“Arrangement” Part II

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Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“What did you just say?” Trevor asked slowly as her grip tightened on the sides of the bath as she told herself that she could do this.

Licking her lips, she choked out, “Arrangement,” and was instantly slammed with an unholy need to jump his bones, but she fought it with everything that she had. He’d betrayed her and this time, he wasn’t going to get off easy.

“I see,” he said as his lips pulled up into one of those devastating smiles that always had her heart skipping a beat and made it hard for her to keep her hands off him.

“Arrangement,” she blurted out in defense, because she needed to keep the upper hand here.

His smile slowly disappeared only to be replaced by a predatory look that had her licking her lips, her nipples hardening painfully, and her body trembling as she struggled to stay focused. He shifted his attention to her breasts as he reached down and shoved him boxers down, releasing that large erection that had her mouth watering and her resistance quickly breaking down.

When he took a step towards her, that large erection between his legs bounced with the move, she blurted out, “Wait!”

“For?” he growled, taking another step as she sat there, struggling to think past all the things that she wanted to do with him.

“Things?” she said, sounding hopeful as she licked her lips, telling herself that she needed to take a stand.

He’d gone too far this time and he was going to pay even if it meant that she was going to have the night from hell. She could handle this, she could, she told herself as she slowly stood up on wobbly legs.

“Things,” he said, already reaching for her.

At the last second she ducked out of his reach, scrambled out of the tub, grabbed a towel and raced towards the door, slipping and sliding along the way. “I’ll be right back!”


As soon as she made it to their bedroom, she grabbed the chair that she kept by the door, turned around and shoved it beneath the doorknob. With that done, she smiled with a satisfied sigh and-

Quickly remembered the door opened towards the bathroom, making that chair somewhat ineffectual, especially when the large, aroused male that she loved more than anything opened the door and looked from her towards the chair and back again.

“Ummm, arrangement?” she said, worrying her bottom lip.

Glancing back down at the chair, he nodded. “Run.”

“Umm, what?”

“Run,” he said and since that sounded like an excellent suggestion, she hastily reached into his bureau, grabbed one of his shirts and boxer shorts, careful to keep her eyes on him and as soon as she had the shorts pulled on she-


“Okay!” she squeaked, racing towards the door and-

“Arrangement,” her husband growled in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her and swept her off her feet.

“Mercy?” she squeaked as he turned around and headed for the bed.


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15 Responses to ““Arrangement” Part II”

  1. Avatar Tarra says:

    I love Trevor and Zoe so much, these chronicles aren’t enough so I started rereading Perfection for the millionth time!!!!

  2. Avatar Renee says:

    These two are my faves😁. Would love to see a chronicle with Danny & Jodi too. She’s crazy😜

  3. Avatar Priz says:

    Ohhhh God! I love these two! Give us another book about Trevor and Zoe!!! Please? Pretty please?!

  4. Avatar Gloria says:

    I love this couple. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading about them. I’m looking forward to more. Thank you for making my Sunday enjoyable.

  5. Avatar Elie says:

    Oh my…. HOT! HOT! HOT! I wish I had an ‘arrangement’! Trevor & Zoe are my all time favourites but do love all the Bradfords & their partners. Do hope Rory’s brothers get stories too!!

  6. Avatar Amanda jenkins says:

    Just finished reading perfection again, I can’t get enough of these two. I think they deserve another book.

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