And So It Begins…Part 19

And So It Begins…

Part 19

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“My mother wants to know when I’m allowed to go home,” Mikey said as Trevor dropped down on the other hotel bed.

“That depends if your father is still waiting for me,” Trevor said, dropping his head in his hands as Mikey relayed the message.

“They’re all waiting.”

Of course, they were, Trevor thought as he dropped his hands away only to reach over and grab the back of Sebastian’s shirt and pulled him back when he went to climb on the bed next to Mikey. “Think again,” Trevor said with a pointed look at the spot on the bed next to him.

There was a heavy sigh, and then, Sebastian was dropping down on the bed next to him as he pulled his iPad out of his sweatshirt and immediately lost himself in whatever book that had caught his attention since they were forced to flee from the restaurant. Trevor considered dropping them off at home, but he knew that they were waiting for him, leaving him with no other choice but to head to the nearest hotel and get a room for the night while he tried to figure out a way to fix this. He had over two dozen Bradfords out for blood and absolutely no idea how it came to this.

“So,” Mikey said, sighing heavily as she climbed off the bed that she’d claimed for the night and climbed onto the bed behind him so that she could sit next to the reason why they were on the run, “I was thinking.”

“About?” Trevor asked, sighing heavily as he glanced over his shoulder to find Mikey lounging on the bed behind him, absently rolling a baseball between her hands, looking thoughtful.

“How you’re going to make this up to us,” Mikey said, making his eyes narrow on the little traitor.

“Why exactly would I have to make this up to you?” Trevor asked, moving further onto the bed so that he could drop down on the bed between them with a groan as he buried his face in the pillow.

“Because you got me banned?” Mikey reminded him.

“Do you really care if you got banned from a buffet?” Trevor asked into the pillow.

“I just feel like I should have been given an opportunity to get myself banned,” Mikey said with a heartfelt sigh that had him glaring into his pillow.

“She really should have,” Sebastian murmured in agreement, which reminded Trevor…

“Whose idea was it to get Uncle Jared banned?” Trevor asked, really wishing that they’d chosen someone else to screw over knowing just how bad this was going to end.

Granted, it wouldn’t have ended well no matter which one of the men in their family had been screwed over, but Uncle Jared…

This really wasn’t going to end well.

“Should we give you our list of demands now or wait until after you’ve had a chance to finish panicking?”

“After,” Trevor grumbled into his pillow as he reached over and yanked the pillow free from behind Mikey’s back, ignoring her grumble as he pulled it over his head and decided that it was in his best interest to wait them out.

They’d get tired of waiting for him eventually, Trevor tried telling himself, but he knew better. He’d cost them access to unlimited food and they were going to make sure that he paid for it.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I keep going back to Sebastian’s 🧸 and am very anxiously waiting, hoping it’s not a red herring.

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