Basic Fire Arms Course for Overly Determined Pregnant Women: Part II

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Basic Fire Arms Course for Overly Determined Pregnant Women: Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            Oh, God…

            This was so freaking boring, Jamie managed to form that thought as she struggled to keep her eyes open, determined to make it through this class. She wanted to take this class, because…because…

            “Tired, sweetheart?” Nick asked with a glare that she was used to by now as he sat next to her, watching as she struggled to make it through this incredibly boring class.

            She would make it!

            “No, no, I’m good,” she mumbled sleepily, which may have given away the fact that she would kill for a nap.

            “Why don’t you let me take you home, sweetheart? Hmm? You can take a warm bath, curl up in bed and take a nap?” he suggested silkily and God, did that sound like a good idea, but she needed this class.


            Why the hell was she here again? she wondered as she forced her eyes open, forced herself to sit up and stare at the instructor who was saying something about some form and how to fill it out. This was important, she told herself, shifting in her seat, determined to do this right, because she refused to have to sit through class again.

            She felt Nick’s warm breath tease the side of her neck as he leaned in and whispered, “Come on, baby. Let me take you home and tuck you in. You know you want a nap.”

            She did.

            She really, really did, but…

            “You’re going to want to use a black pen to fill out page two, Section C,” her instructor explained, making her wonder when he was going to stop talking or at the very least change the tone of his voice now and then so that she could focus on what he was saying and pay attention.

            But, no it wasn’t meant to be, because he continued to speak in that same monotone voice that she found both annoying and oddly soothing. When Nick put his arm around her this time, she didn’t fight it, she couldn’t. She simply closed her eyes, allowed her body to slump back against his, knowing that he would take care of her and the next time that she opened her eyes she would find herself in her own bed, in his arms and-

            “Why don’t we take a break?” the instructor said before adding, “We have pastries, donuts and juice.”

            “Oh, shit,” Nick muttered as her eyes shot open and she managed to get to her feet, because he knew that any chance of getting her to leave early was gone now thanks to the sugar fix that she was about to receive thanks to the instructor that she’d only considered slapping to make him stop talking, once or two hundred times.


To be continued…

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5 Responses to “Basic Fire Arms Course for Overly Determined Pregnant Women: Part II”

  1. Avatar Gloria says:

    Lol what a great way to start out my Sunday. Poor Nick is going to have his hands full. I can hardly wait for the next Chronical. Have a great week and I’m patiently waiting and looking forward for Fated which comes out this week. 🙂

  2. Avatar Kimberly says:

    So funny ! I can see Jamie now struggling to stay awake until she hears those precious words sweets!!

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