Good Ideas Part I

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Good Ideas

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Where’s your mother?” Jason asked, rubbing his hands roughly down his face as he sat there, trying to make sense out of this online platform for his classes only to go still when he heard the magical words that guaranteed that his day was about to get better.

“She’s taking a nap,” Elizabeth said, shrugging it off as Jason bit back a smile.

“In our room?” he asked even as he pushed away from the kitchen table and started heading that way.

“She went to lay down a few minutes ago,” his sweet little baby girl said absently as she worked on the book report that he’d assigned her.

“I should go check to make sure that everything’s okay,” Jason said as he headed for the kitchen door and-

Moved his ass.

If there was one thing that he loved more than anything, it was pregnancy sex. With every pregnancy, his little grasshopper’s needs had doubled. He honestly wasn’t sure how he’d survived the last one, but god…the memories…

Morning, noon, and night, his wife had been fucking insatiable, demanding his attention every chance she got and this pregnancy was no different. At some point, they’d decided that nap, snack, help with something, and taxes were code words for sex and god, he just couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

He’d been woken up this morning with her mouth around his cock, had found himself being cornered in the laundry room an hour later, and had nearly fucking died of pleasure when she’d walked into his office after lunch, pushed her pants down, and bent over his desk with a silent demand that had him ripping open his pants and-

“Where are you going?” Cole asked, folding his arms over his chest as he casually walked in front of Jason’s bedroom door and leaned back, blocking him.

“I’m going to check on your mother,” Jason said, gesturing for his son that was becoming a pain in the ass to step out of the way.

“She’s fine,” Cole said, cocking his eyebrow in challenge.

“Move,” Jason said, stepping closer.

“Why?” Cole asked, dropping his arms as he moved closer.

“Because your mother seems to like your face the way it is,” Jason said with a heartfelt sigh as he reached up, palmed his son’s face, and pushed him out of the way.

Ignoring his son’s gasp of outrage, Jason walked into his room, locking the door behind him as his gaze zeroed in on his wife, who was curled up in their bed, and-

Realized too late that it was a trap.

As soon as he spotted the Do It Yourself magazine in her hands, he bit back a curse, turned around, and-

“I have an idea!”

-resigned himself to an afternoon of pure hell.

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  1. Avatar Mignonne says:

    I love that Cole is torturing Jason! That poor baby will never be the same after what he saw.😭😭😭

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