First Look at Unstoppable: Kale’s Book

As promised, here’s the first chapter of Kale’s book, Unstoppable. This gives you a teaser at his mate and will probably bug the heck out of you trying to figure out where I’m going with this, cause that’s what I do 😉

Also, I realize that readers have been unable to leave comments lately, we are looking into that. I believe that was the plugin that was causing problems for the site so it may take a bit. If you have any questions, you can email me @ and I’ll do my best to help you without giving too much away 🙂 



Chapter 1

Manhattan, New York

“You like that?” he asked in a husky voice. “Then you’ll love this.”

           He ran the tip of his tongue around the little nub, careful not to touch it. Haley squirmed beneath his hands, trying to find relief. He slid two fingers inside of her, but switched to one when he realized how tight she was. He was glad that he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t had sex in a while. He wanted her desperate for him.

           Finally, he ran his tongue over her sensitive little nub, earning a moan so he did it again and again while slowly sliding his finger in and out of her. He had to close his eyes. He was so close to coming and she hadn’t even touched him yet. He prayed that he wouldn’t embarrass himself tonight since he planned on being inside of her for most of the night.

           Her sheath tightened around his finger like a vice. He sucked her clit between his lips while flicking his tongue teasingly over the little bundle of nerves.

           “Jason….Jason….,” she moaned his name softly for several minutes as he licked her out. “Jason!” she finally screamed his name as her body throbbed hard around his finger.

“Who writes this garbage?” Ashley asked, shaking her head with disgust as she turned the well-worn book over in her hands over and looked for the name of the author.

R.L. Mathewson.

Mrs. Marshall really needed to set some standards on the books that she accepted, Ashley thought as she turned the book back over and continued reading. Who read this crap? she had to wonder as she turned to the next page and leaned back against the metal bookshelf to get more comfortable while she read this horrible book that she fully planned on putting down in a few more seconds.

He waited until she lay boneless on the bed, panting before pulling away and slowly licking his lips and fingers clean. He leaned over and kissed her.

           “Condom,” he said through clenched teeth. He was on the edge of coming. He’d never been more turned on in his life. He wanted to fuck her in every position imaginable and then in some that he was pretty sure were physically impossible, but he was willing to give them all a try.

           He felt Haley still beneath him. It was so quick that he almost missed it. Before he could ask her what was wrong, she pushed him off. Shit. She was still pissed about earlier.

“Haley, I- fuck!” he groaned loudly, well yelled really, as Haley in one swift move yanked his boxers down and took him in her hot, wet mouth. He braced his hands on her shoulders while she worked him. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth with a well-practiced move that nearly had his eyes crossing.

She cupped his sack with one hand, rolling it in her palm, making him groan and his hips buck. He forced himself to be still so that he wouldn’t hurt her. She met his gaze when she slowly took him in and-

“I don’t think this book is meant for you, sweetie,” a deep voice said just as the horrible book that she was not planning on checking out was plucked from her hands.

Blinking in surprise, and really, by now nothing should surprise her, she looked up to find a cute young guy in his twenties with light brown hair and blue eyes standing in front of her. Adjusting the backpack hung over his shoulder, he leaned down until he was almost at eye level with her and gave her one of those patronizing smiles that she was used to seeing before someone opened their mouths and made a complete ass out of themselves.

This time would be no different.

“Where’s your mommy, sweetie?” he asked in a voice better used on babies and small toddlers, probably hoping not to scare her, which she could appreciate considering the fact that he probably thought that she was ten-years-old and for good reason. She was barely four feet tall, wore her long blonde hair in a braid, had the face and body of a child, and was forced to wear this pink blouse with purple hearts on it thanks to the clothing industry’s refusal to make business-casual clothing for children.


“Where’s yours?” she shot back, wondering if she was ever going to make it through a day without being reminded about just how wonderful it was to be her.

Blinking in surprise, he mumbled, “Umm, home probably.”

“Did you need something?” she asked, reaching out and plucked the book that she’d been reading out of his hand and put it on the shelf, making a mental note of where she’d put it for later.

So she could make sure that it was adjusting well to its new home, of course.

“Are you lost?” the man asked, clearly deciding that he wasn’t going to be sidetracked from his purpose.

“No,” she said slowly, before turning innocent eyes on him, “are you?”

Blinking, and she couldn’t help but note that he did that a lot, he stood up to his full height with a frown and glanced around the library, probably looking for some poor adult foolish enough to lay claim to her. When he didn’t find anyone, he looked back at her with one of those patronizing smiles and said, “Why don’t we go find Mrs. Marshall, hmm?”

“I’d really rather not,” she said, honestly not sure if she could handle listening to her boss gush about her ten perfect grandchildren today.

“I think it might be for the best,” the man said, clearly determined to see this thing through.

Sighing, she gestured lazily around them. “I work here,” she said, hoping that it would be enough to put an end to this conversation so that she could finish shelving the new books.

“Sure you do,” he said absently as he shifted his attention to glance around them, again.

Deciding that she’d had enough for one afternoon, she walked past him, grabbed the old book cart that Mrs. Marshall refused to replace even though it was long past its prime and now completely dependent on scotch tape, cardboard and countless prayers to function, and pushed it towards the next aisle. Ignoring the grinding noise the wheels emitted with the short push, she grabbed a few books off the cart and headed down the next aisle.

“Look,” the man that apparently wasn’t going to drop this so that she could finish putting these books away before she left for the day said, “why don’t we go see if-”

“I’m not ten. I’m forty-five,” she said, not bothering to look back to see how he was taking the news.

“I see,” he murmured thoughtfully, clearly not buying it.

She could explain that she’d stopped growing when she’d turned ten or that she had a well-known condition that kept her looking like a child, but since she didn’t make a habit of explaining her condition to everyone that gawked at her, she didn’t bother explaining it to him. Instead, she continued placing the rest of the books into their new homes and ignored him until he finally took the hint and walked away.

Once she finished putting away the rest of the books that had been donated over the weekend, she went back to grab that horrible book so that she could make sure that no one else wasted their time reading it only to discover that it was gone. Somewhat depressed that her plans for the night were ruined, she made her way to the back room and punched out, thankful that Mrs. Marshall wasn’t waiting for her with more pictures of her grandchildren.

Grabbing her bag, she headed out the side door and in seconds she was just another body walking along the busy Manhattan streets. She liked living in the city where she could blend in easily with the crowd and just…


For the fifteens minutes that it would take her to walk to her apartment she was invisible. No one looked at her, gave her a patronizing smile or made her feel like she belonged in a traveling freak show. Those fifteens minutes twice a day meant the world to her. For those fifteen minutes she was completely free to pretend that she was just another woman walking home after work.

During these brief walks, she wasn’t a grown woman trapped in a little girl’s body, a thing that didn’t belong in this world or the one that she’d been thrown out of and wasn’t supposed to know about. She was just another person to ignore.

Until she reached the front door of her apartment door, she was free.

All too soon that freedom that she cherished ended and she found herself in front of the apartment that she could barely afford. As she let herself into the one room apartment that never failed to depress her, she couldn’t help but wish that she had a cat just so that there was someone to greet her at the end of the day. It didn’t matter that cats didn’t seem to like her or that she considered them the spawn of Satan, she just wanted someone waiting for her at the end of the day.

When she flicked on the lights and found several large men waiting for her, she decided to take her wish as proof that cats were in fact evil.


48 Responses to “First Look at Unstoppable: Kale’s Book”

  1. Avatar Christine says:

    Yes…lets begin the fussing!! She’s got to be another pyte!!! Although, I can’t imagine Kane getting with a woman who looks like a child (considering his love for them) I’m so glad he gets a mate…..oh I can’t wait to read this story!

  2. Avatar Lafka says:

    Oooh, si promising!!! Perhaps a female born-Pyte? :O that world certainly be a game changer, hum. When will the book be releases?

  3. Avatar Leanne says:

    Omg I can’t wait to see where kake comes in to it and is she a pyte I really can’t wait the suspense is gonna kill me I love kale

  4. Avatar Gabriele Barbosa says:

    Please, can you write the books of Pyte’s series? I love all your books, but is killing me not know what happen with them. I want Jill story, and know where is Joshua. And now, what is the problem with this woman? Will Kile help her? She will be normal? Because sex with someone who look like a 10 years old is just wrong. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, end this story.

          • Avatar Wendy says:

            When will you finally finish Kale’s story. It has been years since the first teaser. Frankly, with the UK being in lockdown I have the time to finish a novel and I am a key worker. You have no such excuse. (Key workers like me get to go to work every day and risk dying to ensure you do not) (Clapping for us just annoys me, and drives home the fact that you have time on your hands, whilst I just want to sleep.) Your kids are old enough to fend for themselves. Flex those fingers and get typing Kale’s story. If you have time to tweet, you have time to write. Get to it woman. I realise that you are in America and I in Scotland but the premise is the same. Duck tape the children to each other or to the cats, for no other reason than your own amusement and write my bloody book. Seriously I need humour in my life. Reading about Kale and his cluster feck of a life, with a mate he does not want, whom will hopefully bum bang his life for her own amusement, will make me happy. Also Aidans book was a bit crap and held none of the humour of the others in the series. It annoyed me that you wasted time writing his piss poor tale instead of concentrating on Kale.

          • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

            Hey, Wendy,

            Has it really been years? His story has been a long time in the making. I’m actually pretty excited about his story and thankfully, Tall, Dark & Furious has given me the chance that I need to get to his story. I think it will be pretty fun to write. Looking forward to writing his book in a few weeks. His mate is going to drive him out of his mind. I hope you are staying safe and that wherever it is that you work that your employer is taking very good care of you and giving you everything that you need to stay safe. I can’t even imagine the stress that you must have to deal with every day. I’m hoping that this lets up soon and that you realize how much you are appreciated as well as earn a well-deserved break. I can hope at least.

            I wish I had extra time, lol. I’m gonna have to take a hard pass on taping them together. My children are special needs, high functioning, but they still need a lot of my time and they definitely come first. The cats are crazy so I just leave them alone. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy Aidan. I had a lot of fun writing his book. It was a bit of a challenge, but he definitely amused me, but he’s not for everyone and that’s fine. Maybe you’ll enjoy the next one. I’m just trying to finish Finally so that I can get to Kale. Not sure when Unstoppable is going to be done, but he is next. I am not going to rush his book, but I do work everyday, putting in about 16 hours in mixed family obligations, editing, writing, deleting, re-writing, so it will get the love and care that it deserves so the wait was worth it.

            I hope you stay safe, Wendy.


  5. Avatar Perry says:

    But………I don’t even know what just happened…….it’s like a teaser of a teaser……I need more pyte in my life!

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:


      I am still toying with Kale’s book and a few others. I want to get his book done next, but I’m seeing a few things. My goal is 2018 for a few things that I am behind on. I will keep everyone updated as best as I can 🙂


  6. Avatar Yolanda says:

    That was just so good. Can’t wait!!! Im in love with all your series but this one in particular is my favorite. Can we get a hint to what she is? Maybe add a page or ten to see who those mystery men are? Another teaser? Honestly I can’t wait till this one comes out.

  7. Avatar Stacey says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m really happy that Kale finds his mate.

    I am also hoping you finish the Pyte/Sentinal series. I just re=read all four books and really want to know what happens between Jill and Logan, as well as, what happens to Joshua.

  8. Avatar WonderfullyLiz says:

    This is my first time commenting, but I just had to say THANK YOU, because despite me hating waiting for the books to come out, I really do appreciate that the wait is worth it because your stories and characters ALWAYS have quality. I find that nowadays some authors, sometimes skimp a little on quality just to produce the next book in a series. So again THANK YOU.

  9. Avatar Anindita Ghosh says:

    U r one of my favourite writes. Like super favourite. I have read all books of pyte sentinal series and have loved all of them.
    Being a budding writer myself , ur books inspire me.

      • Avatar Tara Tansey says:

        Is Ethan is the doctor who helped caine & jax figure out what’s wrong with Danni? I’m sure it said he been looking for his son for centuries? Will this be in same time line as other pyte books or years ago? So excited!!!! Have read all your other books several times now lol, can’t wait to hear what happens with Joshua, Jill & kale!!

  10. Avatar Deb W says:

    For those of us under 5 feet tall, THANK YOU for this new character! First post here because I just couldn’t resist saying that I am hoping she turns out to be something akin to Fairy or Pixie. I love reading and re-reading all of your work, thanks for sharing these characters with us.

  11. Avatar J Naval says:

    I’m so excited for this book. Currently re reading all R.l. Mathewson books to pass the time😊

  12. Avatar Unknown says:

    really, the book should come out!!!! it’s 2018, hell 2018 is almost over and still no book!!! it’s frustrating!!!

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Believe me, I know. I’m right there with you. Had a hell of a year here. Will be in the newsletter. But, it’s getting there 🙂 Honestly, I could have had this book out and Irresistible out by now, but they would have been horrible books that were forced and I can’t do that. I refuse to publish a book unless I love it. I can’t expect readers to like a book I hate. So, I wait until it’s perfect, at least perfect to me 🙂 I apologize for the wait. I am moving my buns to get this done 🙂

  13. Avatar unknown says:

    the book should come out already!!!!! it’s 2018, hell 2018 is almost over and still no book!!! it’s frustrating

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Believe me, I know. I’m right there with you. Had a hell of a year here. Will be in the newsletter. But, it’s getting there 🙂 Honestly, I could have had this book out and Irresistible out by now, but they would have been horrible books that were forced and I can’t do that. I refuse to publish a book unless I love it. I can’t expect readers to like a book I hate. So, I wait until it’s perfect, at least perfect to me 🙂 I apologize for the wait. I am moving my buns to get this done 🙂

      • Avatar Valdirene Caldeira says:

        I love your books. The pyte/sentineks series is very precious to me. I’ve been waiting for Kale’s book for quite some time but I completely agree with you when you say you can not expect your readers to like a book you did not like. I think Kale is one of the most interesting characters in the series and he deserves a book as beautiful as him. Just take your time and give us a book we will be happy to read. For all the other beautiful books you have given us, you are more than capable. Thank you for them. Love.

        • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

          I’m very excited about his book, Valdirene 🙂 His book will be after Tall, Dark & Furious. His book is Unstoppable and I think I did a good job of picking out the right mate for him 😉 Hoping the wait won’t be that bad.

  14. Avatar Heather says:

    I absolutely love your books and am a big fan of yours. I love the Neighbor from Hell series, I mean who can resist a Bradford? I own and have read every single book you have put out, and I have just currently finished the Pyte/Sentinel series again for the 4th time. Thank you for truly making me smile, cry, laugh, gasp, curse, and fall in love every time I read one of your books. Could you please update us with a projected time for Tall, Dark, and Furious to be released? Thank you again R.L.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Hi, Heather 🙂 I’m not sure when yet. I am hoping for this fall. I am working between three books right now, they’re at the same percentage and TDF is one of them. I might end up getting an Anger Management out first because that book is going quickly, gut TDF is a priority 🙂

  15. Avatar Lori says:

    I read Trace’s book slow as u could but still finished it fast. It was that great!!! So sorry to asked i know u said have a crazy layout for all ur books right now BUT CAN U PLEASE GET TO IT AND FINISH kale’s book pretty please……😗😁

  16. Avatar LizC says:

    Any idea on a release date for this yes? Just finished Tall, Dark and Furious (which I really enjoyed but wished it was longer, more with Ethan and Trace!) and I’m eager for Kale’s story!

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to tease. His story needed more build up than I thought it would. I have his story outlined and ready to go. I just need to finish Misunderstood since it’s due in December and wrap up Furious since it’s almost done. I am working on it, promise 🙂

  17. Avatar Annie says:

    Woman Pyte!! Can’t wait. At 45 hitting her immortality though….woah poor chica
    I have a feeling Kale will be wrapped around and driven insane by his mate! It’s only fair

  18. Avatar Misty says:

    I am a recent addition to your fan base and I have to say that I am in love with the Pyte/Sentinel Series! I know it’s coming soon, so I’ll wait for it before I start another series. All I can say for now is well done, my friend.

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