It’s up!

Good morning 🙂

I just found Black Heart up at B&N. I would just like to once again apologize for the wait. I hope to have a smoother publish the next time around. I would also like to thank all the readers that tried to help get the book up sooner.

I hope the book was worth the wait. If anyone has any problems, please let me know.

Here’s the link to B&N: 


17 Responses to “It’s up!”

  1. phyllis says:

    I bought the book thru on Wednesday and just finished it! Oh my god I loved it! Best book ever and I have read all your books. I laughed so hard! Bravo! Can’t wait for your next book! Oh and now it is available thru B&N! Took them long enough!

  2. phyllis says:

    This book was so worth the fight I had with B&N! I want to thank you again for your great writing skills! You should be on the New York best seller list! You books never fail to make me laugh! Way to go!

  3. Joyce Herbert says:

    Just got done black heart . You have done it once again , love the book couldn’t put it down read it in 2 days while the house went to hell lol o well I’m done now so putting the house back together everyone will be happy now . Thanks R L P .S keep them coming

  4. Deana Mesman says:

    Just finished Black Heart on my kindle, and now have one more series to eagerly wait for the next book!! Have thoroughly enjoyed all your series, and looking forward to all the books you have in the works!!!

  5. Minx T says:

    Just finished Black Heart. One of the best I’ve read. Thank you and keep it up. FYI, I am interested to be a reviewer of your work. Any suggestions on how to do this?
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  6. rcmof3 says:

    Love love love all your books I check VERY regularly to see if there is a new book out to get my next fix. I feel like me and your books are like Izzy and her coke and chocolate I’m addicted. I had to put down Dragonfly in Amber that my sister-in-law and I were both reading together once I saw you had a new book out.I can’t wait for your next book, whether it’s NFH, BH, HHS, Pyte/Sentinel whatever I want them all. And now your spoiling us with even hotter guys than a Bradford??? I didn’t know that was possible. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Now off to finish the other book (sigh).

  7. Theresa says:

    I finally got tired of waiting for B&N to get it so I downloaded the kindle app to my phone and bought it that way. I wasn’t disappointed…the book is awesome and I think the series will be awesome also…I can’t wait for the other brothers stories. So excited for your next book wether NFH, HHS, or pyte/sentinel.

  8. Apoorva says:

    loved tyour book:) and its awesoem 🙂 waiting for all the stories which u have to tell to keep us entertained…just wanted to appreciate you for the joy u spread all aroung when one reads ur books:):)

  9. marcia says:

    Black heart five stars!!!!!!!! Love all your books. The price was up for B&N but I always thought they were worth more. Cccant wait for the next one which ever series.

  10. samantha says:

    Absolutely amazing as always, I love all of your books and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your the best!!!!

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