Gift Wrapping from Hell and An Announcement

Honeymoon1 Redo FinalAttn: The HFH series will start being released at Amazon, B&N and the others in December 2015 with a surprise. 

Well, this next year is going to be a very busy year for me 🙂 I have several books planned for the next year, NFH, Pyte/Sentinel, Cursed Heart, Anger Management, etc. But, I also have something special planned for this year…..

A novelette series based on the Neighbor from Hell series called, Honeymoon From Hell…….

The HFH series will cover the wedding and honeymoon for all your favorite NFH couples including Jared and Megan’s.

This series is very special to me so I wanted to do something special with it. A lot of people have been there for me, supported me, encouraged me and helped me get to where I am now and I wanted to do something special to thank one of the places that has helped me as well as so many other authors out there.

iBooks helped me get to where I am right now. They took a chance on me and made me their breakout author and they’ve shown me a lot of love and support over the past couple of years. As an unknown author and a single mother of two the support that they showed me made a world of difference for us. It is because of them that I am able to do what I love and take care of my family.

When I decided to do this series I made the decision to publish this series exclusively at iBooks for a six month period for each HFH book to show my appreciation for their support.

I know that some of you will be disappointed about this and I apologize for that, but this is something that I would like to do to say thank you to iBooks. I will continue to do the chronicles and publishing the books that everyone’s waiting for and keep everyone updated.

The first book in the series, Jason and Haley’s will be published in June at iBooks for $0.99 and it’s estimated that it will be around 120 pages long. This book will be available at iBooks exclusively until December. The second book will be released in July at iBooks and then be available everywhere else in January. At this point I have six HFH books planned.

Amazon, B&N, etc. will start getting the HFH series in December 2015

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

-R.L. Mathewson

The content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.


Gift Wrapping from Hell

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle



“We are not putting the kids’ presents in trash bags!” Zoe hissed, throwing their bedroom door another nervous glance.

“Why not?” he asked, grabbing a handful of comforter and pulling it up so that he could look underneath the bed. When he didn’t spot any children or listening devices he dropped the comforter and moved on to the rest of their room, looking for recording devices.

“Because I’m not leaving trash bags in front of the tree on Christmas morning for my children!” Zoe hissed as she slowly unlocked their bedroom door, opened it and stuck her head outside. When she didn’t spot any children lingering outside their room, she quietly shut the door and locked it.

“You’re spoiling those kids,” he said, shaking his head in disgust as he moved to check their bathroom.

“Because I want to wrap their presents?”

“Yes!” he admitted with a hiss as he stepped back into the bedroom to find Zoe standing there with her arms folded over her ample chest and her eyes narrowed to slits on him.

“You just don’t want to help wrap them!” she hissed accusingly.

“Damn right I don’t,” he said, glancing around their bedroom one last time. “I still don’t understand why you and the rest of the women in this family couldn’t get together and have one of those wrapping parties.”

“Because they’re your children, you lazy bastard! You should help!”

“I helped enough,” he grumbled, grabbing his hammer and headed for their closet door.

“How exactly did you help?”

“I went Christmas shopping with you, didn’t I?” he reminded her.

“You went Christmas shopping with me?” she repeated back with a dazed expression and a disgusted shake of her head. “You ditched my ass after five minutes and went and took a nap in the food court!”

“I was exhausted from all the shopping!” he snapped, raising his hammer and working the first nail that he’d shot into the closet door two weeks ago, free.

“You didn’t do any shopping!”

“I bought a burger and a slice of pizza from the food court to help keep my strength up. Standing in those long lines wore me out,” he grumbled, wondering why it still surprised him after all these years when his wife took him for granted.

“You know what,” she said, pinching the bridge of her nose, “it’s fine. You ditched me to get the shopping done, but it’s over. You do it every year so it’s my own damn fault for not learning my lesson. Let’s just focus on getting this done tonight so that we’re not rushing to get this done on Christmas Eve this year.”

“Fine,” he said, pouting a bit and not really caring.

He hated gift-wrapping. It was so fucking boring, especially since she wouldn’t let him throw a movie on, because according to her, he got distracted too easily. So what if she ended up wrapping three-dozen gifts and he only wrapped one? As long as they got wrapped he really didn’t see the problem.

God, he really didn’t want to do this tonight, he thought as he pulled another nail free. He considered accidently slamming the hammer into his hand a few dozen times to get out of this, but he knew his wife well enough to know that she would just bring all this shit to the hospital and make him wrap it there. He could-

“Did you check under here?” Zoe asked as she knelt in front of the bed and looked under it, wiggling that delectable ass of hers back and forth a few times and giving him an idea, one that would get him out of wrapping, at least for tonight.


“Trevor, did you…..what are you doing?” she asked when she felt him push the hem of t-shirt up.

“Helping you look,” he murmured as she felt his fingers slide beneath the waist of her panties and slowly pull them over her bottom and down her legs as far as they would go.

“Umm, how exactly is this helping me look?” she asked, licking her lips as she felt his hands glide over her bottom and back.

“I’m going to help you relax so that you don’t miss anything,” he explained before he added, “Lift.”

Rolling her eyes at his lame attempts to get out of wrapping, she did as he asked. He helped her out of her panties before he leaned over her and helped push her t-shirt, well, it was really his, off until she was left on her hands and knees, completely naked.

She moaned softly as he pressed a kiss between her shoulder blades. “Are you relaxed?” he asked, pressing another kiss against her spine.

“I’m getting there,” she told him, pushing back until her bottom was pressed against the bulge in his pants.

“I know a way to get you there faster. Sit on the edge of the bed,” he said, pressing one last kiss against her back before he sat back.

Knowing exactly what he had in store for her, she got to her feet and turned around so that she could sit down. Without waiting to be asked, she leaned back on her elbows and waited. He didn’t make her wait very long before he tore off his shirt and moved between her legs.

“Will this help?” he asked with a seductive smile as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her stomach as he pulled one leg and then the other over his shoulder.

“It couldn’t hurt,” she half moaned as she watched him bend his head between her legs.

“Oh, God, that feels so good,” she whispered as he ran his tongue between her wet folds.

“Tastes even better,” he growled, sliding his tongue through her slit one more time before he pushed it inside her.

Her head dropped back as her eyes slid shut on their own. She’d never get used to this even she lived to be a hundred years old. Every time with him still felt incredible, new and exciting. It still amazed her that a man like this loved her. Sure, he drove her crazy and had brought her to the verge of several mid-life crises, but she adored him.

“When you’re done screaming,” he said, pausing to slide his tongue inside her and slowly pull it back, “I want you to get on your hands and knees and expose your sweet little pussy for me.”

Another flick and a lick later as she lay there moaning loudly, he asked, “Are you ready to scream for me?”

“Getting there,” she admitted, licking her lips hungrily as he closed his lips around her clit and gently suckled.

“Let’s see if we can get you there a little faster,” he murmured just as he slid a finger inside her.

Her legs tightened over his shoulders as she used him to rock her hips. He held his finger inside her, allowing her to ride his finger while he continued to tease her clit. She opened her eyes and raised her head so that she could watch as she rode his finger and tongue. She met his gaze and licked her lips, turned on by the way that he watched her.

When she shifted her weight onto one arm so that she could run her hand over her breast, he growled hungrily against her, the pressure of his tongue against her clit increasing as he started to move his finger, thrusting it inside her.

“Change of plans,” he said against her slit, giving her one last lick before he pulled away, leaving her a little dazed as he gently pushed her legs off his shoulders and stood up.

He reached down and picked her up only to place her a little further up on the bed so that she could comfortably spread her legs. Once that was done he straightened up as he unsnapped his fly. She watched as he reached down and pulled his erection free.

“Show me how you like to relax, sweetheart,” he said, as he wrapped his hand around his erection and slowly stroked himself from base to tip and back again.

Her mouth watered at the sight. Without thought, she reached between her legs and traced her wet slit, her eyes greedily taking in the sight before her. For several minutes they stayed like that, Trevor slowly stroking his cock while she slowly traced her slit, matching the movement to his. When her hips rolled on their own, seeking more, she slid her fingers inside and over her swollen clit, moaning when Trevor cupped the tip of his cock and groaned.

“Spread your legs for me,” he ordered as he climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her legs.

She moved her legs further apart, placing her feet on the bed as she bent her legs, giving him a better view. Licking his lips, he shifted until he was able to press the tip of his cock at her entrance. He didn’t enter her, but she felt it all the same.

“Keep fucking yourself,” he said, stroking himself against her so that every stroke caused the head to tease her.

She moaned as she ran the tip of her finger around the swollen bundle of nerves as she watched him pleasure himself. As she touched herself she watched him watching her. Every muscle in his body was strained as he watched her, hungrily licking his lips.

“Am I getting that tonight?’ she asked, letting her gaze drift down to the large erection in his hand straining to get inside her.

“Do you want it?” he asked on a hoarse whisper as she rolled her hips, trying to get him to slide inside her.


“Then you’re going to going to get-what the hell was that?” he asked, frowning when the noise came again.

She opened her mouth to tell him that it was nothing even as she prepared herself to have to tackle him to make him finish this when she heard it, too. Within seconds she was off the bed and racing towards the closet.

Trevor beat her to it, shoving his erection back in his pants as he grabbed the hammer and quickly started to pull the nails out of the door as she scooped up her shirt and panties and yanked them back on. The noise continued, getting louder with each passing second.

A minute later Trevor was dropping the hammer to the ground and yanking the door that they’d nailed shut a month ago open and-

“Oh,” Sebastian said, blinking innocently up at them from where he kneeled on the large walk in closet floor, “I was heading to the bathroom and must have taken a wrong turn.”

Her eyes narrowed to a glare when she saw small slippered feet disappearing through a manmade tunnel at the back of the closet right next to the bags of Christmas toys that they’d carefully hidden were.

Sighing, Trevor said, “Go back to bed,” and shut the door on their grinning son.

She opened her mouth only to get cut off when Trevor gestured towards the bed. “Hands and knees. Now.”

Deciding that sounded like a much better and more relaxing plan than interrogating their children, she pulled her t-shirt back off and headed to do just that.

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  1. terry says:

    I can’t decide if you should write about how the kids become leaders in world politics or heads of major crime organizations.

  2. Deepika says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will buy your book through iBooks. It was kind of you to give us the background. I will support your decision.


  3. Susanne says:

    Now I can’t wait till June!! I think the Honeymoon series will be funny as heck and I’m really excited about them….They need to leave the presents at his cousins house maybe…LOL too funny!!!

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