R.L. Mathewson Chronicles Update


What does everyone think of the Chronicles so far? 

I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am. I plan on writing one every week to be released exclusively on this website at 8pm eastern time, every Sunday night. Each series will get a chance at the Chronicles so no worries if you were wondering about your favorite characters making an appearance. They all will in time. 

The next Chronicle to be released is for……..

The Pyte/Sentinel Series



26 Responses to “R.L. Mathewson Chronicles Update”

  1. Avatar Nicole Thomas says:

    I LOVE these extra bits of all your books. It’s a great way to get a fix, in between books. Keep them coming please =)

  2. Avatar Flora-May says:

    Love these chronicles. A great way to revisit and know what’s happening to my favourite characters… Keep them coming please….

  3. Avatar Lisa says:

    I love this idea! The Bradford family is a favorite and I’m just starting on your other series. I’m looking forward to new updates!

  4. Avatar Alicia La'Trice says:

    I am like putty in your hands right now, I love the chronicles keep them coming PLEASE! (Btw my fam is a little miffed at me since right after I read this I yelled out “This is the best Christmas gift ever”. I mean their gifts were good but this was SO MUCH BETTER!)

  5. Avatar Sharona says:

    *ahem. Best idea ever. EVER. But you already knew that. Thank you for a few morsels while we wait for your next book 🙂

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