Sleepover Part IV

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The Sleepover

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I’m going to make burgers if you guys are hungry,” Uncle Reese said, sounding bored as he walked past their hiding spot and headed towards the kitchen while Sebastian slowly moved forward until he could place his hand over Mikey’s mouth before she gave them away.

“It’s a trap,” he whispered softly as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back towards the back of the large closet and behind a stack of boxes while his gaze shot to Mathew.

The weakest link.

Shaking his head, he tried to get Mathew’s attention, but his little brother was already moving. When Mikey moved to stop him, he tightened his hold on her and pulled her back just as the closet door was pulled open the rest of the way. Wincing, Sebastian pulled back before Reese could see him.

“Uh oh,” they heard Mathew mumble and then, there was nothing but silence.

When Mikey moved to look, he bit back a sigh and pulled her back, unable to help but wonder when she was going to start listening to him. Barely a minute later the closet door slowly closed shut, leaving them in total darkness while he sat there, debating his next move. One thing was clear, they couldn’t stay here, not with Mathew’s inability to keep his mouth shut.

“We need to go,” he whispered as he removed his hand from her mouth.

“He’s still there,” Mikey whispered back.

Releasing his hold on her, he carefully shifted away from the boxes and lowered himself to the floor so that he could look beneath the door to make sure that the coast was clear. When he didn’t see any signs of Reese, he shifted his gaze towards the couch where he saw Cole diving behind before he’d dragged Mikey in here and-

“We didn’t mean it!” Cole screamed as Sebastian watched in horror as the large couch was shoved away from the wall and-

“No! Please don’t do this!” Cole yelled as Sebastian felt Mikey’s small hand wrap around his arm and pull him back as his gaze shifted to the doorknob, wondering if there was any way that he could lock it before-

“So,” Reese drawled as the closet door was opened and Sebastian found himself staring up at his normally easy-going cousin to find him glaring down at him, “why don’t we have a talk?”

Swallowing hard, he nodded even as he reached back and discretely pushed Mikey back behind the boxes. When Sebastian reached down to grab him, he suddenly found himself shoved out of the way and-

“Save yourself!” Mikey said, making him roll his eyes as she threw herself at Reese who simply sighed as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

“Let’s go,” Reese said, sighing heavily as he turned around and headed upstairs, leaving Sebastian with no other choice but to follow him.

“Is there any chance that you’d be willing to spare our lives if we promise to go to bed?” Mikey asked, sounding hopeful as she was carried up the stairs.

“No,” Reese said as he led them to the boys’ bedroom where the rest of his siblings and cousins were standing around, staring down in horror at Mikey’s cute little brothers, who were wide awake and smiling up at them as they reached down and grabbed hold of their diapers and-

“Oh, my god,” Sebastian choked out.

“Have fun,” Reese drawled as Sebastian suddenly found a handful of diapers and a box of baby wipes shoved in arms just as the boys decided to grab big handfuls of the green/brown mess that had his stomach turning and smeared it everywhere.


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  1. Avatar Georgia says:

    Oh my goodness! The visual! LOL… I so love your writing. You have me snorting with laughter every time.:)

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