And So It Begins…Part 20

And So It Begins…

Part 20

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I’m starting to think that you’re paranoid,” came the announcement from behind him as Trevor pulled the curtain aside just enough so that he could take another look at the hotel parking lot and make sure that nothing had changed in the last five minutes.

“They’re out there,” Trevor said, debating asking the hotel to switch their room to help throw them off to buy himself a little more time to figure this out.

“This makes me so sad,” Mikey mumbled with a forlorn sigh as a black pickup truck parked in the back far corner caught his attention and-

He immediately dismissed it when he caught the Red Sox bumper sticker on the back bumper. Pathetic, Trevor thought with a sad shake of his head as he took in the rest of the parking lot. Where the hell were they? Trevor wondered, knowing that they should be here by now. They should-

Sighing heavily because this was just pathetic, Trevor said, “Don’t even think about it,” when he heard the telltale sounds of his son trying to climb onto Mikey’s bed.

“You’re just going to kick me off the bed anyway,” Sebastian pointed out as he dropped back down on their bed for the night.

“And when I do, you can sleep on the chair or in the tub,” Trevor drawled, doing one last sweep of the parking lot before he let the curtain fall back before he shifted his attention back to the room and-

“What are you doing?” he asked, watching as Mikey settled back on his side of the bed with a ball already rolling between her hands.

“Saving time,” Mikey said, settling in more comfortably next to her partner in crime.

“How’s that?” Trevor asked, walking over to the bed.

“This way you don’t disturb my beauty sleep later when you’re forced to throw him onto my bed when he won’t stop moving in his sleep,” Mikey explained only to sigh when Trevor picked her up and tossed her back on her bed.

“I believe that we already decided that he can sleep in a chair,” Trevor said, dropping down on the bed next to Sebastian.

“I feel loved,” Sebastian drawled, settling in more comfortably next to him with a book.

“I could have said that I’d make you sleep on the floor,” Trevor pointed out as he shifted his attention to the pile of junk food that he’d salvaged from the vending machine earlier.

“This is true,” Sebastian murmured absently as he reached over and plucked the chocolate bar that Trevor had settled on out of his hand.

Biting back a sigh, Trevor grabbed a small bag of chips three months past its expiration date and ripped it open, wondering if it was safe to call his wife yet. Probably not, he thought, glancing at the small alarm clock on the nightstand. He should-

Wonder who was knocking on their door at ten o’clock at night. Before he could move, Mikey was jumping off her bed, climbing onto his and crawling over him, kneeing him in his side in the process, and tearing a surprised grunt from him. Before he could stop her, she was jumping off his bed and racing across the room.

“Mikey!” Trevor said, panicking as he watched her open the hotel room and-

“Someone ordered a pizza?” came the greeting that had him frowning as he glanced over at Sebastian to find his son sighing heavily as he saved his place in his book, set it aside and got up to go see what his best friend was up to.

As soon as he reached the door, Mikey was shoving a stack of pizzas in his arms before piling several bags on top along with a six-pack of root beer, and once she was done, she-

Had Trevor sighing as he watched her pull his wallet out of her pocket and paid for the pizza. Once she’d handed the delivery guy a generous tip, she closed the hotel door with a satisfied sigh, tossed his wallet back to him, and somehow managed to search through the stack of pizzas without Sebastian dropping them. As soon as she had what she wanted, she carried the pizza over to her bed, settled back against the pillows, and helped herself to what looked like a slice of extra cheese pizza.

“When did you order pizza?” Trevor asked, tossing his wallet on the nightstand and helped himself to the stack of pizzas that Sebastian placed on the bed between them.

“During your third mental breakdown of the night,” Mikey said around a mouthful of pizza.

“Good call,” Trevor said, grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I also called Uncle Jared and told him where we were,” Mikey announced right around the time someone else knocked on their door.


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