The Honeymoon Part 1: An RL Mathewson Chronicle

A little something about this Chronicle. It was meant to be a reward for the original Team Bradford. I published it in a secret page so that they could see it with the intentions of keeping the second part for their eyes only until I was ready to share it with everyone else. However……..

My website had other ideas, lol. It posted it FB, sent out notices and links to everyone. I’m sure you get the picture. So, here it is in its entirety, because at this point there’s really no point in trying to hide it, lol. So I hope you enjoy it 🙂


This Chronicle is intended for adults 18 years and older, it contains material not suitable for children.


An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

Jason and Haley’s Honeymoon


            “You can’t still be mad,” Jason said, wearing that same damn pleased smile that he’d been wearing since the Justice of the Peace had announced that they were married, seconds before he’d made his escape.

            “And yet I am,” Haley said, toeing off her shoes as she pulled her shirt off and dropped it on the floor only to pick it up seconds later and toss it onto the back of the chair in the corner when she remembered that she didn’t have any extra clothes with her.

            “Would it help if I said that I’m sorry?” Jason asked, pulling his shirt off and tossing it on the chair as well.

            “Probably not since I know that you’d be lying,” she said, struggling not to smile or let him know just how pleased she really was since it would only go to his head and encourage his kidnapping ways.

            Not bothering to deny it, he chuckled as he pulled his shoes off and tossed them to the side before he made a show of taking off his pants. Normally she would have savored the sight, but she was, unfortunately, exhausted. They’d stayed up talking and having makeup sex until seven o’clock this morning before she’d finally managed to fall into a blissful, deep sleep only to be woken up a few minutes later when she somehow found herself dressed and sitting in Jason’s car.

            She would have returned to his warm, comfortable bed, but by the time she’d realized what was going on, he already been doing ninety down the highway and she’d decided that jumping from the car was probably a bad idea. Slightly concerned that he was kidnapping her, again, and wondering why, she’d started asking questions, lot’s of questions, which were met with a smug smile that had actually intrigued her, falling back asleep after that had been impossible.

            It wasn’t until he’d crossed state lines and released a happy sigh that she’d started to panic. An hour later that panic exploded into a full-blown anxiety attack when he’d pulled in front of city hall. During the ride she’d briefly considered that he was kidnapping her for an elopement, but just as quickly she’d dismissed the idea as being crazy. Never in a million years had she really believed that Jason was serious about immediately eloping.

            Apparently she should have realized that he’d been dead serious, because as Jason put it, Bradfords don’t fuck around about marriage. According to Jason, and she really wished that she’d known this earlier, once a Bradford had his heart set on marriage he didn’t let anything get in his way, not even the bride. When he’d tossed her over his shoulder and she’d pointed out that he was once again kidnapping her, he’d explained, loud enough for one and all to hear, that she needed to put a ring on his finger since she’d had her dirty, disgusting way with him.

            The Bible Study group, made up mostly of elderly women that had been applying for a vender’s license for this Sunday’s flea market when Jason made that announcement, had wholeheartedly agreed.

            When he’d carried her over to the city clerk’s window to apply for a wedding license she’d manage to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that they couldn’t get a license without her birth certificate. Since she hadn’t brought hers, she’d figured that it would give them a chance to drive back home and discuss getting married like two rational adults. Once again, apparently Jason had lost his goddamn mind.

            He’d come to city hall prepared.

            Very prepared it would seem.

            Not only did he have her birth certificate in hand, but he’d also had a set of wedding bands that fit perfectly. As it turned out, he had an uncle who owned a jewelry store and had been more than happy to come out and measure her finger while she’d been taking that short nap this morning. It freaked her out a little, but she’d managed to push that aside for another day and tried to focus on convincing Jason that they needed to slow down.

            It wasn’t as though she didn’t want to marry him, she had. It was just that it was a bit sudden and admittedly a bit creepy with the kidnapping, ring measuring, dressing her and somehow getting her into the car all without waking her. She hadn’t wanted him to rush in this only to have regrets ten years down the line and break her heart. She also didn’t want him to think that she was forcing his hand in this with everything that had happened between them over the past couple of days. When she’d explained that to him, he’d very calmly and very rationally set her down on her feet, gestured for her to have a seat in the empty courtroom and then somehow managed to get her down on her stomach across the wooden bench and sat on her legs, keeping her ass right where he’d wanted her.

            She’d tried to reason with him, but he’d ignored her, too busy talking to her grandmother on the phone and promising Grandma that he wouldn’t let her leave the courthouse until she had a ring on her finger. For some reason finding out that her grandmother had been involved in her kidnapping hadn’t come as a surprise. What had surprised her was that Grandma hadn’t insisted on attending the wedding, but apparently all she’d cared about was getting the job done.

            Accepting the fact that there would be no reasoning with Jason, she’d stopped struggling and waited for the Justice of the Peace to show up and save her. Ten minutes later he’d showed up, took one look at her and Jason, looked down at their wedding license, hollowly read the word, “Bradford,” dropped everything in his arms, turned around and tried to make a run for it.

            He hadn’t gotten very far when Jared, grinning from ear to ear, stepped in the room and blocked the exit. At that point the Justice of the Peace, who was trembling and looking a tad green, had turned to run to the double doors in the back of the room only to stumble to a halt as about twenty more Bradford males walked into the room. What had happened next had been a bit frightening and not really something that she wanted to dwell on right now, at least not without the aide of a good therapist and some really strong drugs.

            When the trembling Justice of the Peace had finally announced that they were married she’d nearly cried. She couldn’t believe how happy she’d been to know that Jason was finally hers, for good, but a part of her had felt bad. She’d never dreamed of having a big wedding or anything, but she’d always thought that she’d have a small church wedding with her friends and family. Surprisingly she hadn’t been feeling bad because her parents and sisters had missed her wedding, but because she was actually happy that they had.

            It had made her feel horrible and she’d hated it. It was her wedding day, the day that she’d married the love of her life, but all she’d been able to think about was how upset her family was going to be when they found out that she hadn’t invited them to her wedding. Then she remembered who her family was and that they never would have shown up. Not because they didn’t like Jason, which they didn’t, but because they would have most likely forgotten all about it.

            “You can’t stay mad at me, my little grasshopper,” Jason said, struggling to bite back a yawn as he stepped out his boxers, making her wish, really hard, that she wasn’t so damn tired.

            “You just keep telling yourself that,” she said even though she knew that he was right, but she wasn’t going to admit to that. She started to remove her bra and panties, but decided against it.

            Without another word, she pulled back the covers, climbed in and laid down, praying that he didn’t want to consummate their marriage right away. She hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep since they’d left the cottage and that had been a few weeks ago. Since then she’d gone to bed every night missing Jason and unable to sleep. This morning had been the first time she’d managed to sleep longer than ten minutes and that had abruptly ended when Jason had kidnapped her.

            “I missed this,” Jason said, climbing in behind her. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer until they were spooning. “I missed you,” he murmured, pressing a kiss against her shoulder.

            She released a little sigh of pleasure as she pushed back, snuggling closer to him as she closed her eyes, happy to finally be back in his arms. Within seconds she felt her body grow heavy, her breaths evened out as a sense of peace took over, ushering her into slumber where she would-

            “Are you tired?” Jason asked, pressing another kiss to her shoulder, pulling her away from the sleep that her body desperately needed.

            “What?” she muttered, struggling to make sense of what he’d asked as her body started to drift off once again.

            He chuckled as he pressed another kiss to her shoulder. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

            “Sleepy,” she mumbled, hoping that he wasn’t going to make her break out her fists of fury since she’d really hate to have to kill her husband on their wedding night.


            “Go to sleep, baby,” he whispered, chuckling when she released a little frustrated growl and abruptly turned in his arms to bury her face against his chest.

            With a sigh, he pulled back just enough so that he could take her glasses off, which earned another one of those growls that had him smiling, and reached over and placed them carefully on the hotel room’s side table. As soon as his hand was free he wrapped his arm back around his wife and pressed a kiss against the top of her head.

            His wife.

            Christ, he couldn’t believe that he was actually married. Up until he fell for Haley he’d honestly never thought that he’d end up love sick like so many of the bastards in his family, but once he’d kissed her…..

            He was done for.

            He’d wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, the need becoming more urgent with every passing day until he’d thought he’d die if he didn’t make her his. Then she’d broken his heart, destroyed it completely, leaving him hollow. When he’d left he’d felt like he was in hell.

            He hadn’t been able to sleep, eat or do much of anything except think about her. Every day had been harder than the last. Most of the time he hadn’t been sure how he’d find the willpower to keep moving, to keep taking that next breath, but somehow he had. By the time he’d come back he’d realized something important, he could live without Haley.

            The problem was that he didn’t want to live without her, but if making her happy meant living in hell, he’d been prepared to do it. When he came back he’d been prepared to sell his house, to find a new job and move away so that he would never have to see her again and let her move on. When she’d handcuffed him to the chair last night and he was forced to think about her moving on with another guy, he’d lost it. At that point he’d been willing to move heaven and hell to have her. That desperation had led him to do whatever it took to make that happen.

            And now she was his…..

            Smiling, he leaned back just far enough so that he could gently brush his lips against hers, not wanting to wake her up, but needing to kiss her goodnight. Brushing his lips against hers one last time, he moved back only to have Haley release a sexy little moan in her sleep that had him leaning in for another kiss.

            This time when he tried to move away, Haley reached up and threaded her fingers through his hair. She kept him right where he was as she returned his kiss, slowly at first. It was sweet a kiss, a perfect kiss so he didn’t rush it, didn’t want to. He continued the kiss, slowly devouring her lips, waiting for the moment when her lips parted and when they did, he deepened the kiss, taking it slow and pouring every ounce of love that he had for her into it.

            She moaned softly as she met him stroke for stroke. He raised himself up, never breaking the kiss and moved over her, holding himself up on one arm as he reached between them and placed his hand between her legs. He cupped her, groaning when he felt her panties becoming wet and gently rubbed his hand over her a few times before he hooked his fingers in the waist of her panties and pulled them down.

            Haley released the hold that she’d had on his hair and reached down and helped him by pushing her panties down until she could kick them off. Still not breaking their kiss, she sat up, forcing him to sit back so that he could help her with her bra. As soon as it was off, she was laying back down, her arms around his shoulders, taking him with her.

            He settled himself between her legs, both moaning loudly when his erection pressed against her wet slit. He shifted until he was putting all of his weight on his right arm and then reached up with his left hand and cupped her breast, gently squeezing it as he ran his thumb over her nipple. He continued to tease her hard nipple as he rolled his hips, forcing his cock to lay deeper between her slit until the underside of his cock was pressed up against her swollen clit.

            She gasped into his mouth, her nails digging into his back as he pressed down harder against her, applying as much pressure as he could without hurting her.

            “That feels so good,” Haley said with a sexy little groan.

            “You like that?” he asked, his voice growing husky as she became wetter, soaking the underside of his cock and sending a shiver of pleasure through his body.

            “I’d like it more if I was on top,” she whispered against his lips with a smile that he easily returned as he complied, rolling over onto his back and taking his wife with him.

            As she settled more comfortably on top of him, he continued to gently massage her breast as his other hand reached up for her neglected breast and gave it the same attention, working his thumb over her nipple until it was just as hard as the other one. Haley placed her hand down on the mattress beside his head, shifting her weight onto the one arm while she moved her hand between them and wrapped her hand around his erection. She gave it a brief squeeze that had him gently sucking her tongue in appreciation before she moved her hand in a smooth stroke up until she was cupping the tip in her hand.

            “Fuck,” he gasped loudly as she tightened her hold around the tip, her hips rolling forward causing his cock to become enveloped between her wet slit.

            She smiled against his lips, clearly enjoying the hold she had over him and he let her have it. He stayed still, fighting the need to put her back against the mattress and fuck her until she screamed his name and squeezed every last drop out of him. If she had been any other woman, he would have done just that, got what he wanted and left, but this wasn’t just any woman.

            This was his little grasshopper, the love of his life, his soul, his life…..

            His wife.

            “I love you, Haley,” he said, sliding his hands up her chest so that he could cup her face in his hands, his thumbs gently caressing her cheeks as he brushed his lips against hers. “I love you so damn much.”

            He felt her smile against his lips, felt her lips tremble as the first tear rolled down her cheek when his thumbed brushed it away.

            “I love you, too,” she whispered back, releasing her hold on him and kissing him for a minute before she shifted her hips, rolling them forward and then pushing back until the tip of his erection pressed up against her core.

            Slowly, she pushed back, taking him inside of her inch by excruciating inch until he thought he’d die. Finally after what felt like hours, she was fully seated on top of him. Just when he thought that she’d move and put him out of his misery, she pulled back just far enough so that she could look at him, her hair falling down around them.

            She worried him bottom lip as she looked, well, squinted down at him.

            “What’s wrong, baby?” he asked, running the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip.

            “You know this is forever, don’t you?”

            Chuckling, he used his hold on her to pull her down for a kiss.

            “It damn well better be.”



Three Months Later…….


            “Did everyone study last night?” he asked, glancing up from his desk to catch every student in his class nodding enthusiastically.

            “So, you’re ready for a pop quiz?” he asked, biting back a smile as their expressions turned to horror.

            “Yes?” came the collective answer.

            “Liars,” he said, chuckling as he stood up and went to the chalkboard.

            “Why don’t we review everything to make sure that we’re all clear on the material?” he suggested, shaking his head with a chuckle when he caught their relieved sighs.

            “Let’s start with the-”

            “Excuse me,” Haley said, drawing his attention immediately to the back of his classroom where she was poking her head into the room. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but could I talk to you for a minute?”

            “We were just about to have a review,” he said, glancing at the clock and noting the time. There was only twenty minutes of class left and his students desperately needed this review if they had any hopes of passing the pop quiz that he had planned for tomorrow. “Can it wait until after class?” he asked, hating to put his wife off, but he knew that Haley would understand. He also knew that she’d let him know if it was something that couldn’t wait.

            “Oh,” she said, pushing her glasses up her nose as she worried her bottom lip. “Yes, of course. I’m sorry,” she said with one of those adorable little smiles that he loved.

            “I’ll see you in twenty minutes, sweetheart,” he said, ignoring the snickers from a couple of jocks.

            She nodded absently as she agreed, “Okay, twenty minutes.”

            He went to pick up the chalk again, but paused when he noticed that she hadn’t left, but instead now stood a little further in the classroom, worrying her hands in front of her as she shifted anxiously.

            “Is everything okay?” he asked, frowning when he realized that his wife was nervous.

            “Huh?” she asked, looking as though she’d forgotten that he was in the room. “Yes, yes of course it is.”

            “Okay,” he said softly with what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “Then I’ll see you in twenty minutes.”

            “Twenty minutes,” she repeated with a firm nod even as she continued to worry her hands together.

            He reached for the chalk again only to pause when he once again noted that his wife had moved further into the room. For a minute he watched her continue to worry her hands and bottom lip.

            “Are you sure that everything’s fine?” he asked, gesturing for his students to turn around and face the front of the class.

            Haley smiled, a real smile that instantly calmed him. “Yes, yes of course.”

            “Good,” he said, starting to return his attention to the chalkboard when her next words made him pause.

            “It’s just that…..,” she started to say, only to let her words trail off.

            “It’s just that, what?” he asked, moving to step around his desk and move towards her.

            She shook her head and with another smile said, “It can wait until later.”

            And with that, she finally turned around and headed for the door. Not really sure what to make of her visit, but not really concerned, he turned around and-

            “It’s just that I’m pregnant and I wanted to tell you.”

            -tripped over his own feet and stumbled forward. He was forced to slap his hands on the edge of the desk or fall flat on his ass as his mind raced to make sense of what she’d just said.

            “W-what?” he asked, not really sure that he’d heard her correctly.

            “I just wanted to let you know that I was pregnant and to let you know that we needed to stop at a store on the way home tonight and pick up some milk,” Haley said brightly while the class stared at her in utter shock as he struggled to catch his breath.

            He felt himself nod, not really sure why he was doing it, but he felt that he should be doing something.

            “Alright,” Haley said, brightly, “I’ll see you after class!”

            And with that, she finally left the room just as his legs finally gave out. He held onto the desk for dear life, still struggling to comprehend the words that had come out of his wife’s mouth.


            Haley was pregnant.

            They were having a baby.

            A baby, they were having a baby because Haley was pregnant.

            He’d gotten Haley pregnant.

            She was having his baby.

            They were-

            “Are you alright, Mr. Bradford?” someone asked, a boy or a girl, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he was definitely not okay.

            “D-do you need anything, Mr. Bradford?” someone else asked.

            The response was instant, years of Bradford survival taking over in that moment of crisis. “Food, I need food.”


 © Rerum Industries, Inc. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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    I’ve said it before, I will say it again,
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    I think a part of me just died….a good kind of die haha! Playing for Keeps is seriously one of my all time favorite books. Jason and Hayley are so freaking adorable! Just reading this made me smile so much my cheeks were starting to hurt. LOVE IT!! Jayley FTW!!!

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