Late Night Spankings: Part II

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Late Night Spankings

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


Zoe never thought she’d say this, but if she had to eat one more chocolate bar she was going to scream. Sighing miserably, she rolled over onto her side, cringing when the lumpy mattress bounced along with her, so that she stare aimlessly at the grainy television picture that was showing…

Was that porn? she wondered as she tilted her head to the side, ignoring the fact that the paper-thin pillow bent with the movement, and pursed her lips up in thought as she took in the movie playing at a different angle. It was either porn or an old episode of Full House playing, she decided with another despondent sigh as she rolled over onto her back so that she could stare at the old water stains on the ceiling.

“I’d kill for a burger right about now,” Haley announced from the bed that smelled like onions.

Zoe shifted in an attempt to get away from a spring digging into her back only to end up having two more springs dig into her back and one in her hip. Giving up on trying to get comfortable, she shifted her attention to the small pile of old candy bars taking over the scarred nightstand.

“I’d kill for a piece of bread at this point,” she said, not really sure that her stomach could handle another expired candy bar.

“I’d kill for an antacid,” Haley added with a gasp of pain accompanied by the sounds of springs squeaking.

“Me, too,” Zoe admitted, wishing that she’d passed on that last candy bar, because she was becoming increasingly sure that she was dying.

Cringing when her stomach cramped violently in tune with the Mounds bar that was trying to battle its way free, she wondered if they should cut their loses and take their chances with 95. It had to have cleared by now, she thought, cringing when another cramp tore through her stomach as she reached for her cellphone.

Deciding that it was worth a shot, she Googled their trip home, mentally crossing her fingers as she waited for the results only to close her eyes with a groan when the results came back with an additional three hours added to their trip home. Tossing her phone away, she curled up on her side, wrapped her arms around herself and resigned herself to dying in a seedy motel.

“What time is it?” Haley asked, sounding just as miserable as she was.

“Half passed two,” Zoe said with a wince as another metal spring decided to pop up and greet her ribs with a well-placed poke.

“Zoe?” Haley said after a slight pause.


“I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but I think I’m dying.”

“At least we’ll go together,” Zoe said tightly as she rolled over onto her other side.

“That’s not really a comforting thought,” Haley said with a pained chuckle, making Zoe wonder how long it was going to be before they were forced to crawl out of bed and bitch slap each other over the rights to the bathroom.

With her luck, Haley would accidentally hurt herself with her “fists of fury” and Zoe would be forced to drag her friend’s lifeless body back to the car. Maybe if they called Uncle Jared he could-

“I’ve been waiting all night to get you alone,” a woman’s voice announced from the room next door, peeking her interest and momentarily making her forget that she may or may not be dying.


To be continued…

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2 Responses to “Late Night Spankings: Part II”

  1. Avatar Kim Clark says:

    You’re such a tease!!! I can’t wait for the next one to see what’s happening next door!! Why we’re the girls on 95 to begin with?? As always you NEVER disappoint !!!

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