Thank you for being incredibly awesome readers :)

Three posts in one day? 


Yeah, I know, I know, it’s been a crazy day, but I wanted to come on here and thank everyone for their kindness and help today, Everyone was amazing. I asked readers, with a giveaway incentive, if they had some time if they could leave an honest review and vote for the review that they felt was the most helpful whether it was a one star or a five star.  Their votes pushed the most helpful reviews up and I devoured them. I also got to stalk reviewers and bug the heck out of them with questions 🙂

Thanks to readers giving up some time today and helping me out, I was able to get some really great feedback and find out how to make The Promise even better. I had an awesome time chatting with one star, two star, three star, etc. reviewers and got some answers that I was looking for. They were really patient and answered my nagging questions that I had about their reviews, what didn’t work, how did I miss the mark, etc. I got a lot of great answers that I am using. 

Not many of you know this, but The Promise played out in my head for the past two years. I saw everything, the beginning, the middle, how they fall in love, the moment they realized that they were in love, everything and that included the ending. The ending was going to be insane, it was going to be heartbreaking, make the reader cry, and just thinking about it actually brought tears to my eyes, but there was just one problem.

It didn’t fit.

In order for it to happen, I would have to force it to work and have Reed do something that he would never do. I was going to have him break Joey’s heart. I just couldn’t do it and I couldn’t make it fit. I wrote the entire ending and when I added it, it was just wrong. It was like two different books being squeezed together. So, I let Joey and Reed write their own ending. 

It was easy because they had a very easy, sweet romance that didn’t need any drama. It just ended. I wanted more, but I had to accept that it was done. But, I still wanted more for them.

Thanks to the negative reviews and the positive reviews that let me know where I slipped up, I think I have this figured out. So, thank you so much for leaving reviews, bad, good, and in between. They helped so much and I am so damn thankful that you left as much feedback as you did.

I am currently playing with The Promise, having a little more fun with this story, and I am adding several more chapters, filling in the blanks that many readers needed, and when it is done, the book will be free for an automatic (I think it’s automatic?) update. Either way, I will let you know 🙂

For those of you who have enjoyed The Promise as is, I hope this makes the story better 🙂 

Thank you, everyone, that took the time today to help out!

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7 Responses to “Thank you for being incredibly awesome readers :)”

  1. Avatar Alisha budney says:

    I have always loved your books they make me laugh and cry. They make me want more.
    I’m so excited that you will be adding more to this story.

  2. Avatar Tracey says:

    Hi R.L – feel a bit odd addressing you like that but in the absence of any other info, it’ll have to do 😊 Firstly let me say how much I enjoy everything you write; the fact that you have such diversity is so incredible to me, I salute you. I feel like you have felt hurt by the feedback from The Promise – please don’t think that everyone shares the views of the few. Yes, it was a gentler story, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. In many ways, having characters without heaps of angst was refreshing. So – keep up the good work, you are on my very small list of “you write it, I will buy it”. Very best wishes Tracey

  3. Avatar Kelli says:

    I really enjoyed The Promise. I loved that is was sweet and that they seemed to have been in love all their lives. I am glad you didn’t force something if it didn’t fit for them. You are by far my favorite author. Your characters are normal. They are not some impossible and unbelievable perfect human being that does not exist. I can find something in every character that I can relate too and may even know in friends and family already. Thank you for being true to you and to your characters.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      I ended up adding just one more chapter, because otherwise would have felt forced. I did try for more. But, I did go through the end of the book and add more detail to flush it out and add more answers. It’s available now. You just have to delete it from your app and re-download it and you should be fine, Pamela 🙂

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