Mother’ Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Just a few things before we get to the Chronicle. I’d like to apologize for all the updates and emails that some of you received. I am trying to update the website and it automatically sends out notices. In other news, the forum is up and under Extras on the menu. I have the Mother’s Day Chronicle up and decided to post the next Chronicle in the Baking 101 series tomorrow to give you something to look forward to. I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe weekend.

-R.L. Mathewson



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Mother’s Day 2016

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

            Sighing dreamily, Haley tossed the covers aside and climbed out of bed with a smile. It really was such a beautiful day, she decided with a yawn as she made her way towards the bathroom

            For weeks she’d been dreaming of this day, dreaming of sleeping in, enjoying her favorite breakfast in bed and spending the rest of the day being pampered while she watched movies all day on Netflix. It was the perfect way to start what promised to be another exhausting week spent teaching rich, hormonal teenagers and dealing with trying to keep up with four very demanding Bradfords of her very own.

            Today was going to be absolutely perfect, she told herself as she settled on starting her perfect day with a bath. After choosing one of her favorite scents, lemongrass, she filled up the bathtub with steaming hot water, tossed her oversized Derek Jeter tee-shirt aside and carefully climbed into the tub. With a sigh, she laid back, closed her eyes and-

            Nearly had a heart attack when her cellphone began to ring. She considered letting it go, but with Zoe nearing at the end of her pregnancy she couldn’t do it. She’d never forgive herself if she missed this, missed seeing Zoe going for Trevor’s balls again, and she definitely wasn’t going to miss her chance to win the pool, because she knew damn well with triplets that it wouldn’t take more than two hours, three tops for Zoe to try to leap from the hospital bed and go for those before mentioned balls.

            Most of the rest of the family were betting that Zoe would go for Darrin’s balls since she was carrying his babies, via surrogate, but Haley knew all too what it was like going through labor and having all that pain and anger as your body tore itself apart to push out a nine-pound Bradford. Zoe would focus everything on Trevor, her husband and the Bradford that she loved to torment more than anyone else. So, of course it was just common sense that Zoe was going to go after Trevor.

            The women in the family understood that and had placed their bets accordingly, but the men had apparently held several meetings before coming to the conclusion that Darrin would be the main target. They had all placed bets on Darrin having to recover from an attempted testicular amputation, even Darrin himself.

            It was going to be easy money, she thought with a smile as she quickly climbed out of the tub, careful not to slip and make this day even more special by spending the rest of the day in the emergency room, wrapped a towel around herself and rushed out of the bathroom and-

            “Happy Mother’s Day, sweetheart,” Jason said from where he lay on the bed, completely naked, tossing his cellphone aside while he watched her every move as her mind raced to make sense of the scene before her.

            Once it did, her eyes narrowed on her incredibly handsome and irresistible husband as she asked about the one thing that she’d been dreaming about all week.

            “Where’s my mile high stack of pancakes with blueberry syrup, hash browns, sausages, toast and bowl of fruit?” she demanded as she crossed her arms over her chest, not giving a damn that the action had caused the towel that she’d hastily wrapped around her to drop to the ground.

            Licking his lips hungrily, Jason watched as the towel slowly fell to the floor. “Accidentally ate it,” he said absently with a shrug, making her sigh heavily, because really, she should have known better.

            Shaking her head with another heavy sigh, she reached down to retrieve her towel so that she could dry off and head downstairs to see what they had in the kitchen so that she could-

            Scream hysterically as Jason reached out, grabbed her and somehow managed to get her on the bed, on her back and his mouth in a very interesting place before the last echo disappeared from the room, which was immediately followed by a moan as he did this very interesting thing with his tongue.

            Okay, so maybe this was the best way to spend Mother’s Day, she amended a few seconds later as her eyes closed and her fingers threaded through his hair, demanding that he do that thing with his tongue again. When he complied, she decided that there was no question about it, this really was the best Mother’s Day gift ever.


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9 Responses to “Mother’ Day 2016”

  1. Avatar Maritza says:

    Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for these chronicles. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Baking 101 sequel. YOU ROCK!

  2. Avatar Tara says:

    Sounds like Haley’s Mother’s Day was almost as good as mine. I did get breakfast though. Love the Bardfords! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope RL you had a great Mother’s Day and all the Moms out there.

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