asked, stunned.

            “Too far!” she said as if those two words would explain why a grown man was chasing his daughter. Evidently it did because all three men laughed and nodded knowingly. She didn’t stick around to see if her father was going to help her . There was a madman chasing her after all.

            “Beth!” Robert roared.


Copyright R.L. Mathewson 2013


59 Responses to “Truce: A Neighbor From Hell………… The Original Neighbor from Hell”

  1. Avatar Sarah C. says:

    ahh the torture I can’t wait. I love it already. I’ve never( and never wanted to) read a historic romance but I will be with this one. So much to look forward to!!!

  2. Avatar Debra says:

    oh boy oh boy oh boy… LOVE HISTORIC ROMANCE… THIS is why YOU are the top of my FAVORITE AUTHOR LIST!! HISTORIC romance, HUMOR AND Bradford men.. really, does life lost in pages get any better? I think not…
    TY for the tease!!

  3. Avatar Kristina Berreondo says:

    Oh goodness, I was so broken thinking there would be no more to the neighbors story. This has me weeping for joy and my girls parts tingling in anticipation. Love it , can’t wait!

  4. Avatar Gwen says:

    Oh, I love it already!! When can we expect this one to be ready? I love the Pyte/Sentinel novels but anything involving the Bradfords just gets me going. They are some of the funniest characters I have ever read about and now to find out the history of the family? Pure heaven. Please keep us informed as to when we can expect this one.

  5. Avatar Michelle says:

    OMG!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!!! I am so excited! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bradfords! When will this book be out? And will you be writing more contemporary novels about the Bradfords? Hopefully you will also continue this historical part of the NFH series! Keep ’em coming!!

  6. Avatar Paula Smith says:

    Love the excerpt. Can’t wait till this book is released. Been waiting so long for a really good book.

  7. Avatar Nancy Lee says:

    Can’t wait. Love the Bradford series and am so looking forward to this one. Thanks for writing and keeping all of us so very entertained!

  8. Avatar Tina G says:

    Yay! That looks awesome! Thanks for putting out so many great reads. I really can’t wait until you get it out.

  9. Avatar Norma Edel says:

    I can not wait for Truce to come out! I would just love to find out what is behind the Bradford appetite! I would also like to learn a bit more about some of the bans… Especially Las Vegas 😉

  10. Avatar Kristin Felts says:

    I am all a-twitter. Lord Bradford, indeed. Although there is entirely too much “eek-ing” going on around here. LOL

  11. Avatar Ann says:

    LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! I can’t get enough of them. I really like that I can read your books several times and they are enjoyable each time. Thank you.

  12. Avatar Virginia says:

    I have had the first 3 NFH on my Ipad and I only know of a couple of other authors that have made me laugh so much that I drove my husband crazy. I can’t wait to read this next one. It is one of those series that you hope will go on forever.

  13. Avatar Jamie W says:

    Hey R.L.!! I’m so excited for this new NFH book. I dont ever read historical romance, but I love this series and just from the excerpt I can tell it will be amazing. I was also wondering if you plan on writing any more EMS novels? I’m a nurse, and really enjoyed Sudden Response, so just wanted to see if it was in the future. I know you are hella-busy. In the mean time, I will slowly make my way through your other works. Thanks!


  14. Avatar Kayla says:

    I’ve reread this teaser about twenty times. I love all of the NFH book, can’t wait for this one. Hopefully the wait isn’t too long.

  15. Avatar Karen says:

    I must say just finished Black hearts and can’t wait for my next fix of your amazing Story’s and character’s. Please don’t take too long to publish your next book dodn’t think i can survive the wait to be honest 🙂 Keep up the fantastic writing xxxxx
    Karen from Ireland.

  16. Avatar Susanne says:

    OMG!! Bradford’s & pyte’s!! I am REALLY enjoying your books!! Keep them coming….(How about how brad met Jason & his wife??) I think that would be a funny read!! Don’t dying for these new stories!!

  17. Avatar Tara says:

    Can’t wait…love all of your books to date.. read each i two days or less…patiently awaiting the next great read 🙂

  18. Avatar Jessica says:

    Just read all 3 NFH books…in 3 days! I’m very much addicted to this series and the Bradford/James clan. When will others come out (besides “Truce”)? Seriously can’t get enough of these books…rereading them already!

  19. Avatar Sophia says:

    LOVE the NFH series – keep them coming! Your books are so rare, full of romance yet written so cleverly and with great humor. Dying for new stories, love the Bradford boys!!:)

  20. Avatar Juli says:

    Can we have a teaser please or at least an update on how u and your family and books r doing. 🙂 Please I’m board there r only so many times u can re- read all of your book, because I have read them all at least twice!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  21. Avatar usagibunny 26 says:

    So excited about this book. I started off reading historical romance novels when I was a teenager, and fell in love with R. L. books just this year. Looking forward to her unique flavor added to the genre that made me fall in love with reading and romance.

  22. Avatar Simone says:

    I promise to be patient for this next NFH as long as you promise to never stop writing them and as long as they always involve a Bradford!

  23. Avatar Lupita says:

    I can’t wait!!! I’ve read and re-read all 3 books.
    Just out of curiousity, do you think you’ll ever write a short story on Mitch and Mary? I would love to read their story.

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