The Great Lockdown of 2020 Part VII

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The Great Lockdown of 2020

Part VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Look,” Jason said, sighing heavily as he rubbed the back of his neck, “I just don’t think this is going to work out. I’m sorry.”

Sighing, because really, what else was she supposed to do at this point? Haley couldn’t help but nod in agreement as she finished off the last bite of the incredibly delicious Boston Cream pie that Reese dropped off for her. “You know? I think you’re right. I’ll have my stuff packed up and out of here by the end of the week,” she said, placing her empty plate on the coffee table while she bit back a smile as Jason watched the move through narrowed eyes.

“I think it would be for the best,” he bit out, nodding in agreement as she sat there debating on telling him about the cake with extra buttercream frosting in the fridge but then she wouldn’t have a snack to look forward to at two in the morning.

“You’re not leaving me with him,” Cole mumbled absently from the other end of the couch where he was trying to sleep for some reason.

Jason narrowed his eyes on their oldest son and bit out, “I want a paternity test.”

“Me, too,” Cole said, making Haley once again bite back a smile that her husband wouldn’t appreciate even as she reached over and grabbed hold of Jason’s arm before he could do something that was going to end with her spending the next four hours trying to convince Cole that it was safe to leave the closet while simultaneously reminding her husband that he was the one that encouraged the children to learn how to talk.

“Why exactly are you down here?” Jason asked, keeping his gaze locked on Cole.

“I’m waiting,” Cole mumbled sleepily, making them both frown.

“For what?” they asked just as the sound of a door clicking open from behind them dragged their attention to the in-law apartment and-

“That,” Cole said as sound of her grandmother’s wheelchair moving caught their attention seconds before she appeared in the doorway and-

Narrowed her eyes on Cole as she slowly put her wheelchair in reverse and disappeared back into her apartment and closed the door without a word.

“Midnight caffeine run,” Cole said around a yawn as he stood up and headed for the stairs. “I’m going to bed.”

“She’s getting sneakier,” Haley said with a sad shake of her head as she pushed her blanket aside and headed to her grandmother’s door, deciding that it was past due to do a contraband check.

“She really is,” Jason said, joining her.

“I caught her trying to entice the mailman into getting her a twelve pack of Coke yesterday,” Haley said, wondering what she was going to do with the woman that she adored.

Besides taking away her cane, she amended a moment later when Jason opened her apartment door and walked in only to curse and jump back with a, “It’s for your own good!”

“Don’t make me cut you out of my will!” Grandma said, making them both roll their eyes.

“Could care less,” Jason said, taking a shaky breath before he nodded, went back into the apartment and-

“Damn it, woman!” he snapped only to stumble back out of the apartment a moment later with a six-pack of Pepsi.

“My doctor prescribed that!” Grandma said in gasped outrage as Jason handed the soda over to Haley, went back in and-

“Wait! We can talk about this!” Grandma said when Jason walked out of the apartment a moment later with a large back of junk food and a noticeable limp.

Knowing that there was more, Haley sighed, pushed the door wide open and sighed when she spotted her grandmother grabbing a twenty ounce Coke from behind a couch cushion.

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2 Responses to “The Great Lockdown of 2020 Part VII”

  1. Jennie says:

    Love Grandma! I don’t remember her being as much into junk food as this (beer, though, I remember). I also love that she can’t threaten them because they love her and not her money. She’sa fantastic character.

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