Chapter 7 of The Pregnancy Chronicles

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Chapter 7

The Pregnancy Chronicles

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“You don’t look so good,” Cole said around a mouthful of pancake while Jason sat hunched over the table trying to find the will to live.

“I’m fine,” he mumbled against the cool kitchen table as he glared at the woman responsible.

“Leave your father alone,” Haley said with a sweet smile that had his eyes narrowing dangerously on the woman who hadn’t followed her own advice.


God, he didn’t even want to think about the naughty things that she’d done to him all night. Every time she’d reached for him, he’d prayed that it was the last time, but it never was. It was never enough to satisfy the cruel woman nibbling on a piece of bacon. Every time he’d touched her, she’d moaned for more, whispered things in his ear that left him trembling, screamed his name in ways that had his balls pulling up tight, and squeezed him dry, making it impossible to stay mad at the woman the next time she reached for him.

Whenever she wanted more, and god, he still couldn’t believe that he’d been able to give it to her, she’d wrap her naughty little hand around his poor cock, whispering naughty words in his ear while she slowly stroked him, telling him just how much she liked it when he fucked her and he’d been helpless to give her what she wanted. And other times, he’d woken with her mouth wrapped around his cock, moaning as she–

“How was your sleepover?” Haley asked the kids, cutting into his thoughts, which was probably a good thing since his damn cock had decided that it was more than willing to see if Haley needed him again.

“Mikey showed up around three in the morning to exact revenge for something that Sebastian did,” Joshua said as he helped himself to a piece of toast only to add, “The usual,” with a shrug.

“How did that end?” Haley said, looking amused when she should be trying to make up for the things that she did to him last night with another helping of pancakes.

“With Mikey vowing to get revenge when Sebastian shoved her in a sleeping bag and tossed her in a closet,” Elizabeth said, making Jason wince because that probably hadn’t ended well.

“Did you let her out?” Haley asked, making Jason sigh because she really just didn’t understand how dangerous it was to come between a Bradford and the woman that he–

“Didn’t have to,” Cole said with a shrug as he grabbed the rest of the pancakes and dumped them on his plate.

“Why not?” Haley asked as Jason shifted his glare to his son as he drenched the pancakes that were rightfully his in syrup.

“Uncle Trevor came downstairs and let her out,” Elizabeth finished for him.

“What did he do when he found her in the closet?” Haley asked once again dragging his attention to find her watching him.

“Tried not to laugh,” Joshua said around a piece of bacon while Jason swallowed hard as he watched his wife give him an assessing look as she hungrily licked her lips.

“Did you just whimper?” Elizabeth asked, frowning in confusion while Jason slowly sat up, trying not to panic as his gaze flickered to the door behind her.

“You kids are going to be late for school,” Haley said with a calculating look in her eye that had everything inside him going still.

Oh, god no…

While the kids rushed to finish off their food, Jason searched his mind for something that would save him. When Cole stood up and pulled on his new tie for Latin Scribe School, Jason nearly fucked wept with joy.

“Come on, Cole, I’ll give you a ride,” he said, moving to stand up when Haley said, “I thought you wanted to ride your bike, sweetie, just in case your dad had to stay late again?”

Nodding, Cole shoved another bite in his mouth and said, “I’ve got a shift at Dixon’s Bakery after school and I don’t want to be late.”

“But…” Jason mumbled weakly as he watched his only chance to escape before it was too late give Haley a kiss on the cheek before he headed out the door, his brother and sister right behind him.

As soon as the door clicked shut, Jason found himself sitting there, watching in terror as Haley popped one last piece of pancake in her mouth as she pushed away from the table and slowly made her way to him.

“I-I have to get to work,” Jason said as he watched Haley reach down and grab hold of the long, soft, white cotton nightgown that she’d put on this morning and slowly pull it up.

“You have office hours first period,” she said with a knowing smile as she continued to pull that nightgown high, revealing inch after inch of lightly tanned skin and–

“Oh, god…” he found himself groaning when she climbed onto his lap and leaned in, whispering all the things that she wanted him to do to her and heaven help him, but he wanted to do those things too.





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