Christmas Shopping: Part I

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Christmas Shopping

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Are you insane?” Sara demanded as Kasey yanked her inside and sent her stumbling before she quickly released her hold on her best friend once she was sure that she wouldn’t try to escape so that she could throw the deadbolt, ensuring that they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Yes, yes she is,” Eric, her other captive, said with a bored sigh from where he lounged on her bed, looking for something to watch, and not looking particularly happy about being dragged through the house as soon as he’d made the mistake of opening the front door, but she really didn’t care.

“I need help,” Kasey explained as she climbed back into bed and plucked the iPad back out of Eric’s hands.

“Clearly,” Sara said dryly even as she kicked off her fluffy pink bunny slippers and climbed onto the bed next to her. “So, what are we doing?”

“We’re-” she started to explain only to get cut off by the one person that she’d gone through great pains to hide from as he sighed heavily from the bathroom door where he stood, looking incredibly sexy with a towel wrapped around his hips, and making her reconsider putting this off until later.

“You need to leave,” Sara said, not bothering to find out why they were hiding from him, but simply accepting the fact that they were.

“This is my room,” Reese pointed out as he tried to glare them down, but they simply sat there, blinking innocently at him until he got the hint, started mumbling about kicking them all out, grabbed a change of clothes and left, shutting the door behind him, which she really appreciated.

“So, why are we here?” Eric asked as soon as they heard Reese head down the stairs to check on the kids.

“Christmas shopping,” she said, worrying her bottom lip as swiped to the left and-

“I really didn’t need to do see this,” Eric choked out as he tossed the remote aside and climbed out of the bed with a look of horror on his face that she really didn’t appreciate.

“I need a man’s opinion!” she said, somewhat desperately as the ungrateful bastard abandoned her.

“So ungrateful,” Sara said with a sad shake of her head as she leaned down and-

“Oh, come on!” Kasey snapped when the other traitor got up and headed for the door with a, “I can’t. I just can’t,” leaving her alone with absolutely no idea how she was going to manage this without a little help.

She wasn’t.

Which meant that she was probably gonna have to go to the source on this one and let him pick out his own damn Christmas present, she thought with heavy sigh as she tossed the iPad aside, grabbed her phone, and texted her husband, hoping that he was more cooperative that the two traitors that were definitely getting coal in their stockings this year.


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  1. Avatar Ashley Adams says:

    I swear I’ve read every book more than once, but I’m stumped. Who is Kelsey? Is it supposed to be Kasey?

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