The Day After…

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The Day After…

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Stay,” Necie mumbled with a pout as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed a kiss against the small of his back, making it difficult for him to leave this bed.

“I can’t, sweetheart,” he said with a chuckle as he caught her hand as it inched closer to the part of him that really didn’t want to leave his wife or this bed, but unfortunately for him, duty called.

“You can,” she said softly, pressing another kiss against his spine as she slowly pulled her hand free, reached between his legs and-

“God damn,” he groaned tightly as her warm, soft hand wrapped around him and gave the base a teasing squeeze before sliding up and leaving him sitting there, torn.

Day after half-off Halloween candy or mind-blowing sex with his wife?

“Stay,” his wife purred as she continued to drive him out of his fucking mind with that very talented hand.

“They’re waiting for me,” he reminded her, somewhat weakly and no longer caring that his brothers were waiting for them outside so that they could raid every pharmacy, grocery store and department store within a twenty-mile radius and grab every bag of discounted Halloween candy that they could get their hands on.

They had to do it today, this morning or risk their asshole cousins getting there first and they weren’t about to let that happen. This was war, plain and simple and they weren’t going to lose.

Not like last year.

Just thinking about those smug bastards sitting there, devouring all that chocolate while they were forced to watch still made him-

“Oh, God,” he choked out as Necie leaned around him and pulled his cock into her mouth, chasing away every last ounce of outrage that he’d felt at the reminder of all that chocolate that he’d been denied last year.

“Stay,” she said again as she allowed the tip of his cock to slip from her mouth.

Before he could respond or beg her to take his cock back in her mouth, she was crawling onto his lap, pushing him back onto the bed and sliding down on his cock. Moaning with pleasure, he palmed one of her large breasts as he pulled her down so that he could kiss the woman tempting him to break tradition.

“Hurry up, you bastard!” came the shout from outside a split second before the blare of a horn joined the demand.

Ignoring his brother, whichever one it was, he focused on the woman on top of him. She was so damn beautiful, he thought as she slowly rode him, driving him out of his fucking mind and making it harder for him to do the right thing.

“You feel so good,” she whispered with a whimper as she leaned down and kissed him.

Groaning, he wrapped his arm around her and rolled them over until he had her on her back and-

“Come on!” another one of his annoying bastards yelled from his driveway.

“They really are pushy bastards,” Necie said with a soft moan, making him smile as he slid back inside her.

“They really are,” he agreed as he leaned down, deciding that he really didn’t need chocolate since he had all the leftover cakes and sweets from Dixon’s bakery to devour. With a groan, he resigned himself to spending the day in bed, making his wife scream his name until the neighbors called the police.


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10 Responses to “The Day After…”

  1. Avatar Angie says:

    OMG. Only Bradfords would go after Halloween candy shopping like most people do after Thanksgiving shopping. And yet so easily distracted. ?

  2. Avatar Tara says:

    Chocolate or sex? What is a Bradford to do? But I understand I got to the store to late for our 1/2 candy. It was gone and Christmas candy was out. LOL.

  3. Avatar sheila says:

    I love the nfh. They do just as promised. Make me laugh and gives me that good feeling at the end…satisfaction. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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