A Very Bradford Easter

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A Very Bradford Easter

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An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “This is probably the saddest thing that I’ve ever seen,” Danny said, sighing heavily as he set the brakes on his wheelchair.

            “They’re not really going to sign up to do this, are they?” Jodi asked, shooting another nervous glance towards the tables where nearly two dozen Bradfords stood in line, waiting to sign up for the town’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

            Danny watched as his brother Garrett pointed out something else on the flier to the poor man that had been trying to explain for the past hour that this event was intended for children. “Yes, yes they are,” he said with a resigned shake of his head, accepting the fact that this would probably be the last time any Bradford was allowed at a city sponsored event.

            “And why exactly are they doing this?” she asked as she placed her hand on the curve of her large stomach where their twins were growing and carefully sat down on his lap.

            “Because they’ve been allowing teenagers to enter and none of the little kids have been able to find any eggs,” Haley explained as she walked over and handed Jodi a small bottle of apple juice.

            “Last year the kids were so excited about coming here. We got here an hour early, signed up and waited for nothing. As soon as they blew the whistle a half-dozen teenage boys stormed the woods and scooped up every single egg,” Zoe added with a sigh as she joined them, placing her hand on the slight swell of her belly as she sat down at the picnic table next to them.

            “Dad tried to talk some sense into the City Council, but they won’t put an age restriction on the hunt,” Haley said, pushing her glasses back up her nose while they watched the Bradford men as they each donned the set of bunny ears they were handed when they signed up.

            “The guys asked the kids if they’d rather have an Easter egg hunt at home, but they said they wanted to do this with their friends,” Zoe explained as Danny wrapped his arms around his wife and placed his hand over hers where it rested on her belly.

            “The other parents complained too, but the Council wouldn’t hear it,” his mother explained as she joined them, shooting Jodi a warm smile as she sat down next at the picnic table next to Zoe, putting her arm around the younger woman’s shoulder.

            “So, to keep it fair, the guys decided to give the smaller kids a hand,” Haley explained as they watched every Bradford align himself with a child as a group of teenage boys, shoving each other and acting up, tried to push their way to the starting line.

            “At least this should prove entertaining,” Jodi murmured as they watched Jason and Trevor come between the roughhousing teenagers and the smaller kids stumbling over themselves to get out of the way.

            “Everyone ready?” the Mayor asked, shooting a nervous look between the Bradford men and the teenage boys, who’d given up trying to cut in front of the line and were now shooting nervous looks of their own at all the large men partnered up with small children.

            “Yes!” the kids cried out in unison, smiling hugely as they got ready to run as fast as their little legs could carry them.

            “Go!” the Mayor yelled and just like that, they were off.

            Danny watched as the kids ran for the field and woods, yelling with excitement as they pounced on the plastic eggs littering the field with a Bradford of their very own trailing after them and stepping in whenever a teenager tried to swoop past the little kids and grab the eggs. The men ignored the teenagers who were smart enough to go off to the side and grab those eggs, but the others who tried to swoop in and grab the eggs just as one of the little kids reached for it…

            “Hey!” one of the teenagers yelled in outrage as Sebastian and Jonathan swooped in and blocked him as he tried to grab the egg their little sister was reaching for.

            “That’s not fair!” another teenage boy yelled as Jason stepped in and blocked him from taking the egg away from the three-year-old girl that he’d partnered with.

            “Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” the little girl said as she picked up her egg and placed it in the bucket that Jason dutifully held for her.

            “I was going for that egg, man!” another yelled as a little boy dressed like Superman hugged a pink plastic egg to his small chest as he jumped up and down with excitement as Trevor blocked the kid.

            “This isn’t fair!” another yelled, gesturing to Aidan as who stood there, glaring down at the kid as an adorable little girl wearing a fluffy pink dress waddled past him, hugging the blue plastic Easter egg she’d managed to pick up before the kid could steal it from her.

            “At the very least, the City Council will probably place an age restriction on the hunt next year,” his mother pointed out as they watched the teenage boy, who’d made the mistake of trying to pluck a green egg away from the little boy that Lucifer had partnered with, started crying hysterically at whatever it was that his brother had said to him.

            “Then again, they might just decide to cancel it next year,” his wife mumbled thoughtfully while they watched as another teenager was reduced to tears when he tried to come between Uncle Jared and little Matthew as he picked up a golden egg.

            “That might be for the best,” Haley said, shaking her head in disbelief as Sebastian and Jonathan took exception to another teenage boy trying to steal an egg from their sister.

            “I let it go! I let it go!” the teenage boy cried out as-

            “Not again,” Zoe said, sighing heavily as she stood up, keeping her hand on her belly and headed for her boys.

            “I’ll get the first aid kit,” Haley announced, sounding bored as she headed towards the sign-in tables where the Mayor and half the town stood, staring in horror as the twins made sure that the boy sobbing hysterically and begging for mercy never made the mistake of trying to get between them and their sister again.

            “Not the face!”

            “Even if we don’t get banned,” he started to say, cringing when the twins focused their attention on a teenager trying to grab an egg from their little brother, “we might want to reconsider doing this at home next year.”

            “That probably would be for the best,” his mother murmured in agreement as the twins reduced another teenager to tears.


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48 Responses to “A Very Bradford Easter”

  1. Avatar Alyssa says:

    that was awesome! Happy Easter!!

    Ps. Zoe’s pregnant again?!? How did I miss this? Or is this the first time it was mentioned? Or hinted at?

  2. Avatar Lori merendina says:

    Happy Easter! Every week I think it does t get better, then the next week I’m corrected! Great chronicle!

  3. Avatar Andrea M says:

    I seriously fall more in love with the Bradfords every week! Happy Easter every one. Thanks for the heartwarming laughs RL!

  4. Avatar vicky says:

    I can’t seem to get this right in my head, but my conclusion to it is: zoe and Trevor had been together for years when Danny and jodi got together. Trevor and zoe had their two pair of twins close. And reading this… Do zoe and Trevor have more Kids dowb the line??

  5. Avatar Sandy says:

    love these stories, keep up the great writing and laughs. Thank you so much for making my morning a smily one.

  6. Avatar Barb Kiser says:

    Awesomeness…..have to go back and ‘re read because can’t remember why Danny’s in a wheelchair

  7. Avatar irene gorniak says:

    Happy Easter.!! Love that the Bradfords are about family… Great news about Zoe – looking forward to hearing more about that

  8. Avatar Tina says:

    Love those Bradfords 🙂 These chronicles are great – just love to hear what the family is up to, and to visit with some of my favorites charaters, even though it is hard to choose I have a soft spot for Trevor ♡ 🙂
    I want my own Bradford! 😉

  9. Avatar janet says:

    Love!!!! so funny- I just can’t wait for more of the Bradford family story- amazing that I came across r l Mathewson book by mistake because I got the author confused with another but best mistake ever!!!

  10. Avatar Jessie T says:

    Can’t get enough of this family! They’re great! Pregnant Zoe? They can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. Lol!

  11. Avatar jamie says:

    Thank you R.L. for the Easter story. Maybe after so many weeks of Bradfords, could you switch to other characters? I would interested in getting updates on the others.

  12. Avatar Bridget says:

    I absolutely loved this chronicle. I think it may be my favorite so far. My hubby and I were just talking about how the older kids were trampling the young kids at the park across from our house. I laughed and I also cried a little when reading this. Absolutely wonderful!! The NFH series is one of my favorite ever.

  13. Avatar Monica says:

    Zoe’s pregnant? That’s great!!!! I love this family but I’m starting to get confused. Have we read Danny’s story yet? Him being in a wheelchair sounds vaguely familiar. But I can’t remember! Help!

    • Avatar Vicky says:

      We don’t actually know if she is pregnant. She doesn’t say it, and considering Zoe isn’t super thin, R.L might just be screwing with our heads by making it sound like she is preggers but in fast just chubby. Dannys book is The Game Plan.

  14. Avatar Susanne says:

    Okay, love these, but you gotta watch it!! 3 year old Jessica and her brothers protecting her? They would only be like 6 years old! Not to mention, at Jason & Haley’s anniversary (10) they would have had a baby?? Funny story though!! Keep up the awesome writing and I’ll be reading it all….you crack me up!!!

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Susanne, this Chronicle is for present day. The older boys are nine and Jessica is only a few years younger than them. This Chronicle was set up to be a teaser and let the reader get a hint of something to come. It’s a teaser 🙂

      • Avatar Susanne says:

        LOL okay, I really enjoy your writing and just didn’t want any mix ups! Can’t wait till the next books!! BTW, any word on Shayne’s story??

  15. Avatar Dawn C says:

    I love see the twins protecting their sister and being sweet. Well Bradford sweet. Can we get a family tree to help us remember whos brothers with who? I love all your books but these are my favorite!

  16. Avatar Charmarie Dotson says:

    I love these chronicles, but I seriously need to catch up on my NFH series…..I am behind:-(

  17. Avatar Rebecca says:

    The best easter ever!!!! So Zoe is pregnant again? I take that was the teaser?….Oh but how I love the Bradford men, they truly are some great men to those they love.

  18. Avatar Diane says:

    Love this. Just sat and read while eating lunch. 🙂 Do like how they all defend their own. Would like to see a family tree also. Just to keep them straight in my head. When’s Lucifers story coming out?

  19. Avatar Christa Ray says:

    I can just picture this and love it. I love those twins boys and cant wait to see how they develop in life. They are all too funny!

  20. Avatar Jennifer says:

    I wanna be a Bradford!!! As for Zoe, with a man like Trevor I’d stay preggers too. Hello, Bradford men are are HOT and demanding.

  21. Avatar Lucy says:

    I’m loving the twins. They should have romances of their own at some point, even if it just is a kiddie subplot.

  22. Avatar Loes Molenkamp says:

    As always, the Bradford’s are hilarious and very fun to read. Loved this little interlude and I hope there are more coming!! Started this weekend on all your other books, and I hope there’s soon coming a second in the EMS series. But I do love them all so PLEASE keep on writing them! 😉

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