Happy Release Day…… The Game Plan: The 5th Neighbor from Hell Novel

Happy Release Day for The Game Plan



the game planWell, today is the official release day for the fifth Neighbor from Hell novel, The Game Plan. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since the last NFH release. It’s definitely been a long and interesting year. 

Next year should be even more interesting, lol…….

I have set some pretty big goals for myself, another NFH novel, the Honeymoon from Hell novelettes, another Pyte novel, A Cursed Hearts novel, a surprise or two…………..

I am going to be a very busy woman 🙂 

To thank you for your patience and kindness, and of course to celebrate Danny and Jodi’s arrival, I have a few surprises lined up for today for the website visitors and for Goodreads.com readers.

The first, I will select five comments on this post to win a $25 gift card of your choice to either iBooks or Amazon.com. They will also win a Team Danny t-shirt or an NFH t-shirt of your choice. 

The other treat that I have planned for today?

A coupon to Smashwords.com for The Game Plan. The coupon is for a $1.00 off and is good until January 1st. The code is: KE84L (It’s not case sensitive)


The Game Plan is also available at, iBooks, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.


Thank you so much for everything,


85 Responses to “Happy Release Day…… The Game Plan: The 5th Neighbor from Hell Novel”

  1. Avatar crystal ray says:

    I can’t wait to read this!! I love all your books. You have your own collection on my kindle so i can easily find and re-read all your books! 🙂

  2. Avatar Lindsay Wakefield says:

    I’m started the game plan and about less than halfway in and I love it already. It’s amazing as well as those crazy Bradford men.

  3. Avatar amanda says:

    I am so excoted for this. Any time I need a laugh, or someone needs a rec for funny reads, this is always my go to. Thanks!

  4. Avatar Lauren says:

    Ekk! I’m so freakin’ excited for this book! I’m locking myself away from all distractions (like family) so I can read the new NFH book! Lol

  5. Avatar Silvia says:

    I have started the book and can’t wait to finish reading it as we head back home today. Definitely going to make my husband drive so I can read. 🙂

  6. Avatar Karishma says:

    I love Love LOVE your books. NFH is my all time favourite series. Where can I get myself a BRADFORD? I need one, I really do. Desperately waiting for the honeymoon from hell novels.
    Also none of your chronicles or even this book mentions Rory and Connor. I MISS my little hot chocolate addict(reminds me of myself). Serious withdrawal here.
    😛 🙂

  7. Avatar Sarah says:

    I have a ten day old newborn baby girl but I have preordered all of your books and read them within minutes and in one sitting. Therefore I am skipping one of my naps today to power read! I’m so excited for another RL release!! Happy holidays!

  8. Avatar Nancy Tortorella says:

    Just downloaded it. Now, if i can just get the men in my house to leave me in peace so I can read it without any interruption.

  9. Avatar Ramona Diaz says:

    Yep stayed up till 430Am to finish it and i loved it y fav quote of the whole book was

    “That’s the only way she knows how to express her overwhelming desire for me,” he said,

    He has become my 2nd favorite Travor still my number #1.
    Happy Reading!!!!

  10. Avatar Darcie Zirbes says:

    Oh I cannot wait to start this one! Hopefully everyone will be well behaved tonight and I can get a chance to start it tonight.

  11. Avatar jamie says:

    I enjoyed The Game Plan immensely and woke up early to download it on my phone to read. Is it just me or do Trevor’s kids get increasingly more devious? The paste and glitter was hilarous! Good thing Trevor is banned from Florida. His kids could have probably have made the spinning teacups at Disney terrifying for all other families.

    Wishing you health and happiness in the new year. Also, I hope you never lose the ability to be inspired.

    I look forward to all great stories waiting to be told.

  12. Avatar Monica says:

    I pre-ordered it and woke up this morning at 5:00 to start reading it! I can’t put it down. I love it. I love Danny and Tink. It also has a good mix of other Bradford men. Now on a serious note, I really think it’s time for Zoe to stop cooking. Her food is turning into radioactive goo!!! She makes killer sandwiches. Maybe she can be the gourmet sandwich maker for the family. I mean it is really for everyone’s safety. Lol.

  13. Avatar Emily says:

    I have read every single book & I tell everyone you are one of my favorite authors and they HAVE to read your stuff! I anxiously wait for any word from you. I read while at the gym and I literally about fell off my machine from laughing so hard. The guy a few machines down pulled out his earbuds to ask if I was ok. Embarrassingly, I apologized that I caused such a ruckus. Love your stuff!!! -Em-

  14. Avatar Dayna Gardecki says:

    Husband is driving me nuts by talking to me, why can’t he realize I want to read! Too bad I love him otherwise I would consist divorce!

  15. Avatar Cassandra Hannah says:

    i love all of your books, but the NFH is my favorite!! I’d read anything you would write!! Congrats on the book release

  16. Avatar Rachelle says:

    looking forward to starting this today, was too sick to start yesterday… Love all your books and looking forward to the new books next year 🙂

  17. Avatar jamie says:

    OK…I understand I already commented. But I was thinking, “what will R.L do to the Jared and Megan back story?” Then total moment of fear….
    R.L.- please do not make Jared wear a white polyester suit ala John Travolta crooning “Saturday Night Fever”. If I have to imagine him that way popping out disco moves with the his hair feathered out then I might cry.(The man hair back then did not make anyone look hot – I’ve seen the photos)

    In my mind, Jared rocks out to item like “Desperado” by the Eagles, “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas. Hell..even a little “Jungle Love” by Steve Miller Band. Then he drives a black muscle car. I would love to see a GTO but I could even see an El Camino. Way…way hotter than disco.

    Megan could even be a punk rock princess. You know..her screaming out to The Clash or The Ramones. A little “London Calling” or “I Wanna be Sedated” never hurt anyone.

    However…disco would be painful.

  18. Avatar Kimberly says:

    Hi R.L. Mathewson!!

    I’m from Honduras, and here is very difficult to find this kind of books, romantic and funny, I just bought “Truce” and I liked a lot Robert’s story. I hope to read this one soon. Keep writting like that!!

  19. Avatar Niki says:

    RL thank you for another all nighter :). I can never put your books done once I start reading them!! My roommates always know I am reading one of your books when they hear bursts of laughter!

  20. Avatar Lucero says:

    With all the craziness this last ninth I completely forgot this book was coming out today. But for some odd reason I checked the release date and I am so happy to not have to wait a second longer.
    I love all your books and am 2 seconds away from reading the game plan. Thanks!

  21. Avatar Amelie says:

    I can’t wait to read it – thanks for the coupon code! I agree with the others – I hope you’ll continue writing the NFH series until we are all old and gray. And a Megan-Jared book would be so awesome!

  22. Avatar Darlene says:

    I bought The Game Plan yesterday and am trying to save it for our cruise next week. The anticipation may break me… But I’m going to try really hard to wait.

  23. Avatar Tracy M says:

    Loved it. Have done nothing this last 5 odd hours but sit and read!!! Danny & Jodi are great! Can’t wait for the next Bradford instalment!
    Fab addition to the NFH series!!!

  24. Avatar Jade says:

    I have loved this series from the very beginning, and I have to tell you that you deserve all the success that’s coming to you! I think it is a very special thing that you do staying connected with your fans by writing short fics for us in the in-between time of books being released. I’m so excited to see how this one and ends and I can’t wait to read whatever you having coming next.

  25. Avatar helen says:

    Came through to kindle at 3 minutes past midnight. .. I was waiting, reading it now loving Danny and Jodi. And all these other cousins! Very good sign of books to come I hope ☺
    thank you so much for the fab books you give us. Have a wonderful 2015

  26. Avatar Robyn says:

    Looking forward to reading it, just what I need after a hectic few weeks! You are the right medicine for sure! Thank you & congrats in the release.

  27. Avatar Donnia Cartwright says:

    R. L…. as a fan, THANK YOU for the Chronicles, your fantabulous books, your incredible sense of sarcasm and wit….I have gotten a few of my friends hooked on your books and intend to continue the trend in 2015!!!

  28. Avatar Lulu says:

    thank you for another wittingly written NFH book. I really enjoyed the story about Danny and Jodi. Can’t wait what you’ve got in store for Danny’s brothers 🙂

  29. Avatar Jennifer R. says:

    I stayed awake until Game Plan downloaded to my Kindle then stayed up too late reading. I LOVE LOVE Danny & Jodi’s story, now I have to be patient until the next book. Great Job

  30. Avatar Jackie Begley says:

    Loved it, started refreshing my nook as soon as midnight hit. When it finally updated I couldn’t put it down. Loved it!

  31. Avatar amy wiater says:

    I love this series! I just finished book 2 and before i started book three i ddcided to read all the NFH chronicles, they hilarious. I was laughing so hard my husband thought I was crazy.

  32. Avatar Lynn says:

    I could not put the book down, I have all the Neighbor from hell series and just love them. I would have to say The Game plan is my favorite of all of them. I loved how you went into more detail of the banning issue of the family.

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