A Sneak Peek at Trace’s book: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel

So, I owed the Pyte/Sentinel team an excerpt since they did as I asked and tagged a friend in some really creepy Bieber GIFs, which amused me greatly.

This is from Trace’s book. You probably don’t remember Ethan in Caine’s book, but this is his son, the one that he’s torn the world apart searching for.




The sound of glass shattering brought her fully awake with a gasp. Her heart pounded against her chest as memories from the night before came crashing down around her at the same time that she realized she was still gagged, but now sitting up and secured to one of the support beams running through the middle of the dimly lit basement.

Sam looked around and when she spotted what she knew from years of working in the emergency room was drying blood on the stone floor in front of her, she forced herself to ignore it and search for the source of the light. When she spotted the open bulk doors she nearly sighed with relief. As long as they stayed open she knew she had a chance to escape.

The doors were her best bet if she managed to get loose. She’d run for the woods and keep running until she found somewhere to hide. If they closed the doors she’d be running blind again and her chances wouldn’t be as good.

Where did they go? she wondered, but the sound of more glass shattering grabbed her attention in a big way. Swallowing nervously and forcing herself to remain calm and hopefully conscious, she slowly turned her head and craned her neck as far as she could and felt all the blood rush from her face.

Near her Grandmother’s prune preserves and her old Ready Set Bake Oven stood what could only be described as a beast. He was tall and large, very large. From what she could tell, and she couldn’t tell that much, not with his long gray, almost white scraggly hair and beard hanging down to his waist and almost too white tattered clothing hanging off him, he was larger than Nathan.

As he continued to search through their old things that not even the Salvation Army would take, Sam looked him over. She noted the blood splatter on his ghostly white legs and bare feet that were covered in mud and showed a hint of healthy tan skin. If she hadn’t known that this man had come from inside the basement wall she would have thought someone was pulling a fast one on her. As it was she was having a difficult time believing that large hand reaching for her grandmother’s old bedpan, and seriously whose idea was it to save that? was the same thin hand she’d seen reach out of that hole.

He was definitely more filled out than he had been before, she noted. Even from this angle she could see that. Her eyes of their own accord moved back down to the drying blood splattered on the floor and a horrible, gag-inducing thought occurred to her. Had he eaten the bodies?

“Oh, god,” she mumbled against the tape as black spots once again danced around her vision. She would not pass out, she couldn’t allow herself to pass out. It was time to be strong and deal with this. She would not pass out where he could…where he could…oh, god, she didn’t want to be this thing’s dessert, she thought as darkness started to crowd her vision.

Her eyes began to flutter shut and she fought it tooth and nail. When she managed to blink open her eyes she found herself nose to nose with the hideous beast.

She screamed.

He growled.

She may have passed out.


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16 Responses to “A Sneak Peek at Trace’s book: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel”

  1. Janette says:

    I think I’m going to have to reread Cain’s book because I don’t remember him having a kid. I remember him not wanting kids but nothing about him having a child. Or is it in a chronicle that I have missed?

  2. Tracey Moore-Zepezauer says:

    I really HATE excerpts. 😡😡😡. I know this book isn’t coming out anytime soon. Dang it. Why RL? Why?😭

      • Samantha W says:

        Awsome. Can’t wait to read it. When I read the last book from neighbors from hell series I read a small section of theists book you put in the back of it, and I wanted to read it so I tried to find it in the pyte series. Low and behold it is not published yet, but I did read the rest of the books in the series, and have fallen in love with the characters. However, because I read all the books in two days, I am left in waiting for the next book. I hope that you find it easy to write, and thank you for the stories you tell.

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      No, Kale and Jill’s book already have their position. An NFL YA book or Pyte YA book would be done during my free time. Right now I have the Pyte series as Trace’s book (because it leads into Kale’s book), Kale, and then Jill.

  3. Shaheen says:

    Is there an estimated release date for this? I just read all of the Pyte/sentinel novels in the past month and I’m having withdrawals 😭
    Not to mention my curiosity over what Joshua became is giving me nightmares (sweet nightmares? Lol).

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