A Fire & Brimstone….& A Game…

I’m siting here writing this scene and I couldn’t help but wonder what readers would pick. So, let’s play a game 🙂

Tell me what the next sentence should be 🙂

This is between Lucifer and Rebecca


         “Mmmhmm,” he groaned, trying to focus when the move caused the tip of his cock to trace her core.

            She wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and held on while he continued to tease them both. He kissed his way back to her mouth and kissed her, moaning when she continued to shift against him, rubbing herself against him. It felt so fucking good, but he wanted more.

            When the kiss went from sweet and slow, to desperate and hungry. He released his cock, reached between them and palmed her breast, squeezing it as he ground his cock against her. He kept kissing her and grinding against her, too fucking desperate for the contact to stop for anything.

            “I like this talk,” she said, pulling back when her back bowed and the move caused the head of his cock to land in just the right place.

            Watching as she licked her lips, he pushed forward, licking his lips as he leaned back in for a kiss while he slowly buried himself inside her. “I love this talk,” he said, flexing his hips to bury the last few inches inside her, knowing that she could take it.

            “It’s not bad,” the little tease said, gasping when he reached down and grabbed her thigh, pulling her leg up and-

(What’s the next sentence? Give me suggestions)

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24 Responses to “A Fire & Brimstone….& A Game…”

  1. Avatar Holly A. says:

    “It’s not bad,” the little tease said, gasping when he reached down and grabbed her thigh, pulling her leg up and- around his back. Taking his other hand, smacking her ass for her sass.

  2. Avatar Berty says:

    – And smirked “Not bad eh?” He Raised an eyebrow before slowing down and challenging her,” I’d like to see you do better”

  3. Avatar Murlene Crowley, says:

    pulling her leg up and bracing it against her shoulder. He closed his eyes and just focused on feeling being inside her.

  4. Avatar Kimberly says:

    And moved in just the right angle to hit that spot that sent her soaring. Just as she started gasping he pulled out and asked “just ok? Then I guess we should stop!!” He decided he would make her beg since she had the audacity to say just ok.
    Do you want more???

  5. Avatar TrecieB says:

    “Wha…what the Hell”, Rebecca stammers as he pulls out.
    Lucifer spreads her legs wide and shifts his face down, right between her legs and with sly smile says, “Let’s “talk” about that raise demand you sent me”
    As he takes a long swipe he thinks, “Darrin’s not such a dumb shit after all”, as he begins negotiations.

  6. Avatar Stephanie says:

    And swatted her ass and stopped moving. He growled, “if you want bad I can show you bad.” He then proceeded to slam into her until she was screaming his name.

  7. Avatar Casey says:

    Circled her opening just to drag out the teasing, because hey payback is a bitch, and he wanted her to admit she felt the exact same way he did before taking the both to the stars.

  8. Avatar Charmarie Dotson says:

    stopping right there as he looked her in the eye. “Not bad? Baby, by the time I let you out of this room, you will have your world rocked so fucking hard, the surfers will be jealous of the waves you mastered!!!”

  9. Avatar Eva Kannenberg says:

    . .pumps up the beat of his thrusts. Only to linger and speed up again. “Oh it’s bad all right” and grins like the devil as her response evaporated in a moan. ” yeah too bad for ya, but hell hold on for the ride”

  10. Avatar Rosalynn says:

    And hitting that spot that she didn’t know existed until him. He said “not bad huh? Maybe we should work on those talking skills every chance we can.”

  11. Avatar Kelly says:

    and over his shoulder. “Perhaps we should shelve this conversation and focus more on your flexibility and how just how long it will take you to beg me to make you sing”

  12. Avatar gifty says:

    and hit the spot that made her desperate for more and he pull out and said’ let’s have this talk again after I finish my meatloaf

  13. Avatar Kristina Laudan says:

    ….pushing forward, grinding their pelvises together before pulling back out to tease the little tease some more, just because he could.

  14. Avatar Misty Kader says:

    And he says “Let’s have a little less talk and a lot more conversation.” As he thrusts deeply into her, making her moan loudly.

  15. Avatar Sarah says:

    around his hip, opening her further for his penetration. They groaned in unison, but he stilled deep inside her. Rebecca shifted restlessly underneath him, trying to get him to move but he grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head instead. Lucifer started to slowly withdrawal his hips, while skimming his lips along Rebecca’s jaw until he reached her ear and whispered, “let’s see if I can do better than not bad” and slammed home.

  16. Avatar Kayla says:

    “Oh my God! My eyes!” Jason shouted slapping a hand over his face. Rebecca screamed and yanked at the covers as Lucifer jumped up and went stalking toward the unsuspecting Jason.
    He grabbed Jason by the back of his neck and shoved him out the room then proceeded to slam the door and lock it growling “Gett the fuck out!” He turned his glare on Rebecca as ahe sat in the middle of his bed with the sheet clutched tightly to her chest.
    “Lose the sheet.” He said hoarsely while sauntering towards her.

  17. Avatar Mindi says:

    And began to slam into her hard n just the way she loved it. “By the way” he said with out missing a beat ” your fired”

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