Pregnancy Chronicles: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Pregnancy Chronicles

The Second Trimester

“Are you pouting?”

“No,” Haley mumbled, knowing that she was damn well pouting and not really caring.

There was a heavy sigh and then, Jason was kneeling on the floor next to the couch, the same couch that she was now medically ordered to spend her days on until the end of this pregnancy.

“This is for the best,” Jason said softly as though she didn’t already know that.

When she didn’t say anything, mostly because she preferred to pout at the moment, he gently ran his fingertips along her jaw as he said, “This will be over before you know it,” lying to her.

That was followed by her narrowing her eyes on him, to which he responded with, “If it makes you feel any better, everyone will be taking turns checking in on you.”

“It does not,” Haley said with a sniffle, because what would really make her feel better now would be to be taken off bedrest, allowed to continue taking her daily walks and doing more than just staring at the television, and to be allowed to enjoy pregnancy sex for the rest of her pregnancy, but thanks to an emergency room doctor, she’d been put on bedrest.

She’d been hoping that it was a mistake and that the doctor had been overreacting, but then Roger, the traitor as far as she was concerned at the moment, backed the doctor up only to follow that up with she should have been on bedrest already. Once he’d said that, there was no changing Jason’s mind. He’d decided that her ass was staying on the couch during the day and at night, she was in their room and he refused to discuss it.

He also tried to take a leave of absence from work to look after her, but she’d somehow managed to talk some sense into him and now…

Now, she was stuck here, binge watching every show known to man as she waited for her baby to make an appearance. She knew that it was for the best and would never do anything to endanger her baby but she felt like pouting, so she was damn well going to pout.

“I had Cole stock the mini-fridge with water and juice,” Jason said with a pointed look at the min-fridge next to the couch. “There are plenty of snacks within reach, your lunch is in the fridge, and the bathroom is only a thirty second walk away. I want you to take it easy today, okay?”

With a grumbled, “I will,” she bit back a sigh when he pressed a kiss to her forehead, told her that he loved her and with that, left her alone with the remote.

Deciding that she might as well get this over with, she turned on the television, opened the Netflix app, and–

Couldn’t help but wonder why Cole was dropping down onto the loveseat with a sigh or why he was only wearing a pair of pajama pants when he should already be dressed in his school uniform and on his way to school right now. At her questioning look, he said, “I decided that I couldn’t leave you like this,” as he reached over and helped himself to the package of cookies that Jason had left for her.

“I see,” Haley murmured as she watched her son devour a cookie in one bite. “And school?”

There was a long-suffering sigh and then, “Would only get in the way.”

“And what did your father say about this?” she asked, watching as her son settled in more comfortably on the couch.

“I didn’t want to bother him with the details, but I’m sure he’ll understand,” Cole said with a helpless shrug as he shoved another cookie in his mouth and gestured to the television. “So, what are we watching?”

Before she could answer, Jason walked back into the living room and when he saw Cole, he simply sighed as he reached over the back of the loveseat and–

Had Haley wincing in sympathy for her baby boy when Jason yanked him over the back of the couch, settled him on his feet, and shoved towards the door while Cole threw a panicked look over his shoulder, mumbling, “Save me mommy!”

“I’ll see you tonight, my little grasshopper,” Jason said as he shoved Cole out the door and she once again found herself alone, already bored out of her mind.

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  1. Monika says:

    I love these Chronicles. It’s nice getting to read more of the couples/family’s that have already had books. Nice Way to catch up with them

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