Surviving the First Night

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Surviving the First Night

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

(My makeup Chronicle for the wait)


“They’re so tiny!” Marybeth gushed with a watery smile as she gazed down at their beautiful baby girls.

“They’re perfect,” Darrin whispered as they stood there, staring down at three of the most beautiful baby girls that she’d ever seen.

They were also sleeping, she thought miserably with a sigh.

“We’re supposed to be sleeping when they’re sleeping,” she reminded him even though all she wanted to do was continue looking at them.

“You’re right,” Darrin said, smiling down at the three beautiful baby girls sleeping soundly in their cribs.

So, it was with a reluctant sigh that they took one last look at their beautiful little girls and left the room, eventually. It had taken a while for them to make sure the room was set up for the babies, diapers were stacked and within reach, the baby wipes were being kept warm in the wipe warmer, there were extra onesies laid out in care the girls had an accident, baby blankets folded and hung over the end of each crib, the baby monitor was on and pointed at the perfect angle, the babies were comfortable and the temperature of the room was perfect. Then after ten more minutes of gazing down at them, Marybeth and Darrin reluctantly left the nursery.

“I guess we should go to bed,” Darrin said with the cutest little pout that had her smiling as she took her husband’s hand and gave it a small tug.

“They’ll be fine,” she said with a teasing smile, not bothering to tell him that she planned on checking on the babies just as soon as he fell asleep, which better be soon, because she wasn’t sure how long she was going to be able to stay away from them.


To be continued…


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5 Responses to “Surviving the First Night”

  1. Avatar Stephanie K. says:

    OMG! Can’t wait to see what h×]] these little “Bradford’s Angel” are going to bring down on their parents and the rest of the clan….lol

  2. Avatar Deborah says:

    Look forward to this installment of neighbor from hell. Love,love the series and can’t wait to see what trouble the bradford boys get into…

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