Refresher Course Part III

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Refresher Course: Part III

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “This is going to be so boring,” the woman who’d decided that they were a duo and had decided to follow him across the street to the convenience store, said as she stood next to him.

            “Uh huh,” Eric said absently, not really listening to her as he glared at across the store at the woman that was determined to make his life a living hell.

            He never should have encouraged her to get her certification to teach EMS courses. If he had known that it would bite him in the ass he would have kept his big mouth shut. Maybe he should call the station and see if they needed a shift filled so that he could get out of this. But, that would only put off the inevitable since he had to take this course to keep his paramedic certification.

            “Do you know her?” the blonde that refused to leave his side asked as she gestured towards Joe with a Milk Way candy bar.

            “You could say that,” he said, grabbing a Kind Sized package of peanut butter M & M’s for the cruel woman.

            The blonde toyed with the candy bar in her hands as she looked between him and Joe, who had the audacity to shoot him a wink and a smile. Eyes narrowing on the woman that was making a mockery of their marriage vows, he absently grabbed a few more items from the shelf and tossed them in his basket as he walked up to the counter where his loving wife was standing in line.

            “You don’t want to be late for class,” she said, sighing in satisfaction as though this was the best day of her life.

            “You could have started the class early,” he said even as he took the items out of her hand and added them to his basket.

            “It’s important to follow the schedule,” she said in a chiding tone.

            “This from the woman that lets the kids stay up to watch Goonies anytime it comes on,” he said, shaking his head in disgust as they stepped up in line.

            “It’s an important movie with many life lessons that the kids could benefit from,” she said as they stepped up to the front of the line.

            “There’s nothing more important than learning about the Truffle Shuffle,” he said dryly as he helped her unload the basket and place the items on the counter.

            “There really isn’t,” she agreed solemnly, making him roll his eyes, because between the two of them, she was definitely the push over.

            “Are you going to end class early today?” he asked as he pulled out his wallet.

            “That would be wrong, Eric. So very wrong,” she said, grabbing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy bar, his favorite, and placed it on the counter.

            “What if I promised to take you out for dinner?” he offered as he paid for the insane amount of junk food that his wife had selected for her day of hell.

            “You’ll do it anyway,” she said, taking one of the bags off the counter.

            “True,” he admitted as he grabbed the other bag and took the one from her. “But, if you end class early I might let you pick the restaurant.”

            “I couldn’t rob you of an education and live with myself,” she said with a pitying shake of her head. “It just wouldn’t be right.”

            “Neither would hanging you upside down by your ankles, but I’m willing to do it if it helps my case.”


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9 Responses to “Refresher Course Part III”

    • Avatar Jean says:

      My thoughts exactly. Well, technically my thoughts were…. “I wish I could eat that much candy and still fit through doors. I miss that book. I really need to reread it.” … But still, same idea. Lol

  1. Avatar Kimberly Clark says:

    Like always your chronicles are entertaining!!! I miss hearing about Eric and Joe. It’s really refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the Bradfords and so enjoy all their antics, but it’s nice to catch up on the other guys. I truly love all of your books and characters!!!!??????

  2. Avatar Sandy says:

    Can’t tell you enough how I love the Sunday Chronicles!! It doesn’t matter which family they are about I love them all!!
    THANK YOU! So much

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