The Final Pregnancy Chronicle

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The Final Pregnancy Chronicle

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I want at least a half dozen children,” Jessica announced with a wistful sigh as she shoved Mathew off the chair and sat down, ignoring her twin brother’s pained grunt as he hit the floor.

“I want four. Two boys and two girls,” Elizabeth said absently as she glanced at the maternity ward’s waiting room doors only to sigh when no one walked through the double doors to give them an update.

“Two,” Cole said as he dropped down on the floor next to Sebastian, who was too busy reading over Mikey’s shoulder to pay attention to what they were talking about.

“How about you, Sebastian?” Cole asked as he opened a Coke and took a sip.

“Don’t care,” Sebastian murmured absently as he gestured for Mikey, who was sitting between his legs, lounging back against him, to swipe to the next page.

“Shouldn’t that be up to Mikey,” Joshua said, making the rest of them chuckle as the oblivious pair frowned down at whatever they were looking at on Sebastian’s iPad.

“Shouldn’t what be up to me?” Mikey asked as her gaze flickered up to Joshua, who instantly lost that smile on his face.

“Nothing,” Cole quickly said before his little brother got the chance to say something that would get himself killed.

“They want to know how many children you want,” Mathew, who apparently had no idea how badly this could end for him, said.

“Five,” Jonathan said with a heartfelt sigh as he dropped down on Sebastian’s other side.

“You want five children?” Mikey asked, blinking as she turned her attention to Jonathan as he swiped her Coke and finished it off.

We want five children,”  Jonathan stressed with a wink.

Nodding slowly, Mikey mumbled, “I see,” as she reached over and–

“Ow!” Jonathan gasped in pain as he fell over onto his side and curled up into a ball only to sigh heavily and mutter, “Fine. We’ll have six.”

“I’m going to kill your brother,” Mikey informed Sebastian while Cole bit back a smile because this really wasn’t going to end well.

“I know,” Sebastian murmured absently as he reached over and swiped to the next page for her.

“As long as you know,” Mikey said, nodding as she returned her attention to the iPad while Cole found himself glancing back at the doors and–

What the hell was taking them so long?

His mother had been in labor since this morning and so far, all they knew was that everything looked good, but that it was just taking a little longer than expected. He just wanted this to be over, Cole thought as he rubbed his hands roughly down his face. As excited as he was about having another baby brother, he was terrified that he was going to lose his mother.

He just couldn’t imagine his life without her, didn’t want to.

God, what the hell was taking them so long?

“Everything will be fine,” Mikey said as he felt her small hand wrap around his.

“I know,” he lied, entwining his fingers with hers, praying that she was right.

As she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, he couldn’t help but wonder if Sebastian had any idea how lucky he was that he had Mikey. He had plenty of friends, good friends, but none of them were like her. He would give anything to have–

“Are you guys ready to meet the newest addition to the family?” his father asked, drawing Cole’s attention to find his father wearing wrinkled blue scrubs, looking exhausted, and happier than he’d ever seen him as he looked down at the small blue bundle in his arms.

“Oh, my god, he’s so cute,” Elizabeth said as she walked over to their father and got a look at their baby brother.

“How’s Mom doing?” Cole asked as Mikey gave his hand another reassuring squeeze before she let go.

“Your mother’s doing great,” his father said, smiling down at the newest member of their family as the rest of their family gathered round.

“He’s beautiful,” Grandma said with a watery smile.

“What’s his name?” Joshua asked, moving in closer to see their baby brother.

“Hunter Shane Bradford,” his father said, leaning down and kissed Hunter’s forehead while Cole got to his feet and slowly exhaled as he got his first look at his baby brother and–

Changed his mind.

He wanted at least a half-dozen children and he wanted them with his own Mikey one day.

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  1. Avatar Erin says:

    Hmmm Sebastian wants kids with “his own” Mykie?

    They end up together right? I will cry real tears of sadness if they don’t.

  2. Avatar Fiona says:

    Just finished Misunderstood. Thought I was too old for a YA book, but I have read everything you have published and adore this family. Will the next 4. Books focus on the other cousins or will it continue with Sebastian and Mikey? Adored Cole and Chloe and can’t wait until jonathon finds his pain in the a**. And Braxton. And I just loved this book and can’t wait for more.

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