Still figuring this whole thing out…

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing a post on a Wednesday night when I should be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. 

Well, I’m actually doing both, because I am that freaking talented. 

With that being said, I thought tonight would be a good time to admit that I have absolutely no freaking clue what I’m doing. Comforting, isn’t it? I just published Lucifer’s book (which I really enjoyed writing) and was also something that I hadn’t planned on publishing this year.

I’d actually planned to publish Fire & Brimstone next year at some point, but that didn’t really work out for me. 

You see, I had goals this year, well thought out, organized goals that I wrote with a dry erase marker on the back of a giant white board. I was planning on getting to Kale’s book, Jill’s book, Reese’s book, Shayne’s book, possible an EMS, an Anger Management, and whatever else I managed to get done this year. But, between a bad reaction to medication the doctor gave me to combat night terrors, the flu, and the kids’ insomnia on top of the fact that I homeschool my children so that they can get to all the therapy appointments that they have every single week things kind of got screwed up.

So, with that long, pointless explanation of my life this year so far, let me share with you my current problem. 

I have no idea what the hell am I supposed to be writing now.

I have an Anger Management or two to work on, the NFH YA spinoff, the Pyte YA spinoff, Cursed Heart and many, many, many more books, but I promised the Pyte books and Reese’s book this year. Then we have Aidan’s book now, because some sick bitch decided to dangle that carrot in front of readers…

Basically, I’m at a loss at what to work on now.

I’m thinking the Pyte books and the NFH books since they have the cliffhangers I guess you’d say and move on to the other books that I am dying to write as well. 

What do you think? Suggestions? Complaints? Comments? Concerns? 

I’m open to ideas here.

Well, with that being said, I am going to get my kids their medication, help them get ready for bed, maybe clean up and then play around with Kale’s book for a bit. 

Yup, I live a freaking wild life. 

Off to brush teeth, chase a giggling nine year old and to watch Buffy make her way through freshman year. 

Have a good night!


92 Responses to “Still figuring this whole thing out…”

  1. Avatar Debra says:

    as much as I want Reese’s story.. I know there are PYTE fans just waiting on their next install. I say stare at the white board a few. The one that jumps at you– is the one you work on! If you feel you can’t give your oomph to the NFH or Pyte.. I say revisit EMS… get familiar with the characters again…. my .02

  2. Avatar Christa Ray says:

    Please, Please give us Kale’s book first!! There are soooo many stories in that series I am desperate for. Kale’s, Jill’s, Joshua’s, they all need to be told

  3. Avatar Ali Kutter says:

    First thing first- you don’t OWE us anything. What you do is a gift to us, your readers and fans. Make sure your “house” is in order and your health is where it needs to be before you stress out about what is a gift. Now if the voices in your head get too loud, by all means get it down, I am a greedy bitch and love to get gifts!!!
    Much love and twinkies, Ali!!

    • Avatar Kimberly C says:

      I agree with you!!! RL, every book you write to us is a precious gift. You won’t be able to keep giving us these gifts if you don’t take care of yourself and kids first. We will be happy with whatever you write about next. You’ll do your best if you begin writing on whichever story is pulling at your heart! If several are pulling spend a little time on each. We may bug you for your next book, but we’ll wait patiently ? ? For your next book. Even if it takes longer and you finish two at the same time. They’ll be your best because they were what your heart and head were telling you to write about.

    • Avatar Laurie says:

      That is exactly what needed to be said. It’s a wonderful gift you share with us and if you burn out, we all lose. So in a completely selfish move, and oh hey , realize this was a month ago I hope y’all are feeling better.

  4. Avatar Veronica says:

    One, you are amazing juggling everything that has been thrown at you. Two, I think one of the things you can do is begin a new journey. If you hit a block with NFH and Pyte, then maybe diving deeper into Anger Management might be a good idea. OR, if you want something more upbeat (since Anger Management seems a bit more sad and you might want or need something a bit lighter in your life at this moment in time) then you could definitely focus on the YA spin offs. Third, as a fan (and I think the same can be said from other fans) I am positive I will love whatever your next project might be. Just think, WWBD: What Would Buffy Do?? 😉

  5. Avatar Tammy says:

    I would say anything you want to write we will be waiting for. I love all the series and characters so I’m waiting to see what happens with all of them.

  6. Avatar Casey Leigh says:

    Get ideas down for as much as you can, when you can around your crazy and awesome life.
    The book/s will write themselves as the ideas flow out of you.
    I’m a huge NFH fan and follower so my vote is them, buts that’s just bc I haven’t gotten to the full Pyte series yet (just the odd chronicle).
    Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  7. Avatar Tg Ashtn says:

    I absolutely love every book you write and would be happy reading any of them, but for the longest time now all I can think about is Kale’s book. He’s probably my favorite character and I really miss the chronicles about the Pyte/ sentinel group. That said, I’m super mega intrigued by the Anger management book and would love to read that after Kale’s book. 🙂

  8. Avatar Crystal says:

    Please finish Kales book oh and maybe and ems book I loved Joe and Eric’s story so much . Oh and maybe any other book you would like to finish lol I love your books . ! Your One of my favorite authors put there

  9. Avatar Joyce Thompson says:

    Anything and everything Bradford!!!! I truly enjoy your writing!!! They never fail to make me laugh and I mean really laugh!!!! Thank you for always thinking of your fans!!!! So, now go write woman!!!! 😉

  10. Avatar Marquiera says:

    I say go for whichever book. I have been waiting for Reese’s book forever it seems like. However, Aidan’s will be amazing as well. I just know it. Any who, any book, any series, and I’ll read it so…

  11. Avatar Darcy says:

    Whichever story pushes at you the hardest, write it! Lucifer pushed ahead of the rest because he needed his story right now, and it was brilliant. So, whatever you want and whoever is the pushiest, they get to be next

  12. Avatar Tammy-Jean says:

    Honestly, I will be happy with any book you decide to write. I know; that’s not really helpful, sorry. ☺️

  13. Avatar Jessica says:

    I agree with the others- write whichever ones inspire you to write. I will read whatever comes out next.

    However, for entirely selfish reasons, I would love to see Aidan’s story. But I can wait.

  14. Avatar Jessica Holden says:

    Loved Lucifer’s book but I would love a family tree for NTH, that way we could keep track who belongs to whom. Personally I would love smoke NFH book this year.

  15. Avatar Jamie says:

    Write about the characters that are screaming the loudest at you. And as much as I love the Bradfords I would love to see EMS OR CURSED HEART.

  16. Avatar Kelly says:

    Sucks to be so creative and talented huh??? ? In all honesty….. I can understand the difficulty focusing when you have all these ideas in your head and the subject matters are so different. ALL your books must be like your children….. hard to pick a favorite. I am all for ANYTHING NFH. I confess…. I am a Bradford addict. Question…. Are Connor and Rory ever going to be in any future stories? I enjoyed their story. I am in the process of re-reading all your, books….. Just love ❤ your writing style. Not that you have time but I would love ❤ to read your take of a Bradford family reunion at Disney….. The chaos would be hilarious. No matter what novel comes next…. I am positive it will be a great read.

  17. Avatar Sandy says:

    If you could see my iPad you would know whatever you write I buy. I would also like to say I appreciate how you are always asking us what we would like when you have such a full plate. Thank you!

  18. Avatar Stephanie Hallman says:

    You don’t owe us a damn thing, the last NFH book was the bomb! Take your time and see what YOU want to write about. We’ll all support your decision. (She says while mentally thinking Aiden, Aiden ?)

  19. Avatar Reese says:

    I became addicted to your books with Tall Dark and lonely. I became a pyte fan, love them! I think you are a great story teller. Comedy to me is very difficult to put on paper, and you do it beautifully. You spin a Web that sucks a reader in and won’t let go. I followed you on fb way back when you had two pyte novels, you started posting things about the NFH series. So I was like, eh, I’ll give it a try. Now I’m addicted to both love them equally. All that being said, I would really love to read Aiden story it’s going to drive me insane. To me, his story is more pressing than anyone’s. But whatever you decide to write next I’ll be happy with it and read on. I’m a huge fan. As long as I have a book written by you we are good. Keep up the great work!

  20. Avatar Samanth says:

    I never leave comments but I feel it necessary tonight. I absolutely love everything you write. There is NOT one single book that you have written that I do not love. My favorite is the Pyte series but only by a little “LOL”. 🙂 With that said I think that you should write which ever book you have in your mind. I would think it would be easier to write what you are thinking about and are feeling at the time you are writing. We all have favorite books we want you to write and when the time is right for you, you will write them and we will all be very happy about it. Just remember no matter what you write we will all be very thankful. I hope you and your children have a wonderful night. Thank you for all that you do for all of us.

  21. Avatar Samm says:

    How about a Cursed Heart or EMT book since those only have one book in each of their series. I’m dying to know what happens next but will read what ever you choose next. =D <(")

  22. Avatar Samantha says:

    So, I’m not even going to beat around the bush with this. While i appreciate your dilemma, I’m going to need more of the Bradfords asap. So without further ado…GIVE ME AIDAN!
    P.S. We need some more Edward and Dana in the chronicles…just saying…

  23. Avatar Jessica says:

    First take a breather. We your fans love your books and will continue to read them as quickly as you can write. I love the fact that you will only publish what you feel is the best and your books can last me a couple of days instead of hours like some other authors. Do what feels right.

  24. Avatar Irish B. Grimes says:

    I’m a caregiver for special needs children and your books help me through it night terrors and I look forward to reading your book so I know what it’s like expecially that medicine part so I wait patiently to see what you put out in it I go through the same thing you go through but my job is to help the parents special needs children

  25. Avatar Catherine says:

    First, thank you for your wonderful story telling. I have read everyone of your books and enjoyed them all. The escape they provide from my everyday is invaluable.
    As for what is next, I love the Bradfords, but I am also looking forward to seeing Kale’s story. As stated by so many before me, move forward with what calls to you!
    Thank you for making me smile!

  26. Avatar Jo D says:

    Whichever book is the one that tugs at your heart, that’s the one that should come next. Your devoted fans (that seems to be ALL of us) are going to devour whatever you gift us with and be happy with it, regardless of what we *hope* it might be. We’re still going to read it and be happy! You’ll be happier writing whichever one you want to be writing, so that’s where you should be. You’ve not only got a lot on your plate, but I’m not going to hold you to any promises you make, simply because life loves to throw us curveballs. There you have my advice, for what it’s worth. Loved, loved, LOVED Fire & Brimstone, and thank you for it! (Did you get enough editing suggestions? If not, I’m more than willing to do it for you)

  27. Avatar Mel C says:

    I’m excited for Aidan but honestly I just love your books so whatever inspires you the most is the one I say go for.

  28. Avatar Donna Ebinezar says:

    Please read the pyte books next. I’m really missing them, but saying that I love all your writings. So write whichever you feel inspired to write as that will be the better read.

  29. Avatar Jillian says:

    I would really love to read Reese book please ? but if decided to write something else first its fine all your books are awesome anyway ?

  30. Avatar Leslie Stawarz says:

    So I would love another Pyte book but I would rather read a book that you enjoyed writing not one that you forced out. I love your humor and your storytelling and I love it even more when it flows from you. Write what is in your heart not your head! Well maybe the voices in your head!!!

  31. Avatar Miriam says:

    I would love any book from any series. I would suggest that you should write what’s best for you and your family. Maybe write what provides you with more income or a book that’s almost complete and if your just tired of the norm write what your heart tells you. Thanks for the beautiful world you’ve created for us. ?

  32. Avatar Michaela says:

    I will look forward to every book you’ll write next, but just for the fun of it:
    How about Hollywood Hearts?

  33. Avatar Tara says:

    I absolutely love all your books, but I love love love the NFH books the most. Preferably, please write more NFH books next, then Cursed Heart or EMS or Hollywood Heart.

  34. Avatar Tina says:

    I’m going to be honest, I’d read your grocery list cause your work is just that good. You need to write whatever stories are speaking to you and we will read them.

  35. Avatar Rachel says:

    Why don’t you attempt to write one line from each book you have in the pipeline. By doing so, it may well spark a frenzy of creativity and the path to the next book has revealed itself. In the meantime, take the pressure off, you just produced a fabulous book.?

  36. Avatar Charlotte Burford says:

    I love all of your books and think you are a very talented, amazing writer as well an amazing Mum who quite rightly puts her kids first.

    I do have my personal favourite of which I would like you to write next but I’m not going to tell you.

    As a creative person you need to write the book that you are “feeling” needs to be written first. I love that you would ask us but it’s no good us asking for a book that you are not “feeling” and struggle to complete.

    We will all be happy with whatever you release next.

  37. Avatar Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    I say take a breath, smell some roses, enjoy your Buffy. Then let the voice that screams the loudest be the story you right! By the way I would love Aidan story. ?

  38. Avatar Jenny says:

    I’d rather have a good book. If you’re forcing yourself to write something that you’re not really feeling just because people have asked for it then that’s letting yourself, the reader and the character down! Do you have one particular character who’s shouting out for you to write about them and feel passionately that they need to be heard? Go for it!! I’ll wait my turn, though if Logan is shouting even a little bit….. Lol

  39. Avatar Mary says:

    I’d finish the cliffhangers off first- Aidan, Jill, Reese and Kale. I get really frustrated when an author leaves me hanging for too long. I’ve had that happen to me twice (one book hasn’t been resolved in YEARS) and I won’t purchase another book from them because I can’t trust that they won’t leave me hanging again. Finish those and then move on to whatever you want to write next. I totally get delays because life happens, but the authors I’m talking about have written another entire series since the cliffhanger. Just my opinion. I respect whatever decision you need to make to do what’s best for you and your family.

    BTW- I LOVED Lucifer’s book. LOVED it! I can’t wait for your next one.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Thank you, Mary 🙂 I’m thinking Kale and then Reese, Jill and then Aidan, followed by the rest that I promised 🙂 I didn’t do cliffhangers on purpose or meant to leave people hanging for so long. Gonna do my best to fix it.

  40. Avatar Brittany says:

    Whichever characters are talking to you the most is what you should work on. While I would love for Shayne, Reese, Kale, and Aiden to come out soon, I would rather have any one that’s comes to you with the least amount of force. When a book is forced, we can all tell and your characters deserve more. Thanks again for all your awesome stories!

  41. Avatar gifty says:

    I would love to read both resse and Aidan books but kale too would be nice but u do what is best for u so that u can have tyme to take care of the children. I have two and it is a nightmare with work ,husband and children

  42. Avatar Jessica says:

    I hope everything gets better for you. I would love to read aiden’s book next especially since I stayed up late last night finishing Lucifer’s book and their was that little cliffhanger. ? It was a really awesome book though.

  43. Avatar kelli says:

    I love em all! If you publish something I am going to read it, period. I would say the next pyte book cause I mean kale, who could resist. But that is the same with the nfh books,the emt books….really who could resist.

  44. Avatar Angela says:

    Pyte, EMS, NFH, Anger Management
    And in the end you have to write which story you feel is demanding your attention. Just chill out, relax and let it flow. You don’t owe us anything. We are cool with whatever we get because we know it will be wonderful.

  45. Avatar Ranyia says:

    Since you are the writer. I think you should write what is at the top of your mind. What story is going to kind of write itself and flow. I think you can write what you already have in your head that will finish the fastest because you already know the whole story. What story is calling you to write.

  46. Avatar Jodie Black says:

    Definitely need Aiden’s 1st and then an EMS because of the chronicles that some evil woman has been teasing us with amd then a pyte!

  47. Avatar Victoria Armpriest says:

    Holy cow Lady anything you put out at this point would be great! I’ve read and reread everything and can’t wait for more. So excited to see what you do with Anger Management but also the Bradford’s.

  48. Avatar Jessica says:

    More NFH series?… But really anything you choose will end up wort the wait so work on what talks to you the most.☺

  49. Avatar Carol says:

    As one of your more mature ( read that older) readers, I would love for you to write about Jared and his brother Ethan when they were surely Neighbors from Hell to their ultimate spouses.

  50. Avatar Tina says:

    First and foremost you take care of yourself & family!! Sorry to the rest of your fans, but you need to put you & the fam. first!! Take a deep breath, step back and see which book calls to YOU the most. I would rather have you SURE of the one that your working on and know that it has your attention than working on something WE want and your thoughts are on a different story. Personally, I have only read the first few of the Pyte books, but have read all the other series multiple, multiple, etc. times. If forced to make a choice I’d go with Shayne OR EMS…mainly because there’s not been anything new (other than the delightful Chronicles) on them for quite awhile !! I really CAN wait for what I want! Hope things go well for you and yours!! Happy Fall!!

  51. Avatar Penny says:

    I always wondered how Jason’s best friend Mitch got with Haley’s best friend Mary. Still do a false story in my head.
    But what I would love is to see Playing for keeps, and later Perfection on the big screen. I would love to see the Bradfords
    In a movie. The entertaining, crazy, funny, “hot'”characters you’ve
    created would be a joy to watch. Put that idea out there and see the response.

  52. Avatar Joyce Brucker says:

    Pyte and NFH for us grown-ups first please. Pretty please. Please, please, please! Then Cursed Hearts and EMS.

  53. Avatar Stevie Mc says:

    As greedy as I am when it comes to any new story you put out there, I understand all to well that life happens. Take care of yourself and family first. I don’t care what you write next because ANYTHING that you put on paper is golden! Stay well my friend

  54. Avatar Perry says:

    As a lover of ALL your books, I think it only fair that the next up be a non-NFH book. I only say this because there are more NFH books currently out than all the other series. Also, I just happen to REALLY love me some Pytes! However, you can’t force creativity, so if what comes next is another NFH book then I guess we’ll just have to suffer through your genius *dramatic sigh*.

  55. Avatar Caitlyn says:

    I just finished Fire and Brimstone so I am dying to know more about Aidan’s story. I also am catching up on the Pyte series and want yo read more about Kale and Jill (and Joshua) so those would,be my choices. I love that your asking your readers for their opinions. Thanks for the stories.

  56. Avatar Yara says:

    Please write the Aiden story. I need to know how it happen, what Aiden and Melanie were thinking and what they are going to do now that she is 3 months from having his baby. ?????

  57. Avatar Shamika Ilion says:

    I will buy whatever you write. You are just that awesome. Take some time to regroup. Trust me, we will be waiting here to throw our cash, credit, and debit cards at you when you release anything. You could probably release a Chronicles coloring book and we would still love it.

  58. Avatar Shawna says:

    RL, I will continue to read your books regardless of the speed in which they are published. I’ve consumed your books with bags of chocolate for years. My god, I tried marshmallow fluff in my cocoa for the first time ever because of your books and I loved it. However, I’m a greedy little monster so I will make my demands now for more Pyte books.
    P.S. People who know what they are doing scare me.

  59. Avatar Vysh says:

    I love your books and am excited to read whatever book you decide to release next. I definitely have an idea of which book I would want you to write next but I think your next book should be a story that inspires you to write.

  60. Avatar Amaris (AJ) says:

    Fruitcakes! I only have two kids to chase after, and one of them just got crawling down. How the heck you can juggle all that and still write is amazing! Like so many before me, the best stories are the ones you are inspired to write… they write themselves. So whichever book you are super excited to write where it just keeps speaking to you and you keep seeing scene after scene… write that one. And when all else fails…. Reese Aiden Reese Aiden Reese Aiden Reese Aiden….

  61. Avatar avidreader says:

    I enjoy all your books but would prefer a pyte or cursed heart book because I feel at the moment theres too much nfh books coming out with the honeymoon series not that their not enjoyable just that we need some kale action as well as Shayne book especially since its nearly been 2 yrs I think (not 100% sure) since we heard anything from the cursed hearts series so much potential . But it really up to you what you want and do this year. I’m just disappointed about them not getting another one out ….but I wish you all the best and know your working hard looking after your kids and writing these wonderful books xxx

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Wait, lol, it’s been a year! Fated still counts 😉 I am trying, but I am working on it in my head of how I want this to go. I will tell you that you may get one more NFH before that simply because I’m dealing with a lot of stress right now and writing those books soothe me a bit. I like letting go and seeing what they can do. I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to figure it out, but he is on my mind 🙂

      • Avatar Kelly says:

        Never ever stop the NFH series…..I would be thrilled if you could write 4 a year 😍……so soothe those nerves and keep on writing!!!!

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