Camping Trip VI

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The Camping Trip VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “We can talk about this!” Danni yelled over her shoulder, wondering why she was running.

            The hungry growl was the only reminder that she needed to get her ass moving faster. One minute she’d been mesmerized by the muscles working in his right arm as he lazily stroked himself and the next…

            The next she was running through the woods away from her mate and wondering when the hell he’d lost his goddamn mind. She stopped wondering the second that she caught his scent and knew that this one was definitely on her. Whatever scent her body was giving off, and something told her that between Christofer’s blood and the demon blood that she’d consumed over the past year that it was pretty fucking strong, Caine couldn’t seem to think straight around it.

            “Mine!” he growled, which normally would have had her licking her lips and reaching for his belt, but since that was the only thing that he’d seemed to be able to say, well, rather growl, it had the opposite effect on her.

            She opened her mouth to try to talk some sense into him when she caught his scent, the one that he was giving off thanks to her, and quickly shut her mouth with a whimper.


            She bit her bottom lip hard as she stumbled and nearly went head first into a big oak tree, but she managed to catch herself at the last second, which just happened to save her ass, literally, as she ducked out of Caine’s wild reach and moved her ass. Her lungs started to burn as she ran through the woods, desperate for air, but she that would mean risking taking in his scent and since they were in the middle of the woods with a possible Pack closing in on them, she really didn’t think that it was a good idea.

            It would probably cause the Pack to shift in their direction if they caught their scent, but let’s just be honest here, she didn’t really feel like having a Pack of werewolves come upon her while she was naked, panting and screaming her mate’s name. It just didn’t sound like her idea of a good time. She wasn’t exactly a prude since she usually never had a problem with taking advantage of her mate, especially when they were on patrol and things were slow, but that was only when she knew without a doubt that they were alone…

            And her mate was not out of his fucking mind with lust.

            There was a huge difference between dropping to her knees and passing the time by seeing how crazy she could make Caine by playing with his piercing until he lost control, ripped her panties off and bent her over the nearest surface and-



            “Mine!” Caine snarled just before he lunged for her, but thanks to Chris and Ephraim’s mandatory lessons to help her, “Man up,” she saw that move coming a mile away and ducked just in time. He landed on the ground with a pained grunt and for a split second she considered stopping to help him, but then he just had to go ahead and look up at her through glowing red eyes and snarled, “Mine,” as his fangs dropped.

            Yup, definitely time to run.

            She’d never been in this part of the woods before and as tempted as she was to scent the air to figure out which was would bring her to safety, meaning back to the Ephraim’s camp, where she could get a little help getting him under control. Then again, maybe that was a bad idea she thought, wondering just strong her scent was to make her mate lose his mind like this.

            He was always in control.


            Of course, she’d never been fertile before so she really wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since she’d been drinking a mixture of Christofer’s blood and an assortment of demon blood over the past year. God only knows what that blood combination had done to her body. Considering that the combination had made her reproductive organs grow back, she really wasn’t sure that she wanted to know what the blood had done to change her system and it was definitely changed.

            One look at her lust-crazed mate only confirmed her suspicions that the blood had somehow tweaked with her system and definitely not in a good way. Whatever it was had her mate, her very naked and very aroused mate, chasing her through the woods, acting like he was out of his mind with bloodlust.

            Her eyes teared up as she continued to run, trying her best to ignore the stitch in her side or her body’s demand to breathe. It wasn’t that she needed to breathe, but her body was used to it and didn’t like to go without it. She kept running, wondering if she was going to have to try and find a lake or something to take a dip in so that-

            “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” the deep voice with a touch of a Boston accent asked as a set of strong arms wrapped around her and-




A note from the author:

I’m sorry that I keep teasing all of you like this, but I’m doing this mostly to torment a friend of mine, Necie, who is dying to see what will happen once Caine catches up to Danni 🙂 

On a side note, I’m looking forward to meeting many of you next Saturday at the  Kiss and Tell signing in Harrisburg, PA.


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10 Responses to “Camping Trip VI”

  1. Avatar Sandy Schmidt says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I love that you write these chronicles for us and I don’t mean to be greedy, but….I NEED MORE!! Lol. Thank you!

  2. Avatar Elaine mccrory says:

    We don’t deserve to be tormented too, can’t you block Necie in some way? Then we could all tease her! Love you Neecie xxx

  3. Avatar Perry says:

    This is just cruel. I’ve been dying for the next Pyte novel for months, rereading the ones already out and you keep salting my wounds with this teasing! grr! Help a girl out!

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