A Lovely Stroll Through the Woods: Part VI (Explicit)

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A Lovely Stroll Through the Woods

Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Fuck!” he snarled as Danni took him into her mouth and-

Did she just growl?

Looking down into the glimmering red eyes of his mate, the one who currently had him in her mouth, he sighed heavily and looked down at his watch only to discover that it was missing. It was probably in the bottom of that pit, he thought absently as he tried to take a step back and-

Immediately stopped when his mate growled viciously around his cock. Cursing that fucking cave, he stopped breathing and stood there, trying to think of the best course of action that would get him out of this without it scarring him for life. He couldn’t believe he’d lost his fucking watch, he thought with disgust as he risked another glance down and-

Immediately looked back up when Danni growled in warning.

Normally losing his watch wouldn’t be a big deal, but since he had her feeding times scheduled on it so that she wouldn’t go too long without his blood, it was a very big fucking deal. As he risked another glance down, he couldn’t help but regret his decision to fuck with his mate’s head and take her on a chase through the woods. It definitely hadn’t been his brightest idea, he realized, biting back a groan with her fangs brushed against his cock.

Although, there was something to be said for the way her growl vibrated through his cock, he thought, licking his lips hungrily even as he berated himself for being so fucking stupid. He was normally good about making sure that she fed, but today he’d been too busy having a little fun with the woman that thought she had him wrapped around her little finger.

She did.

Have him wrapped around her little finger that is, but…

He lost his train of thought as she continued to growl around his cock, making it harder as the incredible sensation teased his piercing. He was a sick bastard, he thought even as he wondered if he could get her to do it again.

When her fangs pricked the side of his cock, causing him to hiss at the action, he decided that he’d let this game go on long enough. Praying that she was weak, and this was only something that he would hope for when she was in the throes of bloodlust with his cock trapped in her mouth, he closed his eyes, counted to-

“Fuck!” he snarled when she sucked greedily on his cock, desperate for a taste of blood from the small nicks she’d created.

When the motion failed to give her what she wanted, she pulled her mouth free from his cock and-

“Thank you Jesus,” he said, sighing with relief when his cock slipped from her mouth only to-

Grunt in pain when she shoved him down onto the muddy bank riverbank. As soon she sank her teeth into his neck, and he couldn’t even begin to express his relief that she hadn’t done this to the part of his body that loved her more than anything, he had her under him and pinned to the ground.

When she tried shove him off with a vicious growl, he wrapped his arms around her and forced his hips between her legs to keep her where she was so that she didn’t have any other choice but to feed from him. Closing his eyes, he whispered words of encouragement as she growled against his skin and tried to shove him off, but he refused to let her go, knowing exactly what kind of damage she could do in this state and knowing that she would never forgive herself if she ran across some hapless hunter or hiker who’d made the mistake of crossing her path.

Just when he feared that he was going to have to drain her to force her into a coma, she sank her teeth back into his neck with a vicious snarl. He kept talking to her, telling her how much he loved her, how sorry he was that he’d fucked up and occasionally thanking her for not turning him into a eunuch.

Not that it wouldn’t have grown back, but still…

Slowly, too fucking slowly for his peace of mind, her vicious growls turned into little mewling sounds of pleasure as her bite gentled. He kept his hold on her until he felt her body slowly soften beneath his and when he was sure that she was out, something that was happening more frequently after each feeding, he released her with a sigh and rolled over onto his back so that he could stare at the darkening sky above them and ask himself the same question that had been plaguing him for the past year.

What the hell was he going to do when his blood stopped working?

6 Responses to “A Lovely Stroll Through the Woods: Part VI (Explicit)”

  1. Avatar Tara says:

    I love these two. But I’m still wondering what happen with Danni and Cain And the possible oops. Will we see a baby in a upcoming Pyte novel? I think they would make great parents. I’m such a great fan of yours!

  2. Avatar Angie fernandez says:

    I love dani and Cain. Is this before Christopher helped Dani out with his super blood? I thought he cured her. I could have missed something and let wishful thinking fill in blanks for me 😀 Thanks for this treat.


  3. Avatar Ms Journalist says:

    I know I am quite a bit behind, but I seriously can’t wait for the next book. I have reread and bought the audio book versions of all of the stories.

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