RL Mathewson Chronicle for Sunday, April 20th

It’s been a crazy week, traveling, meetings, etc. We hit Hershey Park for the last three days and I am exhausted. Jenn has yelled at me, but the Chronicle will be late this week!

I’m sorry!

As soon as I get the chance, I am going to get a write up a few Chronicles so that I will have Chronicles ready to go for days like today.



10 Responses to “RL Mathewson Chronicle for Sunday, April 20th”

  1. Avatar Gina says:

    Just enjoy your holiday you deserve it……& we’ll forgive you anything if you give us some sneak peeks of the new Pyte book

  2. Avatar Jessica says:

    As a member of your sassy, amazing, incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, well-read…what was I talking about again? Oh, yes. As a member of your Adoring Public, I can honestly say…we’re happy to wait if it nets you an extra hour or two of happy time with the family. A happy R.L. is a creative R.L. You do you. We’ll be here when it’s ready.

  3. Avatar Sammi-jo says:

    Hershey Park ! Ohh chocolate fountains, yummy.(dreamy sigh) So jealous. I genuinely hope you enjoy your vacation and don’t worry you are worth pining for! Happy Easter.

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