The Sleepover: Part III

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The Sleepover

Part III

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Are the kids still alive?” the incredibly beautiful woman curled up against him mumbled as she pressed a kiss against his neck that had him wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer.

“For now,” Reese said, since he decided that it was probably not a good idea to make any promises that he wouldn’t be able to keep.

“Are they asleep?” Kasey whispered as he felt her hand slide teasingly down his chest and over his stomach.

“They’d better be,” he said on a groan as she continued to kiss a path along his neck while her hand slid beneath the waistband of his boxers and-

Groaned when she slid her hand over his cock that was straining to get to her and cupped his balls, giving them a light squeeze that had him licking his lips, and rolling onto his back so that he could spread his legs, giving her better access. Smiling against his neck, she let that very talented hand that knew exactly how to drive him out of his fucking mind move back over his cock, letting her nails tease that sensitive spot beneath the tip before she pulled her hand away only to slide her hand back over his boxers and slipped her hand inside and pulled him free.

With a teasing nip, she began to kiss and tease her way down while he laid there, watching the silhouette of his wife as she kissed her way down his chest while she slowly stroked him. Licking his lips, he ran his hand over her bottom, giving it a squeeze and groaning in ecstasy as she ran her tongue down his abs. When she gave his cock a squeeze and pulled it down so that she could run her tongue of the tip, he thought that he was going to lose his fucking mind.

When she used her hold on his cock to pull it away so that her teeth gently teased that sensitive spot beneath the tip, he groaned long and loud as he ran his hand over her ass and between her legs. Shifting so that he could watch as she pulled his cock back towards her mouth, he snaked his fingers beneath the leg of the boxers she wore so that he could tease her with the tip of his finger, letting it slide in just deep enough so that he could tease her, tracing her core, and making her moan around his cock.

As he teased her, tracing a path around her clit, he reached over with his other hand, careful not to disturb her, and worked her boxers down, removing his hand only long enough to pull them down. Once he had them off, he picked her up and shifted her over him so that he could lean up and trace that soft slit that he found himself fantasizing about too many times during the day.

Deciding to live out one of those fantasizes that made it difficult to focus at work, he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her closer so that her hips were angled down and-

“Oh, god!” she moaned around the tip of his cock as he pressed a teasing kiss against her clit before he ran his tongue back over it, flicking it with the tip of his tongue before he ran the flat of his tongue over her core.

When she pushed back with a demanding wiggle of her hips, he chuckled as he gave the demanding woman what she wanted and-

“Shit!” he managed to get out on a grunt as his wife landed a knee to his gut when the loud, annoying high-pitched alarm went off, startling her into jumping off him and-

“Shit!’ he groaned as he reached over and grabbed her before she could fall off the bed.

Once he had her safely settled back on the bed, he pressed his hand against his stomach, shoved his dying erection back in his boxers and headed for the door, grabbing the iPods and iPads blaring along the way and headed downstairs. He’d barely made it halfway down the stairs when someone yelled, “Run!”

By the time that he made it downstairs the living room was empty, and he was left standing there deciding that it was time to teach the kids a lesson.

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  1. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Lol! Let the torture begin! One of the best things on Sunday is reading these Chronicles. Thanks

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