Camping Trip: Part IV

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Camping Trip:

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “And what exactly are we doing?” she couldn’t help but ask when Caine pulled off to the side of the road and parked beside a thick copse of trees.

            “Compromising,” was all he said before he turned off the engine, pocketed the keys and jumped out of the truck, leaving her sitting there wondering how driving to the opposite side of town during a full moon was a compromise when they should be waiting with the others to make sure that the Pack didn’t get too close to town.

            Torn between embarrassment and curiosity, she decided to sit there for a few more minutes and see where he was going with this. When he reached into the back of the truck and grabbed his gear, she decided that she could forget about the public humiliation just for a little while so that she could assuage her curiosity. Without waiting for an invitation, mostly because it didn’t appear as though Caine was going to extend her one anytime soon, she jumped out of the truck, closed her door, grabbed her gear and scrambled to catch up with him.

            “How exactly is this compromising?” she asked a minute later when she finally managed to catch up with him as he navigated his way through the woods as the pitch black night finally set in.

            “Because we still get to guard the town,” he said, always a man of few words, which she normally appreciated, but tonight, tonight she needed to discuss a few things with him, one of them being the simple fact that they were on the wrong side of town.

            “They’re not headed this way,” she pointed out as she quickened her pace to join him.

            “Probably not,” he agreed with a simple shrug as he continued walking through the woods, towards God only knows where while she was trying to make sense out of her mate’s decision to go fifty miles in the opposite direction of where they were needed when they could have simply moved ten to fifteen miles downwind from Ephraim’s camp and safely taken up that position without anyone finding out.

            “What exactly are we doing?”

            “Would you rather go to that hotel that I promised Ephraim that I would take you to?” he asked, not bothering to look at her, which she appreciated since her damn cheeks were currently on fire with embarrassment.

            There were a lot of the things over the past year that she’d managed to get over and accept with this new way of life, but knowing that the people that she considered her family could smell every single hormonal change in her body was not one of them. It was one thing to make love with Caine in the mansion knowing that the others could hear, because they’d all learned to pretend that they couldn’t. It had taken some time, but she could easily block out the sounds of Madison moaning Ephraim’s name the same way that she could block out the sounds of those damn video games that Izzy liked to play while she was waiting for her programs to run. The one thing that she hadn’t had to deal with, at least not until now, was everyone knowing when she was in heat.

            In heat, she thought, suppressing a shudder of revulsion that everyone knew that her hormones were kicking in before she did. It was always fun to hear the asshole of the group announce to one and all that she was days or possible even hours away from begging Caine to bend her over and fuck her to put her out of her misery. Special memories, she thought, trying to pretend that Kale’s little announcement hadn’t been one of the most humiliating moments of her life and instead focused on her mate, who seemed intent on a midnight hike through the woods.

           “It would probably make more sense to go to the hotel,” she said, trying not to sound grumpy and failing miserably if the small chuckle that the bastard released was any indication.

            As she stepped around a rather large and nasty looking briar patch that promised all sorts of interesting cuts in places that she would rather not have stinging, she wondered if she could blame the hormones for that ass whooping that she was seriously considering handing her mate for mocking her.

            God, what she wouldn’t give for a chocolate bar right about now…

            Then again, in order for her to have a delicious chocolate bar and keep it down it would require her to do something that she had absolutely no interest in doing and that of course was getting pregnant since female Pytes could only eat when they were pregnant. Since it had never been her lifelong dream to push a nine-pound baby out her vagina, she was going to have to accept the fact that she was never going to enjoy another delicious morsel of chocolate again.

            She released a heartfelt sigh as she accepted the inevitable. Caine shot her a curious look over his shoulder, cocking a brow in question, but she simply shook her head and gestured for him to turn around and continue going wherever the hell that he was headed since he would never understand the pain that came with finally accepting that the last time she’d had a bag of Reese’s Pieces really had been the last time.

            It was actually kind of depressing to think about it, but what was the alternative? Have a baby that she didn’t want just so that she could eat regular food for nine months? No. She couldn’t do that to a child. It wasn’t an option before she’d become sterile and it sure as hell wasn’t an option now that all her girly parts had regrown and repaired themselves, deciding that it was time for her to start popping out babies.

            It wasn’t happening.

            Not ever.

            She’d leave that to the other women in the family. They wanted children, loved them more than anything and most importantly, their children meant everything to them. Their children were never forgotten or came in second to the job. Ephraim, Chris, Madison and all the rest of them simply did their jobs to make sure that their children were safe. The job wasn’t the only thing that they cared for and that’s why they made great parents.

            She didn’t have that in her.

            She’d come from a long line of Sentinels whose sole purpose on this earth was to one another and their job. As a human child, she’d just been a blip on their radar. Here one day, gone the next. She’d always just been a responsibility, one that could be passed onto whatever Sentinel was left on duty at the compound and she’d swore that she would never do that to another child.

            Besides, she loved what she did, especially now that she was at full strength. Nothing was going to change that, not even the fact that she now had the option for more, because she didn’t want more and neither did Caine, she reminded herself as she watched her mate make his way through the woods.

            “If you want to go to the hotel, I’ll take you there, but I just thought you’d like a chance to stop the Pack from sneaking into town,” he said with a careless shrug as he shoved a boulder out of his way and continued walking, obviously expecting her to follow, which of course she did since he’d piqued her curiosity.

            “Kale’s source said that they were coming in from the south end,” she pointed out, quickening her pace to catch up with him.

            As soon as she reached his side, he took her hand into his and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was something of a habit of his now, like he was reminding himself that she was really here and was finally going to be okay. She returned the squeeze to remind him that she was fine. It was simple and ridiculous, but if he needed the reassurance that the cancer was no longer destroying her then she would let him have it.

            “Kale forgot something very important,” he said, gesturing to a small clearing by a beautiful moonlit lake.

            “And what’s that?” she asked, dropping her bag on the ground as she took in their campsite for the night.

            “That the Pack will smell him before they hit town and go around,” he said with that cocky grin of his that she loved so much.

            “And you think they’ll go around and cut through here,” she guessed, cocking her head in question as she watched her mate yank off his shirt and kick off his shoes.

            “Yes,” he said, undoing his fly.

            “There’s just one problem with this little plan of yours,” she absently pointed out even as she licked her lips hungrily when he shoved his boxers to the ground, freeing the erection and making the silver piercing twinkle in the moonlight, making her mouth water.

            “And what’s that?” he asked, tossing his clothes aside as he stood there, naked and obviously ready to do a lot more than just keep watch.

            “They’ll scent us,” she reminded him, swallowing hard when she watched him wrap a very large tan hand around his erect cock and slowly stroke it as he watched her.

            His smile became wicked as he said, “I’m counting on it.”


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