And So It Begins…Part IX

And So It Begins…

Part IX

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“She’s trying to make a run for it,” Jason pointed out as he watched Mikey bypass the fried chicken section and headed for the door.

“She’ll be back,” Sebastian said, not really sounding all that concerned as Jason watched Mikey pick up the pace only to frown and reach into her sweatshirt pocket a few seconds later. Jason watched as she frowned down at whatever she read on her phone, looked up at them, back down at her phone and then, mumbled what looked suspiciously like, “I really hate him,” as she headed back to the fried chicken and grabbed a plate.

“Now, where were we?” Sebastian asked, drawing his attention back as the boy that was full of surprises as he put his phone away.

“You were trying to extort something from me,” Jason drawled as he considered Sebastian.

Sebastian had always been terrifyingly bright even as a toddler, but it seems that there was another side to him that they’d all missed somehow. He was going to have to remember that in the future, Jason decided as he glanced around the restaurant, taking in the servers going back and forth with trays of food, the customers starting to watch the rest of the men in his family with wary expressions before taking in his cousins and uncles glaring at each other and knew that it wouldn’t be long before one of them finally snapped and ended up getting them all thrown out.

The only question was, who would it be?

Normally, he’d put his money on his father or Trevor, but…

Not today, Jason thought as he glanced back at Sebastian to find the kid watching him with a knowing expression. “What do you want?” Jason asked, knowing better than to play this game, especially with one of his relatives.

Normally, he wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing from one of the kids, but that was fine with him. He’d listen to what Sebastian had to say, make it appear as though he was thinking it over, and then, he’d have to show Sebastian that he wasn’t ready to play this game, especially with him.

“Honestly?” Sebastian asked as he leaned back against the bench with a shrug as he added, “Nothing.”

“Then why did you mention the church social?” Jason asked as he leaned back, making sure to keep his gaze locked on the kid that was in way over his head on this one.

“Because I can,” Sebastian with a devious twinkle in his eye that Jason was all-to-familiar with.

Sebastian was about to screw them all over just because he could.

Sighing heavily, because he really hated to do this, Jason pulled his phone out and-

Frowned when he saw the message waiting for him.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Before Jason could respond, his phone chimed, alerting him to another text message. When he saw that it was from his little grasshopper, he couldn’t help but smile as he swiped to the next message and-

Immediately wished that he hadn’t.

Swallowing hard, Jason looked up to find Sebastian watching him with a pitying look that really just said it all.

“Mikey has a new fastball,” came the terrifying words that sent chills down Jason’s spine before Sebastian added, “and she needs someone to practice with,” making what he had to do easier.

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