Chronicle for Sunday February 9, 2014

From LaTrese~

Hello Everyone,

R.L. must remain in the hospital a few more days. She is sadden she will not be able to publish her Chronicle tomorrow. She is such a worker bee, and  I am sure she will get to work on publishing a new Chronicle as soon as she can. She loves her readers, and you guys are never far from her heart and mind. Continue to send good thoughts her way.


40 Responses to “Chronicle for Sunday February 9, 2014”

  1. Avatar Shanny+Dawes says:

    O no poor R.L. thoughts and prayers sent your way. Dont worrry about us just get better… Then u can reward us for all the good prayers and thoughts (j/k)

  2. Avatar Phyllis Lopez says:

    Get well don’t worry about us! We are loyal R.L. fans! Your health is more important to us! Get well soon!

  3. Avatar tina+Dulany says:

    Please get well soon R.L!!!! Hopefully someone is making sure you have plenty of chocolate!!! Take care of yourself R.L.! Taking care of yourself and the kiddies are more important than anything!!!

  4. Avatar Tracy M says:

    RL, don’t worry about anything except getting yourself fit, healthy & well again!!!

    Sending you ((( ))) and xxx

  5. Avatar Paula Smith says:

    Here’s wishing you the very quickest of recoveries. Rest and take your time and my prayers are with you.

  6. Avatar Norma Edel says:

    The last thing you should be worried about is your fans. We love you, all we want is for you to get well. Take all the time you need, rest, get well, everyone of us will still be here for you when you are well enough to return. Your health and your family should always come first.

  7. Avatar elaine+mccrory says:

    Perhaps you should take this as a sign to slow down, take care of yourself and your kids and dont try to be there for everybody, we will just have to be patient. Hope you are on the mend and get home soon

  8. Avatar Mo Jo says:

    We love you more, take care of yourself first…we’ll still be here. You can give us a treat later when you’re up to it xoxo

  9. Avatar Marianne says:

    Get better soon R.L.!! don’t worry about us fans we want you healthy so you can keep delivering the best stories for us to enjoy! Get well soon! Sending good vibes your way!

  10. Avatar Nancy says:

    The only thing I think we all want posted here next is word that says you are home and healing! You are in my prayers <3

  11. Avatar Belle says:

    Get well soon R.L. Don’t worry about the chronicles just healthy again. Take as much as time as you need, we are always willing to wait.

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