And So It Begins… Part 15

And So It Begins…

Part XV

She wasn’t going back in there, Mikey told herself with a firm nod as she stood there, arms crossed over her chest as she continued to glare at the front door, determined to wait him out.

That was quickly followed by jumping out of the way when Cole shoved the door open a few seconds later so that he could drag Chloe out of the restaurant as he struggled to keep Katie from diving off his shoulder and making a run for it. For a moment, Mikey considered asking him what was going on, but…

It didn’t matter because she was not going back in there no matter how curious she was to finally find out what Bradfords did to get banned. Okay, so that wasn’t entirely true. She was curious, very curious, but she also wanted to live and since her parents had made it painfully obvious that they would wring her neck if she ever willingly came between a Bradford and food, she was staying right where she was.

He’d have to come out sooner or later, and when he did, Mikey fully planned on making him pay for dragging her into this mess. Once that was done, she would get a ride home with Uncle Trevor, grab her glove and practice this new pitch that she couldn’t quite get the hang of yet and then-

“What are you doing?” Sebastian asked as he opened the door.

“Waiting for revenge,” Mikey bit out with a glare that let him know exactly who she planned on making pay.

“That sounds exciting,” he drawled, sounding bored as he pulled his phone out of his back pocket and began scrolling while she stood there, narrowing her eyes on the boy that had betrayed her for his own entertainment.

“We,” Mikey bit out, “are no longer speaking.”

“That sounds great, but I’m going to need you to come in now,” Sebastian said, gesturing lazily for her to come back inside.

Shaking her head, she said, “Not happening.”

“It really is though,” he murmured absently, finishing whatever he was doing to send her a look that would have probably scared her if she wasn’t his best friend.

“I’m really not,” Mikey said and before he could try to scare her into going, she added, “And we both know that you won’t tell on me.”

“This is true,” he murmured in agreement, not really looking all that concerned for someone trying to coerce her into going back inside.

Nodded firmly, Mikey said, “Good. Now, come out here and make it easier for me to exact my revenge.”

“I tell you what,” Sebastian said as he slid his phone back in his pocket. “I’ll come out there so that you can continue glaring adorably or you can come in here and enjoy the show.”

“First off,” she bit out, “my glaring is not adorable, it’s terrifying. Some might even call it soul crushing. Secondly, there is no way in hell that I’m going back in there. Not when I know what you’re up to.”

“And what am I up to?” he asked mockingly with a teasing smile that was going to get something thrown at his head.

“Besides trying to see how far you can push me before I snap and throw something at your head? You’re tormenting your family for your own entertainment.”

“That’s what we do,” Sebastian pointed out as he stood there waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen.



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  1. Avatar Angela Akuffo-Addo says:

    I really hope Mikey doesn’t die. After reading Misunderstood that’s the feeling I got.

    Please don’t let that happen

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