Daddy’s Little Girl: Part V

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Part V

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I think she’s mad at you,” Mikey said, looking thoughtful as she reached up and wiped more mud from her face as her accomplice sat by her side, nodding in agreement.

“Which one,” Jason said, glancing to the small group to his right to find his daughter, wife, aunts, cousins’ wives, and Mac all glaring at him.

“All of them,” Mikey said only to wince when Duncan, who was also glaring at him, applied more antiseptic to the cut on Mikey’s arm.

“It really wasn’t your fault,” Sebastian said, sounding bored as he placed his iPad on the counter next to where Mikey was sitting so that he could focus his attention on the platter that Kasey kept filled with baked goods.

“It could have happened to anyone,” Mikey, the reason why every man, woman and child in their family was mad at him said with a, “What are you going to do?” shrug.

“It really could have,” Cole said around a large brownie only to wince when the brownie brushed against his split lip, which had Jason’s wife’s eyes narrowing dangerously on him as she pushed her glasses back up her nose.

“Explain this to me one more time,” Reese bit out as his twin brother stood by his side with a matching glare that had Jason shaking his head, because this just wasn’t going to work for him.

“It was his fault,” Jason said, pointing a damning finger in Trevor’s direction that had the large bastard blinking in surprise.

“My fault? How the hell was this my fault? I wasn’t even there!”

“Exactly,” Jason said, shaking his head in disgust.

“This is true,” Mikey said with a solemn nod, forcing him to bite back a smile.

“It is,” Sebastian murmured in agreement as he helped himself to a large chocolate chunk cookie.

“What the hell?” Trevor snapped as every glare in the room focused on him.

Every glare except Elizabeth’s that is.

She was still mad about…

God, he wasn’t even sure what she was mad about. All he knew was that by the time he’d finally managed to drag Mikey away from that kid, and god, was she a vicious little thing, Elizabeth had been desperately trying to open his truck door only to end up throwing her shopping bag in the back with something between a whimper and a groan when she’d spotted them.

“I’m still waiting to find out why my daughter was in a fight,” Reese said, making Jason amend his earlier observation since the large bastard was still glaring at him.

“Which I won,” Mikey pointed out only to let her shoulders sag, release a sniffle and mumbled, “I’m sorry, Daddy,” when Reese’s glare shifted to her.  

When Reese only continued to glare, Mikey added, “I won’t do it again.”

“Liar,” came from her best friend, earning a glare from the small girl that was going to make some poor bastard’s life a living hell one day.

“He had it coming,” Mikey bit out with a pointed look at Elizabeth, who was still hugging the triple bagged grocery bag against her chest and looking like she’d rather be anywhere but here.

“He really did,” Cole said, nodding in agreement as he helped himself to one of the ice packs from Duncan’s jump pack.

“And what exactly did he do to deserve it?” Reese drawled, causing the trio to share a nervous look before Mikey, and god, he fucking loved this kid, shook her head sadly with a, “He was a Red Sox fan,” causing every Bradford in the room to bite back a smile.

“And that meant he deserved to have a handful of mud shoved down his throat?” Zoe asked, frowning as every Bradford in the room nodded.

“He said the Yankees were barely good enough to play softball never mind baseball,” Mikey said with a little sniffle.

“He really did,” Sebastian said with a sad shake of his head as Cole discretely gestured for his sister to make her escape.

With a mouthed, “Thank you,” Elizabeth took off with Cole right behind her, and Jason deciding that he’d waited long enough to find out what happened.





4 Responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl: Part V”

  1. Avatar Cathy Hunter McCarron says:

    OMG…I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!! They back each other other no matter what! Mikey is Da Best,,,

  2. Avatar Janice Cashel says:

    Oh snap! I think I know where this is going and that kid is going to have to go to witness protection away from them all.

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