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Sorry about the delay with the Chronicle. Between my son hurting his finger and this cold/flu, whatever it is toying with me, I’ve been completely drained. I wanted to make sure that you got a Christmas Chronicle to make up for it as well as to let you know that Tall, Dark & Furious, the 6th novel in the Pyte/Sentinel Series is finally here. Below the Chronicle you’ll find the synopsis if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet as well as the purchase links.

Thank you and I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year 🙂 



The content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.


Christmas Eve

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“She told me to do it.”

“Don’t care,” Uncle Eric said as he blocked Mikey.

“It’s not happening,” Jonathan said, blindly reaching back and placed his hand on her face and pushed her away.

“This is my chore,” Mikey said, more determined than ever as she moved around the large kitchen island that her father built for her mother and-

“Please don’t make me kill you,” Cole said, sighing heavily as Mikey shifted her glare to Sebastian and-

“We talked about this,” Sebastian said, tossing the miniature peanut butter cup that he just unwrapped into one of the large bowls that she was supposed to be filling before he turned around and-

“Mom told me to do this,” Mikey said firmly as Sebastian picked her up and carried her over to the other side of the kitchen, the fifteen feet which was the minimum distance that the group of traitors had decided that she needed to maintain between her and the task that her mother had specifically asked her to do at all times.

“Don’t care,” Sebastian said as he placed her on the chair before he turned around and walked back to finish doing her job.

When she moved to get up, her father said, “Move from that chair and you’re grounded.”

Narrowing her eyes on her father, she reminded him, “She told me to do this.”

“And we’re willing to overlook her lapse in judgement because she’s pregnant,” Uncle Eric said, tossing another peanut butter cup in the bowl.

“But we’re not letting you ruin this,” Jonathan finished for him with a shrug.

“How exactly could I ruin this?” Mikey demanded, gesturing wildly towards the bags of peanut butter cups that her mother needed unwrapped so that she could make peanut butter cup cookies for Christmas.

“Easily,” came the reply that she chose to ignore.

“Fine,” she said, sighing heavily as she got up and headed towards the industrial-sized fridge and said, “Then I’ll frost the sugar cookies.”

“Yeah, you need to leave,” Cole said, as she found herself thrown over his shoulder.

“What are you doing? This is my job!” Mikey said as she found herself carried towards the kitchen island and-

“Don’t care,” Cole said as he pulled her off his shoulder and tossed her to Sebastian, who caught her with a bored sigh before throwing her over his shoulder and carried her towards the living room.

“You were warned,” he simply said as he carried her through the living room and headed upstairs.

“I’m supposed to be helping.”

“This is helping,” her best friend said as he carried her into her room and tossed her onto her bed.

“How is this helping?”

“Because it stops you from ruining the cookies,” he said, already sounding bored as he grabbed the book that she was supposed to read over Christmas vacation off her nightstand and dropped down on her bed with a sigh.

“I wasn’t going to ruin the cookies,” she muttered, not really caring that she was pouting as she flopped over onto her side and pointedly ignored him.

“You really were,” Sebastian said, clearly uncaring that she was mad at him.

“I’m no longer speaking to you,” Mikey said, rolling over onto her stomach.

“Then I suppose you don’t want your Christmas present early,” he said as she felt something placed on her back.

“Gimme!” Mikey said with an excited smile as she rolled back over, grabbed the giftwrapped box that fell on the bed, tore it open, and-

“I hate you,” she said with a glare aimed at her best friend as she shoved the empty box in his arms before she flopped back onto her stomach, narrowed her eyes, wiggled to get more comfortable, adjusted her glare, and then finally, muttered something that would most likely get her yelled at by her mother as she lay there, silently seething at the boy that was playing with her emotions.

“Are you really going to pout all night?” came the bored question.


“Because of the cookies or the empty box?” he asked, sounding curious.


“I see,” Sebastian murmured, sounding thoughtful which had her narrowing her eyes ever further because she doubted that he did.

She wasn’t a bad cook. She just hated cooking, which meant that anytime that she was faced with doing something related to cooking, she just kind of …winged it. Sometimes things worked out and other times…not so much, but even with that being said, she could handle unwrapping candy and frosting a few dozen cookies. For whatever reason, her family didn’t trust her in the kitchen and that hurt…sort of.

Not that she cared, because she really didn’t, but it was just insulting at this point.

As for that empty box…

That had been uncalled for, especially since she’d spent the last two months looking for the perfect gift for him and this was how he rewarded her? With an empty box that he could take and shove up his-

“It’s under your mattress,” Sebastian said, cutting off her completely justified murderous thoughts.

“What?” Mikey asked, unable to help but frown.

“It’s under the mattress,” he repeated and-

She ignored his pained grunt as she shoved him off the bed before she rolled off, stood up, grabbed the mattress, raised it, and immediately forgave him when she saw the brand-new baseball glove waiting for her. With a gasp, she grabbed the black baseball glove, yanked off the elastics keeping it tightly wrapped, let the ball that had been helping to break the glove onto the bed, placed it on her left hand, and sighed with pleasure as the soft leather glove wrapped around her hand.

That was followed by grabbing the discarded baseball and placing it back in the glove, reaching over and grabbing her old baseball glove that had seen better days, threw it at Sebastian’s head before grabbing his hand, and dragging him outside so that she could put her new favorite glove to the test.

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For readers who enjoy paranormal romance with a twist.

For three centuries, Trace waited for this moment, imagined all the things that he would do to the Pack that tried to kill him, and now that he was free…

All he could think about was the woman that he’d claimed as his own. She was everything that he’d always wanted and once he had his revenge, he would make her his.

Sam had resigned herself to a lot of things over the years, being the town joke, blacking out at inopportune moments, and living with a dog that hated her, but what she hadn’t planned on was suddenly finding five large men destroying her basement, looking for a tomb that she never knew existed. In one moment, her life changed forever, leaving her to wonder how she was going to make it out of this alive.

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    So…cookies have been saved….Sebastian knows just how to ……. Mikey. I hope that old glove is still prime enough so Sebastian makes it to Christmas without a confusion!!!⚾️👀👍

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