Just Tired: Part II

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Just Tired

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I’m gonna go lie down upstairs,” Jodi mumbled around a yawn, as she grabbed her pillow and cellphone and headed upstairs while he sat there, wondering why she wasn’t terrorizing the neighborhood by now.

It had been twenty minutes and…nothing.

She wasn’t running around the house, stripping naked as she made her way towards the front door, throwing a bag of flour in the oven to bake him a cake, trying to jump out the window, or going live on Facebook so that she could reminisce about just good it had felt that time he’d bent her over the picnic table in his parents’ backyard and fucked her and it was actually scaring him a bit. By now she should be doing something to scar him for life, but instead of doing all those things that terrified him, she was going upstairs to take a nap.

Or was she…

Deciding that he should go make sure that she was okay, he headed upstairs and down the hall to their room where he found her curled up in the middle of the bed, hugging his pillow, and fast asleep. Not really sure what he should do since this was a first for him, he stood there for a few more minutes, watching her chest rise evenly before he reluctantly left and went back downstairs.

When he reached the living room he contemplated taking a nap since the twins were with his mother, but quickly decided against it. He needed to catch up on some work and this was probably the best chance that he was going to get for a while. With that in mind, he made his way to the office that he shared with Jodi, sat down at his desk and-

Sighed when his phone chimed, alerting him to a text message. Praying that everything was okay with the twins, he pulled his phone out and stared down at it, rereading it several times before he stood back up and went back upstairs and sure enough, his wife was no longer in bed where he’d left her. Following the trail of clothes that were now littering the floor, he walked over to the large walk-in closet, opened the door and-

“You’ll never catch me!” Jodi yelled at the top of her lungs, as she rushed past him and headed for the bedroom door while he stood there, shaking his head as he looked back down at his phone and waited.

She didn’t make him wait long before she texted him her next location, the guest bathroom, demanding that he didn’t tell her husband where she was hiding since the bastard, and he was quoting here, was trying to poison her. Reassuring her that he wouldn’t tell, he walked down the hall, sighed heavily, and opened the door only to once again step aside so that his very naked wife could squeal adorably as she rushed out of the bathroom and headed back to their bedroom where, according to the next text, she was once again hiding in the closet, because it was the last place that he would look for her.

Resigning himself to a long fucking night, he walked back into their bedroom and closed the door behind him, locking it, climbed into bed, laid back, closed his eyes and waited for her next move.


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7 Responses to “Just Tired: Part II”

  1. Avatar Renee says:

    Well, you’ve got to admit Danny will never be bored with his “Tink” around and neither will we. Love her antics 😝

  2. Avatar Susanne says:

    LMAO….I wonder if they have ever tried “organic” meds on Jodi?? I luv that now she’s texting her spouse! Too funny!

  3. Avatar Kimberly says:

    I love Danny and Jodi!! She is so hilarious on meds. Again, you’ve outdone yourself!! Thank you for these amazing chronicles !! They make my week!

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