Checkmate for Charity

The website for Checkmate for Charity is up and running. We will start our projects very soon if you are interested in helping.

This is our project for the upcoming Neighbor from Hell book, Checkmate. This is also the site that we will be hosting our 20 day bartering program for the book when it comes time.

5 Responses to “Checkmate for Charity”

  1. Avatar Marjolijn says:

    Ahhh! I can’t wait for the new book! Read them all. Letting you know that you have fans in Holland as well!

  2. Avatar Sam says:

    I keep coming back to check the website for Checkmate’s release! I’ve missed the Bradfords in my life – even read Perfection again which is my favourite!
    You have a fan in the UK too 😉

  3. Avatar Beatriz says:

    Love your books!! Iv read them over and over again, and dont get tired! Recluse is my fav., can’t wait for checkmate! Hope u release it soon! 🙂

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