Chapter 9: The Pregnancy Chronicles

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Chapter 9

The Pregnancy Chronicles

Maybe she should take up a new hobby? Haley thought as she laid there, wondering why Buffy couldn’t give Spike a real chance.

She loved Spike.

There should be a Team Spike, came the next thought that had Haley nodding as she opened Facebook and sighed with disappointment when she didn’t find a group dedicated to her favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampire. That led to her considering starting a group for Spike only to decide against it since it sounded like a lot of work.


God, she hadn’t had a Twinkie in a long time, mostly because anytime she bought them, her husband and children would devour them before she got a chance to have one. She should get some Twinkies, Haley decided with a firm nod as she grabbed her phone to send Jason a text message about her Twinkie needs only to toss her phone aside and sigh because she could actually go for some mashed potatoes and a Milky Way bar.

Maybe she should take a nap? Haley thought as she lay there, staring at the television while Buffy said something to Xander, making her wonder why they didn’t kill him off in the first season.

“I’m so bored,” she mumbled against her pillow only to sigh.

Maybe Grandma would get back early from her trip? Haley wondered as her gaze flickered to her grandmother’s door with a hopeful smile that slowly died when her grandmother didn’t roll through the door to torment her. That led to Haley debating rolling over onto her other side so that she could stare at the couch for a few hours while she wallowed in self-pity only to change her mind since wallowing sounded boring.

At least the day was almost over, Haley thought as she grabbed her cellphone to check the time and saw that it had only been an hour since Jason left for work. There was definitely no way in hell that she was going to manage bed rest for another four months when she’d barely survived the last hour.

Maybe she could go on modified bedrest, Haley thought, more than willing to give it a try. Hoping to catch Roger in a good mood, she sent him a quick text asking him about it only to grumble a moment later when Jason sent her a text with a big fat No, letting her know that Roger had a big mouth.

She should definitely get a hobby, Haley decided only to feel her lips twitch as she watched her baby boy walk through the front door with a satisfied sigh. Once he had the door closed behind him, he started yanking off his school uniform until he was left in a white tee-shirt and his boxers.

With an absently murmured, “Mother,” Cole dropped down on the couch next to her, curled up with a blanket and helped himself to the cookies that Jason had left on the coffee table for her. Once he was settled, he said, “What did I miss?”

For a moment, she considered asking him why he wasn’t at school but…

“We hate Xander,” Haley said, pushing her glasses back up her nose as her son nodded solemnly, “We really do.”

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  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    love love love…. funniest thing ever is that my son has been on a buffy kick and started from the beginning right after we watched “once more with feeling” again and again lol. i am so glad you keep them alive for us with the chronicles!!!!!!!

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