Friday 20th, Facebook Scavenger Hunt

How would you like to win a $20 gift card to one of your favorite online book stores? B&N, Amazon or iBooks?

Well, today I am having a little scavenger hunt at my Facebook page. Starting at 11am est time I will be releasing 2 clues. You take those clues and find the answers via the internet. Save your clues, because every hour I will release two more clues until 4pm est time. Once you have all 12 clues be the first to email me your answers. First one that wins gets the gift card.

I’ve set this up so that if you can’t get to a personal computer until 3 pm est time, you still have a chance to play.

Good luck 🙂



2 Responses to “Friday 20th, Facebook Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Avatar michelle ann says:

    I do really hate Apple right now! I’ve been patiently checking everyday to see if your book have been released and nothing so far. You’re my favourite author!(except for Austen and Hardy). <3

    • Avatar Zella says:

      Me too… Damn all I’ve been doing is wait 🙁 my patience is running low with Apple, they need to realise this is a life or death situation here :p

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