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  1. Jean Marie says:

    Hmm… this is new. What sort of community are you building? Are there HOA fees? Will we get complimentary tshirts?

    Kidding. Usually this site doesn’t allow me to comment, so no one will likely see this, but just in case it does… I’m JM, and I read a lot and stalk this author. (Only in a noncriminal way, honest.)

  2. Sarah Sterling says:

    I’m Sarah from just outside Belfast, I’m 32 years old, complete book/film/music/games nerd. I’m a lil crazy but properly medicated so I don’t throw things at people when they interrupt my reading time. My favorite RL series is NFH and favorite book has to be breaking even. I spend my days reading and torturing my partner of 6 years Karol which is spelt like a girl but he’s a man with a food addiction. I suffer from depression, BPD, IBS so yeah crazy and medicated I don’t go out much so reading is my escape

  3. Kimberly says:

    I enjoy reading the books. I think rl is perfectly demented. I was wondering if we could just lock her in a room with a typewriter until all of the books I want written are done. (Notice I said typewriter, not computer. No distractions allowed) Don’t worry we will leave chocolate as a treat for each chapter completed.

  4. Anjee Zable says:

    Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I love R.L.’s books. Reading for me is my happy place. I am a mom to teenage girls and they often make me want to hideaway. So I grab a book and disappear. I have reread the Neighbor From Hell series so many times I lost track. Lol. I can’t wait for the next book!

  5. LaVon Larson says:

    34 year old Mother of 10. 8 adopted, 2 biological. 18, 16, 16, 14. 13, 12, 11, 10, 10 & 4. Recently stepped away from a passion as the Elder Wellness Program Manager because of the negative leadership direction and open disrespect to our Elders. Our culture is not about that. My values dont support that conduct and I didnt wamt my kids to think I did either. Looking at focusing on home life for a while and going back to school further my degree or gain another in the process. Time will tell where I end up but that’s the direction/ambition I am happy with for now.
    That’s what I love about R.L. Mathews. In all her series theirs a core of values. Not saying life doesn’t have its ups and downs, mistakes in life. We all can overcome many things but it’s the choices we make in seeing the mistakes and coming to terms with them. Lifes lessons aren’t always fast and/or easy. Some though are. Her books have a core of values, a perspective of life and love with an intriguing twist. Love all variations with dark humor, dry humor, sarcastic or quip comedy, oh and the genre’s are a dreamers bliss with paranormals, first responders and cant wait for the anger management series. It’s the wait that kills me.

    Thanks R.L. <3

  6. Star says:

    I am Star and I am 18.
    I have only read NFH series by Miss Mathewson because of the simple reason that I love these characters to much to share my love with others.

    I love Trevor, Zoe, Sebastian, Mikey and Jason as much as I love reading and sleeping……… a lot.

  7. Penny Rowe says:

    Mum with 3 children boys are 14 & 15,daughter is 10… love reading, I work as a community carer mainly wheelchair bound ladies.

  8. Audra says:

    I’m an avid reader and will read a 300-400 page book in 2 hours. I love all different genres and cannot wait until your new book releases!

  9. Jax Braden says:

    I love your series, and thanks for the update especially explaining why your writing style is the way it is. In fact I love reading your books because even with a serious undertone you always have love and laughter. 4 years ago I found myself trying to discover who I was past being a mother and a wife. I spent a few years rediscovering my love of reading, and learning what I like as an adult. 😊 Your books have helped guide my way. Thank you for that.

  10. Perry Harrison says:

    Hi, I’m Perry. Mom of a 2 (2y boy, 7m girl). I’m a chiropractor and spend most of my free time reading (laundry’s just not that important). I legitimately take my kindle everywhere and I continually pitch RL books in my book club.😂 I love NFH but Pyte is life! I am DYING for more pyte books *hint, hint*! But really, I’ll take anything. Any book at all. I’m available for beta reading. I would totally stay up all night and read it for you. I have 2 small children, I don’t remember sleep anyway.

  11. Sadia says:

    Hi I’m Sadia.
    I’m 18 and in my last year of college. I fell out of love with reading quite early on in my life and found it difficult to bring myself to read for fun because the books I had already read left me feeling like there was something missing you know?
    Anyways, I fell in love with R.L.’s books because the of the humour, her books gave me the much needed escape and I can’t help but feel thankful because I’d often catch myself laughing or smiling at the Bradfords antics or how much I relate to the need to carry a king sized milkyway bar with me XD
    So thank you R.L. for always managing to put a smile on my face : )

  12. Linda Levy says:

    First read one of this authors books a few years ago.
    I had reviewed all the Pyte/Sentinel and Neighbours From Hell series that I had read but all my reviews are missing.
    Guess who will be starting to reread and review them all again.

  13. Savanna says:

    I’m Savanna, I’m 22, I grew up in Kenya but am in my final year of university in Australia. I have loved every RL book I’ve read (which is all of them :D), looking forward to the new ones and the continuation of other series. <3

  14. Kimberly Clark says:

    Hi, I’m Kim. I live in Northern California. I’m a single mom if 2, 36 year old son and 32 yr old daughter. I have 5 grandkids(my daughters ). I love R.L.’s books, all of them. I’m now retired so I read a lot and have reread R.L’s books dozens of times. Thank you R.L. for putting joy into my life when I need it. You’re a great mom and woman.

  15. Festus says:

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  16. Lisa Courtemanche says:

    I just finished Devastated! Awesome book!!! Thank you for crafting such amazing stories and sharing them with us readers. Looking forward to whatever you publish next!

  17. Maia says:

    I love the series., I like the idea that women who are very different can find someone.

    very big familes but modern love too

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