A Neighbor from Hell Easter

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A Neighbor from Hell Easter

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

            “Mmmm, these brownies are so good,” Trevor said, making sure to add a little groan there at the end just to piss his uncle off more as he sat there, with kids hanging all over him, forcing him to stay where he was and not allowing him to get up and strangle them.

            “Delicious,” Jason added as he took a big bite of his brownie and matched Trevor’s groan with one of his own as Uncle Jared sat there, turning an interesting shade of red and looking as though he wanted to hurt them for some odd reason.

            “So damn good,” he decided to add just to fuck with his Uncle’s head as he took some satisfaction in the way that the muscle just beneath his uncle’s eye began to tick.

            “They really are,” Jason said with a grin as he popped the last bite of his brownie in his mouth and reached for another one.

            “You’ll pay for this,” Uncle Jared said tightly as he was forced to continue sitting there while the kids jumped all over him, laughing and trying to take him down to the ground with the choke hold that they’d decided to teach the kids this morning.

            “Pay for what?” Trevor asked, feigning innocence as he selected another one of the delicious morsels that his uncle would kill for.

            “You know what,” Uncle Jared bit out with a murderous glare.

            “Like you did when you decided to eat the last cupcake?” Jason asked his father as he made a huge show of devouring another brownie.

            Uncle Jared didn’t say anything, because there was nothing to say.

            He’d fucked up big time when he took that last cupcake and they all knew it. His first mistake was touching it. His second mistake was eating it in front of them and his third? Rubbing it in their faces while they’d stood there, helpless to do anything about it.

            They’d vowed that they’d make him pay and this was only the start. They had plans for him, plans that would make him think twice about-

            “Really?” Haley asked with a disapproving shake of her head and a sigh as she reached over, picked up the plate of brownies and brought it closer to Uncle Jared so that he could take one.

            Or three…

            Greedy bastard, Trevor thought even as he turned his murderous glare on the traitor that would have to pay for-

            “Don’t even fucking think of it,” Jason said with a resigned sigh as they were forced to sit there, watching as their plans for revenge were destroyed by the short woman that had way too much fucking power over them.

            Knowing that she wouldn’t make them anymore brownies or cupcakes if he called her a fucking traitor or put his Uncle in a chokehold and took him down so that he could rescue the brownies that were rightfully his, he grabbed another brownie, shot a glare at the smug bastard savoring his brownies and stormed off before he did something that would get him maimed or possibly killed.

            “Mmmm, these are so good,” Uncle Jared said on a moan, making him grind his jaw as he forced himself to keep walking towards the kitchen.

            Shaking his head in disgust, he opened the kitchen door and-

            “Who ate all the Easter candy?” he heard his wife ask.

            Before he could take his next breath he heard his Uncle shout, “Trevor did!”

            “What?” he asked with a frown, because he was pretty sure that he would have remembered doing that.

            “You ate the Easter candy for the kids’ Easter Egg hunt?” Zoe asked with a glare that said it all.

            His Uncle had just fucked him over and there was nothing that he could say or do to get out of this, because he was a Bradford and there was no way that anyone was going to believe that he hadn’t broken down the locked closet door and broken into the safe that she’d secured the candy in. Knowing that he’d just been fucked over, he slowly backed out of the door, deciding that perhaps he’d go visit one of his cousins today and-

            “You’re not leaving yet, are you?” Uncle Jared whispered as the large bastard came up behind him, put his hands on Trevor’s shoulders and shoved him back in the kitchen where his incredibly angry wife was waiting to kick his ass.

            “You’ll pay for this!” he promised his uncle as he stumbled into the kitchen and was forced to face the one person that wouldn’t hesitate to go for his balls.

            His wife.


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P.S. Sorry it’s short today, feeling a bit under the weather. Next week’s will be better!


17 Responses to “A Neighbor from Hell Easter”

  1. Martha McLaughlin says:

    I hope you never stop giving us the Bradford’s they are the best family ever. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent, you are truly an amazing author!!

  2. Martina Bacay says:

    Zoe and Trevor are just amazing! They are my OTP. Thank you soooo much for making these chronicles. I wonder if you’ll make one about Trevor and his daughter? In HFH 2, the last line was Trevor wanting a baby girl as perfect as his wife. ☺️

  3. Lisa says:

    I love reading about these couples!! The one from a couple weeks ago about the hardware shop was hilarious!!! Thank you for making me laugh! Happy Easter!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you!!! I can’t believe how good you are to us!! Love the Chronicles!!
    Happy Easter and feel better soon

  5. Joanne says:

    Is it wrong that the first thing I do every holiday is look for a Bradford story? Happy Easter everyone

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