Refresher Course: Part II

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Refresher Course: Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            This was going to be the best day ever, Joe thought while she took a satisfying sip of her ice cold Coke as she watched her husband from across the room sitting at a rickety old table, openly glaring at her while some blonde tried to get his attention.

            She could have let him out of this by letting him sign the roster sheet for today and tomorrow, but where would the fun in that be? She normally hated running these classes, but once a year when her husband had to take the course she felt an overwhelming sense of joy. There was just something about making her husband suffer the hell that was a refresher course that brought such joy to her life.

            Two days of pure hell and she was in charge.

            Normally she tried to make this as painless as possible by getting this done as quickly as possible, but since Eric was here they were just going to have to take all the scheduled breaks, show every presentation and video even though most of them were repetitive and make sure that everyone had a very thorough understanding of today’s material.

            It was really going to be a brutal day for her, she thought as she took another sip of her drink and checked to make sure that her iPad was charged, connected to the internet and Netflix was ready to go. Once she’d ensured that her entertainment was prepared for the day, because this was going to be brutal, she made sure that her laptop was connected to the flat screen television and opened the first PowerPoint presentation.

            This one explained what an EMT was, what they were allowed to do and all the laws that they probably shouldn’t break. It was truly an educational experience and one that she was unfortunately going to miss thanks to unlimited streaming of The Walking Dead.

            “I need to talk to you,” Eric, the absolute joy of her day, said as she checked her backpack to make sure that she’d packed an adequate supply of snacks to get her through her day.

            “Did you sign in?” she asked, absently gesturing towards the clipboard on the edge of her desk as she contemplated making a quick run across the street for some Twinkies and peanut butter M&Ms.

            “Yes, I signed in,” he bit out, not sounding particularly happy about his educational opportunities.

            “Well, if you’d have a seat we’ll begin the class shortly,” she said, adding a smile at the end there, because she knew how much it would piss him off and as his wife, it was her job to piss him off as much as humanly possible.

            “How long?”

            “How long for what?” she asked, pretending that she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

            There was a heavy pause before he said, “How long before the class starts?”

            She made a show of looking at her watch, “Thirty-five minutes,” she said with a smile even as she wondered if she could talk him into going across the street for her.

            “But everyone is here,” he pointed out as though he couldn’t quite understand why she was screwing with him.

            “And at eighty-thirty we’ll begin,” she said, nodding as though they were in agreement.

            “Joe,” he bit out, putting everything into her name.

            “Is there anything else that I can help you with?” she asked, blinking innocently up at her husband and best friend.

            “I wont forget this,” he promised as he backed away from her desk.

            “Sadly, you will, which is why you’ll have to take this class again next year,” she said with a sigh and a sad shake of her head as she watched him walk away.


To be continued…


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12 Responses to “Refresher Course: Part II”

  1. Avatar Susanne says:

    Still hoping for you to write Eric’s brother Nathan’s story!! It would be great! Love your books and still waiting for Shayne too! LOL

  2. Avatar Jessie T says:

    Ooooh! I think I just fell in love with these two. I just had to read what all the fuss was about these two people, and let me just say it was not a disappointment! I agree that they remind me of the Bradfords and maybe that’s why I loved their book. Can’t wait for more! Thanks R.L. you’re amazing!

  3. Avatar Ashley K says:

    I absolutely love Joe and Eric! I’ve read the book 3 times and I can’t wait for book two!! So please hurry!! Lol

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